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  1. what part of the PTA would rather not? The teachers and administrators? When I was in Cubs, our CO was the xxxx School Mothers' Club
  2. I try new DO recipes at home first. I use the DO, but use it in the stove. Really seems to help shaking down a new recipe
  3. "also bring it on troop backpacks. We have always lashed it to trees as opposed to using poles." I thought lashing to trees was frowned upon? Reason given is that the rope may abrade the bark. Lightweight gear? Start with tent, boots, pack, fly & sleeping bag. Complete 2-man tent under 4#, boots under 5 (?) # for the pair, pack less than 2#, fly under a lb., sleeping bag under 3#. I'm probably overweight on some of this; this is for hiking & camping. For car camping -- who cares?
  4. nothing much during troop meetings; might get the precious uniforms dirty & torn. For our campouts, we always try to mark off a mile, 3k, 5k for those who want an early or late run -- they may be working on fitness, athletic or sports mb. In camp we play soccer, ultimate frisbee, wide games. Of course there is swimming, canoeing, rowing,etc
  5. forgot to add, when we plan the year's activities we make a rough estimate as to total cost. If we feel each Scout's share is $100 cash, then we send a note to each home listing the activities planned, and that they need to bring in $10 a month to participate. We also list the total costs of camps and outings, and point out this is why we also need to do fundraising. We try to be most clear that it is not their choice of dues or funders, but that both are necessary
  6. I agree with you that weekly dues takes too much time away from the rest of the meeting. We do accept monthly dues, quarterly, or annual. The three fundraisers you mentioned are of the sell something variety. Selling, going up to strangers, scares a great many. Perhaps you might try a non-selling funder and see how that works. There are always freeloaders. It is a value judgment with us to accept or reject a campership; we are not bashful -- we would flat out ask why they need a campership if they're sitting in an Expedition. Some parents look at financial aid as just another incom
  7. "money was not collected in advance, and so no one appeared to feel any embarrasment or remorse in dropping out." yeah, many of us say we'd like to do stuff. However, real decision time doesn't take place until you have to open your wallet -- just part of the American culture.
  8. there are one-handed/one-armed sports, such as bowling, that may qualify. I still like learning the sidestroke
  9. with one useable arm & leg, I'm thinking the sidestroke is still possible. For first class, permission could be sought to sidestroke the entire distance. Other substitutions have to be as strenuous. One idea is hiking with full kit for miles and miles
  10. A Scout who is unable to complete any or all of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class rank because he is physically or mentally disabled may complete alternative requirements if the following criteria are met: 1.The physical or mental disability must be of a permanent rather than a temporary nature. 2.A clear and concise medical statement concerning the Scout's disabilities must be submitted by a physician licensed to practice medicine. In the alternative, an evaluation statement certified by an educational administrator may be submitted. The medical statement m
  11. if shorter trips, such as weekenders, are offered just as entertainment, then you will get dropouts if better entertainment appears. Keeping your word may be old hat as our schools now teach self-esteem enhancement where everyone wins and no-one is under stress to keep a committment if they change their mind We get better buy in if assignments are made well ahead of time. Examples: Johnny-you, Bobby & Billy will be responsible for laying out the orienteering course at our next campout - OK? Pete, you & Jack will need to teach the newbies fire-building. Tom, come up with som
  12. "if the scout demonstrates it right after he learns it that same night? ... or do you wait another time?" we wait until next meeting to sign after a quick repeat demo. Otherwise, we have found the new skill never leaves short-term memory into long-term memory, but just vanishes. Even then, reinforcement is needed, such as the need for the skill in various games & contests
  13. Scouts tied the ends with a square knot -- as already mentioned. When you did your good deed for that day, the square knot was untied
  14. different pix in different papers always helps (with a short write-up). Notify, well in advance, the TV stations so their stringers can be there with a videocam
  15. I'm not familiar with Cubs, but did you take lots of pix to show the various activities being performed? DL may accept that, and only ask for one or two activities to be demo
  16. I feel you should continue renting for a while longer. Try different canoes. Find a canoe school; a lot less frestrating
  17. our troop carries three levels of first aid kits whenever we are out - including group fundraisers: individual (basically band-aids, wet wipes and neosporin), patrol level (more items, including tweezers and two batteries wrapped separately in a baggie), troop level --the full monty including stuff for toothaches. Scissors are EMT grade Everyone also is supposed to have sharp pocketknife, whistle, bandanna with them at all times, and if away from camp a canteen and LED light Troop level kit includes a notebook -- kept separately secured -- of everyone's medical problems, emergency cont
  18. Big Tents: troop needs fewer tents, less to keep track of, may improve patrol cohesiveness, may be limited to car camping as tents may be somewhat heavy or bulky Small Tents: improves the chances troop will go overnights) hiking and canoeing; canoe area individual tent pads tend to be small in area
  19. "any suggestions for cases for personal first aid kits???" many use two zip lock bags - one inside the other. Others use an Altoid candy tin
  20. We use self-generated camperships, and don't see them as any big deal. Some boys do poorly in fundraising -- especially the sales type funders. As long as they make a proven effort, they go. Other families that have been on top of things in the past may have had sudden misfortune befall them. Our slush fund takes care of them also. We have some Scouters who will do home visits accompanied by their spouses. Generally, the freeloaders will suddenly payup, while those truly needing assistance become a troop service project (mow lawns, caulk holes & cracks, general clean-up, etc)
  21. at Philmont, Scouts can shoot larger calibre rifles. I believe 30-06. These would be older Scouts, or at least intermediate.
  22. There is a big problem with best patrol gets this, best patrol gets that if the best patrol is usually the same patrol as before. Since the winner is foregone, everyone else tends to drop out. In any funder, first state the purpose of the funder (ex: six new tents, weekend canoeing trip, new down bags for all troop members, etc). Then, state how much money is actually needed; have an ongoing scorecard so the Scouts can see the level of money collected rising. This helps to get everyone to buy in to the program. We liked individual Scout accounts, but after thinking about them, decide
  23. what kind of incentives have you used in the past? what objections have your Scouts voiced in the selling of popcorn?
  24. not all areas have hardwoods, and so have to use briquettes. What I'm really curious about: do you campers on the Plains cook with buffalo chips? Aren't they too large for the DO?
  25. "Any ideas for re-waterproofing? " yes, don't waterproof the areas that need to remain breathable
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