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  1. If I've read the chart correctly, there are fewer boys of Scout age right now than there were in the 70s. So, membership will naturally decline a bit. How do we fight other declines? That is one goal of community service. And, get the pix and write-up into the papers so the entire community knows of a job well done. Don't hide your light under a bushel basket
  2. "Couple of observations: In our den, I know two families well with plenty of income. One parent says her son in allergic to peanuts and therefore can't sell popcorn. So, for the past 2 years, we foot the bill for common costs; they pay nothing. Another parent of 2 scouts says they don't have anyone they know who they can sell to. Again, we are footing the bill for those kids who have the means to pay." I don't understand why they are getting a free ride. Mail an invoice to their house so they can pay it with the other bills "On poor families - How is it that they are so poor but show u
  3. There is just no comparison! The real chances of earning large in sports are slim to none for most. Scouting, on the other hand, can pay off in decent bucks right now! Many of our older Scouts earn their HA money by doing home handyman type jobs. They've gotten to that point by working on all the home repair mb, salesmanship, public speaking, personal management and so on. More importantly, training in Scouting generally gives them the ability to act calmly and confidently in most emergencies. In sports the general case would be a frightened group of boys yelling for the coach. If co
  4. our local FFAs (Future Farmers...) sell citrus and do quite well. But, they may sell it closer to Xmas -- not sure. You could sell bags of mulch in the Spring; price to include home delivery. For a separate fee your troop/pack could come to the patron's house & spread it. Any gardeners in your troop/pack? You could plant - from seed - tomatoes, peppers, whatever to sell as Spring bedding plants. (Dept of Ag license not that hard to obtain). Your gardeners could offer Spring garden rototilling while the rest of the group pulls weeds. Proprly designed dog housed sell well. Woul
  5. "Gotta follow the rules! The charter could be revoked if National catches wind of this!" The best leadership is by example. National needs to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander Unjust rules are made to be broken --Martin Luther King I guess we could become extended Canadian Scouts, maybe Australian. They don't sell popcorn, do they?
  6. We've not done all that well with bake sales for the time involved. Face it, most modern Moms can't cook. You will get a lot of slice & bake cookies. Plus, many shoppers don't trust others' home kitchens cleanliness Better would be selling boiled peanuts in front of Wal-Mart if you can get a cooker We do well with hot dogs on the grill, plus cold pop & water and hot coffee -- all as a sideline to our carwash. While the people wait for the car to be washed, we have plenty of chairs near the food table. We've done gift wrapping at the mall; you will need mostly adults for t
  7. "We do have council permission -- if only a nod. Does a wink go along with that? Hmmmm...... did council sign the Unit Money Earning Application or did you get a verbal OK?" It's verbal since we have the Friends of Troop ### do the actual round up of the goods. From our point of view the council can solicit donations, the Eagle Scout candidate can solicit donations, but the poor troop stuck in between the two gets shafted. If council really wanted to raise money they could put on a nationally rated golf tournament, seek the donation of cars & boats, become a beneficiary in
  8. TwoCub: "it's a direct solicitation of a donation, not a fair exchange of goods and services" what would need to happen to make it a fair exchange? We sometimes buy the item at their cost plus freight. Anything in addition? Instead of? We do have council permission -- if only a nod. We don't deal with the Fortune 2500
  9. "And that's what the fundraising guidelines are seeking to prevent -- units going out and trading on the goodwill of the BSA to solicit contributions." I agree that in no way would this be construed as corporate level advertising for a manufacturer. However, in a smaller community, people will only shop in your store if they know you support the community's children. The steps I've listed does that. Our sponsors generally have kids in the troop, or had. We don't cold call complete strangers for this. I guess I won't tell you about our CO's bingo games. That's where Friends of Tro
  10. "At no time are units permitted to solicit contributions for unit programs." Yes, Twocub, I totally screwed this up, and apologize to all for misleading anyone. What I should have said: (1)Does that mean people can make tax deductible gifts to our troop? A donor may receive a tax deduction for a gift to your troop if your sponsor: 1) Is considered tax-exempt under IRS Sec. 501©(3); 2) Is willing to accept the gift on behalf of the troop; or 3) Names your troop as a "subordinate organization" under their group exemption Anyone may contribute anything at any time to a Scout pack
  11. "What of value are they getting in return for their donation?" ofttimes, they get a tax deduction for making a charitable contribution get their picture in the paper turning over the item to troop committee (advertising) a sign with their business name & logo is displayed at the item (advertising) get their business name mentioned again when picture of winning bidder is published in paper for dollar biggies, they get a sponsor plaque to display at/near their register or reception room all donors are thanked in an after action "thank you" printed in the local paper (more adve
  12. "Call it what you want. It is known as a Silent Auction and Chinese Auction" Calling a pallet a skid does not make it a skid. Just because a Chinese Auction/Chance Auction does not have an auctioneer does not make it a "silent" auction. A Chinese Auction is a raffle, and is gambling. A silent auction where you write your name and bid on a sheet of paper is not gambling. At one of our last silent auctions, held in conjunction with another funder, the winning bid on a donated stainless steel gas grill was $450. Unfortunately, the winning bidder changed his mind. We then told
  13. "Well, there are many different types of silent auctions" So, okay, we'll just have to choose the correct types to be within the rules & regs -- no big deal.
  14. "Silent Auctions are a form of gambling therefore forbidden" Hardly, as no wager has been made; there is no chance of financial loss From various areas of "US Scouting Service Project: (1)There are many great opportunities for fundraising at your Pinewood Derby: Bake sale: each Scout makes a cake, cookies, or brownies to be sold or auctioned. Silent auction (items and services can be donated in exchange for the sign or flier advertising it will generate.) Note that the Eight Rules state that selling raffle tickets or other games of chance is a direct violation of the BSA Rul
  15. for plants & animals contact county forester, state dept of conservation, various state parks field biologists, nearby nature centers. You may find someone willing to come out for half a day. There may also be local chapters of non-profits such as National Wildlife, Isaac Walton, Sierra Club. etc that may be willing to come out for a half day For the cooking -- maybe someone who does cooking training for the Girl Scouts? The first year is always the hardest. Can you contact Training chairs from other districts and neighboring councils?
  16. silent auctions are fine -- really! You tape a bid sheet next to each item and pray. Raffles and other games of chance where you pay an up front fee are not so fine
  17. "Providing a justification for bringing a flask of hooch" Some of the techniques mentioned in the magazine article used an empty bottle. It could be "found" while on a hike. It could then be mentioned in passing that the contents have uses other than drinking, and that alcohol should not be used to treat snakebite or to try and keep warm. Some may want to adapt the article by using an old, found glass canning jar
  18. teach it. Once a year, more or less, we take our older, more experienced Scouts on a SERE campout. They are allowed only the stuff they commonly would have in their pockets (as long as that includes a sharp multi-function pocket knife). They are allowed to use whatever man-made objects they may find while out in the woods or field. Sort of like a Les Stroud experience Of course, there is no enemy to evade or resist. We do cheat by only doing this in summer Philmont used to do something like this in the early 1950s.
  19. Rather than self-charter, it may be better to form a non-profit "Friends of Pack ###". The Friends becomes your CO. This will allow much more flexibility. Dances: Forgot about the new filing requirements. Thanks
  20. in general, you file a short form with the secretary of state to become a non-profit. Write to the Secretary of State to send you the form. This will give you exemption from sales tax, and better prices on some pack purchases (wholesale prices). also exemption from property tax should the pack buy real estate apply to the IRS for tax exempt status concerning pack income. They will enclose a guide book. Filing tax returns is not required unless the account rises above a certain level, or you generate income not used in scouting or not reflecting scouting. this is better explained in th
  21. a riding lawn mower/garden tractor will not be suitable for climbing even small hills. The center of gravity is too high, Better would be a quad cycle configuration (do not try the three wheel version) with a rollbar, or, as already mentioned, an electric scooter quad-cycle look alike. Good troop service project: put in a campsite for the disabled at your council camp, do a fundraiser for bath & shower bars, handles, grips, lifts, chair ramps...
  22. any witnesses? either to him asking you, or to any conversations you may have had while paying for his kids?
  23. from Amazon.com: Ranger Handbook and Venturer Handbook (Venturing BSA) by Boy Scouts of America (Spiral-bound - 2006) 4 new from $40.00 10 used from $18.00 Could you not xerox or scan into a computer brief sections until the books are again available?
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