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  1. I'll raise a contrary point of view for the sake of discussion. Ask the city if it demands insurance certificates from others who volunteer to do things for the city. Want to read to kids at our summer reading program? Let's see that ACORD Form 25. Gardening club want to plant some flowers at the park? How much are your limits? Some organizations seem to believe they are doing a favor by "allowing" Scouts to perform Eagle projects, when in fact, they are receiving a substantial benefit as well.
  2. The blade remains perpendicular, or nearer so, to the surface of the water for more of the stroke. This increases the power and efficiency of the stroke. With a straight shaft, both the beginning and end of the stroke are at quite an angle where the power is going up or down, rather than in the direction of travel. Bent shafts are excellent for flat water paddling. They can be less useful, and sometimes even difficult to use, in moving water where you will need power strokes using both sides of the blade.
  3. >>> They are understaffed, and under funded, like many, and so the ones there are over worked and always putting out fires.
  4. Yes. The main difference is that we wear "class B's" for the summer. Some are gone for vacation, or baseball games, but we generally have pretty good attendance.(This message has been edited by the blancmange)
  5. >>>>This should be practiced everywhere, for example, only one group should be on a portage at a time. If another group is on a portage you should wait until they push off.
  6. From the "self-imposed limits" thread: >>>>My troop worked with them and both troops went together. BWCA - 2 permits, 6 canoes. During the day's paddle the canoes shuffled so that by the time the week was up, everyone had a chance to camp with everyone else.
  7. I would ask him why it is not a possibility. Unless they are all over 17 & 1/2 and have not yet made Life, I have no idea why a Scoutmaster would hold this belief.
  8. Ditto. Cliff Jacobson, scouter and contributor to Scouting magazine is a presenter. Had a nice discussion with him in the book area last year. Also, don't miss Kevin Callan's informative and entertaining presentations.
  9. >>>> Another option would be to see if you can rent them from your council camp.
  10. >>>>If I were in your shoes, I would ask my COR and maybe even my DE.
  11. >>>The short answer is no one-on-one. That means for merit badges, either a Scout participates with a buddy or two adults must be present.
  12. It's nice to see some positive national press, even if it has to be on this subject.
  13. >>>>Blanc - That is correct, but it also seems like a matter of word games, as opposed to substance.
  14. Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237? KC9DDI fails to appreciate the difference between civil and criminal law. Perhaps he slept through that day in high school civics class. The biggest differences are the fact that criminals may be subject to imprisonment, as well as being subject to the stigma of having a criminal record. Most employers, on the other handaren't too concerned about someone who has a zoning violation in their past. Section 237 details those classes of aliens that are subject to deportation. Deportation is an administrative proceeding, not a criminal trial. Someon
  15. >>>>but just wanted to point out that merely being an illegal alien in the country is not necessarily a crime. How do you figure?
  16. I'm not necessarily endorsing undocumented aliens as scout leaders, but just wanted to point out that merely being an illegal alien in the country is not necessarily a crime. Crossing the border illegally is a crime. Being caught in the country after having been previously deported is a crime. But merely being in the country without permission is not a crime in and of itself, and it is not accurate to brand such individuals as criminals. Thousands of people cross the border legally every day, either with visas or legally without them, and many of them overstay their welcome, but they are n
  17. One of the entries before that says it settled at mediation, which is an alternative dispute resolution technique. There is also another document filed called a stipulation to dismiss, which is an indication that there was a settlement.
  18. For those interested, it appears that this case was settled recently. http://dockets.justia.com/docket/florida/flsdce/1:2010cv22236/360854/ As is common in cases of this sort, the terms of the settlement are not disclosed.
  19. There are several requirements that specifically allow for activities in school to be counted. Someone else pointed out the DARE program. One of the optional music choices is "Serve for six months as a member of a school band, choir, or other local musical group; or perform as a soloist in public six times." If I were an Art counselor, I would not have a problem counting school projects toward the project requirements there. For Drafting, it would seem to make sense to allow use of projects from school from someone who was enrolled those type of classes. There are ot
  20. There's nothing that would prevent a Venturing Crew from adopting a similar uniform.
  21. >>>> If a lad is comfortable asking the guy behind da counter at the gym for help because coach is abusing him, that's a YP win.
  22. >>>>Have you ever asked your Scout's parents if they trust it?
  23. We use "return to formation." This is also commonly used at our council and district programs, and probably where we got it.
  24. We regularly reimburse leaders for program-related out of pocket expenses. The treasurer receives a receipt, writes a check, and then keeps a copy of the receipt in the expense section of a three-ring binder that also contains the bank statements and an income/expense report from Quick Books, or whatever he uses. This binder is available for committee review at each meeting. That seems like a solid paper trail to me. I don't like the idea of having a unit debit card.
  25. >>>>So, The Blancmange, you're saying that Google and Facebook should stop allowing websites to interface with Google and Facebook accounts?
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