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  1. "For centuries the Royal Army Chaplains' Department (RAChD) has ministered to soldiers in times of peace and war. We are proud to provide spiritual leadership, moral guidance and pastoral support to all soldiers and their families, irrespective of religion or belief." military chaplains need to be government funded because they need to be under direct government control. If they were were in the military, but not paid, that would be unequal treatment of personnel. If they were not in the military, but on the battlefield, there would be the great chance of civilian "insubordination" while
  2. I went down to the fire dept and talked with some of the guys. Volunteer Fire Fighters are NOT government employees. They are formed into a non-profit, and are not a government entity or department. The community "gave" them the firehouse for their sole use because the community thought it would be nice to have trained firefighters in the area. Firetrucks are also purchased with taxpayer funds because all agree it enhances community safety & wellbeing. The VFD still holds fundraisers to buy their personal equipment, and to make small improvements in the site. They have contracted with the
  3. Why does the free exercise of religion require government-paid chaplains? Most people don't HAVE government-paid chaplains, so are their rights being limited now? Does the government need to pay for chaplains for everyone? Probably because in the military there exists a greater need for Last Rites than in the population at large.
  4. Merlyn: Just curious -- what other groups do you try to prune into purity -- besides the Scouts? Did you write the President that taking his oath of office on a Bible was just plain wrong?
  5. I would not pay the dues; I'd look for a different pack
  6. Sounds like my old cub pack. I almost didn't go into the Boy Scouts because I thought it would be more of the same. Sure glad an old friend was working on his Recruiter patch; one of the best times of my life
  7. "the calories you'd get back probably wouldn't justify the calories burned." true enough for most survival situations. But, let's not forget that early man did hunt, and found it profitable enough to keep hunting. It all depends on techniques. The calories you get back...I first heard when discussing grasshoppers as survival food. If you chase after them one at a time, then you'll have a net energy loss. If you erect a small mesh net, and, then, starting a distance away from it, walk towards it while beating the brush with a stick you'll catch enough to gain energy for several people.
  8. Many means numerous or more than one. It's an indefinite count because I didn't feel like accessing every state's site. Now, if I had said "most", then I would be really incorrect. Should there be restrictions on new drivers? You betcha! They should be made to display an "L" for learner on the rear of their car.
  9. East Fork State Park (Cincinnati OH) is a family campground with a fishing lake and a couple of trails, but nothing High Adventure
  10. in many states, if he is 16 or 17, then he can't have any passengers (except for parent, guardian or trainer), or be driving at night. Also, many campgrounds have limited number of parking spots. So, driving to the troop meeting probably OK, but can't drive home if it has gotten dark.
  11. collarless shirts back in the 70s were also v-neck. they did not button all the way up like a Marine uniform. these short-sleeve shirts, along with Bermuda style Scout shorts and knee socks, were the standard Jamboree uniform
  12. to MD ScoutMom: since your troop is small, you don't need to make big money to be effective. There are plenty of ideas on Scouter's fund-raising forums. We never had much luck with the % of sales flyers. We had better luck when a restaurant allowed the Scouts & their parents to be waitstaff and busboys, dishwasher's helpers & restroom caretakers. Naturally, the restaurant gives you a slow night. Since our chartering org is a church, we got this mentioned at the service, had an info table set up near the entrance, spoke (casually) to social orgs some of the parents are also i
  13. to MD Scout Mom: The restaurant may not allow you to stand by the door and snag all the customers. This is against the policy of most places that do this. So, please check with them in advance.
  14. Take your 8 boys camping. When they tell everyone what a great time they had, I predict more will show up for the next. "At some point, the scout has a responsibility to communicate with his parents. If he is not interested in doing so, why is he still in scouting? If advancement is the scouts responsibility (and it is) how more of a leap is it for the scout to be sure his parents know about the events (outings) that give him the best opportunities for advancement?" This may be hard to accept, but some boys join the Scouts to get away from their parents. They can't sit down & tal
  15. The direction this thread is taking has made me curious about something. Admittedly, it has been a long time since I've been in junior high. At the end of gym class we all piled into the big shower room to wash. What is done nowadays?
  16. Eamonn, why would you want them to do a tick check in a communal shower and not the privacy of their tent? Guessing for Eamonn: Maybe because we don't have eyes in the back of our head, and therefore could use a little help seeing where we've been. It's darker in the tent, and I, for one, wouldn't want the tick to fall off where I'm going to sleep. We have such a nudity hangup in this country.
  17. for projects at home, my nephews used carbon steel paring knives from the junk store: cheap, designed for close work, little danger of folding up, made for small hands, didn't feel flimsy...
  18. ten inch is fine. google on over to "macscouter" or "usscouts.org" they have D.O. cookbooks to download
  19. put an ad in your local paper(s) under items wanted "Boy Scout needs your help in replacing camping gear lost thru parents' messy divorce. Needs bag, groundpad, pack, etc phone ###"
  20. in winter camping you'll need to watch your boys for signs of exercise induced asthma attacks and perform the proper first aid
  21. make sure no one skips a daily evening wash-up of pits & groin -- daily and not the "he-man" 2X a week when out in the boonies
  22. spud guns are different from potato guns/cannons. A spud gun is a metal hand held toy gun popular in the late 50s/early 60s. You stuck the snout of the gun into a potato to load the gun with a pencil eraser sized piece of potato. As you pulled the trigger you really compressed the atmos. air chamber inside ===> the potato then came flying out -although not very fast nor very far. never heard of anyone getting hurt with these
  23. Northern Tier - OKPIK, consider protection for each part of the body. Sleeping bag. If you have a cold weather camping sleeping bag, bring it. Otherwise a summer weight or 3-season bag is adequate as we will provide a supplemental bag to use with yours to make an extreme cold weather sleeping system. ______ 2 Winter stocking caps, - one spare, facemask type is best ______ 2 - 3 pairs of mittens with outer shell (mittens are warmer than gloves) ______ 2 - 3 Sweaters and/or shirts, preferably wool or polar fleece. No Cotton ______ 1 Winter jacket, preferably hooded ______ 2 pai
  24. these are fun. However, the vapor pressure chamber can let go if it has any kind of weak spot ===> plastic shrapnel. Also, I can visualize some Cub with his hand or face right over the barrel as someone else ignites the charge. So, this is just not for little kids
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