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  1. btw, he has been involved in scouting, counting his time as a scout for the last 36 years OA, JTL Staff, involved with council, district (many since they keep changing areas even though council made promises years ago not to!) etc...
  2. Yes, this is a new injury, the Scoutmaster has been on backpacking trips, survival camps, woodbadge, 15 years of scout camp at the particular camp, many 20 mile scout hikes at places such as Shiloh, Poison Springs, Pea Ridge, Vicksburg, etc. He is an Eagle Scout, and a long time Asst. Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, etc. He has not been on a camping trip with the troop since the injury, but feels like he could do scout camp with some way to get around. He probably can't do backpacking trips, etc any more, but car camping trips should be ok, etc. Just thinking ahead nearly a year, but thi
  3. Of course over the last 30 years summer camp has changed at the camp in our council, used to vehicles could be in campsites, and everyone cooked their own meals and cleaned up with the patrol method. Now vehicles are in a parking lot as they should be. Wondering about if a Scoutmaster was disabled, say from a spinal cord injury, do you think they would allow some sort of device to transport that scoutmaster? I know that an electric wheelchair would become stuck, and it could not be recharged. 4 Wheelers would be too much of a temptation for scouts, possibly a lawn mower, gas powered, c
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