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  1. As a point of clarification, we have a scoutmaster in his first year of service. I also do not expect him or the committee to re-test any scout on each of the requirements for advancement. As a committee member we do ask questions about a scout's advancement but not each and every requirement. As a committee member I am interested in how the troop is deliverying the promise to the boys in the troop, what we can do to make the troop better from the boy's perspective- basically serving as a quality control check for the troop. As a committee member, I became aware of this situation because
  2. Thank you both for your reply. This advancement has been filed with the local council. It is probably too late to rescind. We will visit with the committee about meeting with this scout about his decisions. The scouts are instructed about not having parents sign off their requirements upon joining the troop. He is aware that he can not sign off his requirements as well. Your suggestions are one way to hold him accountable without totally humiliating the scout.
  3. About a month ago a boy advanced to the rank of Tenderfoot. He completed both his Scoutmaster conference and his board of review. This past week, as a committee member I was informed that this scout had signed his own book as completing the requirements for advancement. I have confirmed with the scout's assistant scoutmaster that the scout had not completed the requirements in question. The assistant scoutmaster was surprised about the advancement upon his return from vacation. The assistant scoutmaster noted that the dates in his book are prior to him bridging to the troop. At this point, can
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