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  1. A Timberline 4, a fairly common tent with troops in our area, is less than 70 square feet total. Obviously the capacity stated by the manufacturer requires packing like sardines, but the TL-4 is more than adequate for 2 people, and can be comfortable for 3. If this were a requirement, backpacking would need to be eliminated as no one could carry enough tent space. "That's a NCS requirement for council-run summer camps and bases." Certainly that must be 70 sqare feet for 2 scouts, though? Otherwise, to follow the buddy system, every tent would need to be at least 140 square
  2. Mooseman, you misunderstood my post. It's not about dragging the canoe up onto shore; quite the opposite. Generally, we will paddle up to the landing, step into the shallows, one person takes the food pack, paddles, and any loose stuff while the other picks up the personal pack and then the canoe directly from the water. The canoe or gear are never set down on the ground at the landing. Portages where this is not possible are few and far between, and when it is too deep, it is usually possible to position the canoe sideways and unload while it is still floating. I recognize that a group o
  3. ghermanno wrote: He had a problem with the family and rejected the project and told the school for whom the boy had received approvals that they were NOT to approve it or face litigation. I'm curious what kind of litigation a beneficiary of a potential Eagle project might face in regards to the approval/non-approval of a project. I recognize you are saying that the council was doing whatever they felt like, but certainly someone would have to see this as a hollow threat. Right??? If my council ever sued someone over an Eagle project, they would never see another FOS donation from me
  4. Sorry. Long thread - I just skimmed some of it.
  5. Then you need to think carefully and honestly about whether yeh can accommodate the boy's needs, or what additional resources you'll need to be able to support the lad. Sometimes, if the conditions are serious enough and your level of medical knowledge is limited, yeh might have to say "we're not comfortable with your son participating unless we can get X, Y, and Z." I think that's a great approach generally, especially for unit outings,but if this is summer camp being discussed, shouldn't the camp's medical officer at least be consulted, and possibly even make the final call?
  6. It's an oft-touted statistic that only 2 percent of all Boy Scouts make it to the Eagle rank. I've seen this a lot, so it must have some basis in fact. Presumably it takes into account anyone who signed up as a Scout, and maybe never advanced at all (or maybe includes cubs also??). My question is, what percentage of scouts who make a serious, long term commitment to the program (i.e. earn Life or Star) earn Eagle? I'm guessing there aren't published statistics on this, so any educated guesses?
  7. Yes, this needs to be an individualized decision where a boy had trouble in the cub scouting program, but I think the presumption should be in favor of advancement. A boy who failed a grade is likely to be embarassed by that fact. Why embarass him further by having him "fail" scouts as well? I've seen boys who struggle in school but excel at and really enjoy scouts. The cub requirements are clear - grade OR age are all that is needed to advance. Earning the prior badge is not even required. It's troubling that a "district trainer" would not understand such a basic concept and instead make stuf
  8. I've been lurking for a while, but just decided to join. I'm a fairly new WDL, so don't have much experience to add to most topics. I have been canoeing the BWCA for many years, though. It is possible to keep your feet dry, even using the "wet foot" method (stepping in and out of the canoe in shallow water to avoid dragging it up onto landings). Chota makes several types of Mukluks which are waterproof to just below the knee, as well as offer excellent traction and support. They are pricier than generic jungle boots, but a good choice if you plan to keep canoeing. Google "Chota Muk
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