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  1. Howdy from North Texas. Thank you for giving back to Scouting and for your service to our country. Got a lot of friends from the Falls, man that place is HOT!!! Welcome to the forums
  2. When I was a Boy Scout, I was in the Cobra patrol. Ours was " Cobras dont cheer, they SSSSSTRIKE" Yea, we kind of took that as a rally cry, more than a cheer! During WB, we changed it every day. Our main one was "BEAVERS, We do give a DAM" We also did other ones like "WARD?" " Hello , Mrs. Cleaver" The everpopular one from Naked Gun, half the guys would do the first part, the other half the return line "NICE BEAVER" "Thanks, I just had it stuffed" And then after the GOL, it was " BEAVERS, We're not really PIRATES!" for obvious reasons
  3. What kind of activities are you thinking about? I think if you schedule to many activities, then you kind of brand yourself as the one who plans everything, and then den leaders don't take the initiative on their own to plan activities because they know you'll take care of it. As CM, I plan pack meetings, create the themes for campouts and encourage the dens to make their own plans. I can give them ideas for things to do, and point them in the direction of resources. Our district usually has lots of events available. I will send information out about the event to the pack. If th
  4. Way to Go. Incorporate those new boys into the pack, so they , and their parents, feel welcome! At our Pack Picnic next week, we will be bridging the boys over to their next rank. We will also be letting the new Tigers bridge and receive their neckers and Pack t's at the same time. I'm also trying to encourage our experienced parents to step up and get to know these new parents, make them feel welcome with our family!
  5. It's really what is going to be best for you. I think your going to get multiple opinions here, which can just add to the confusion. The everlasting debate internal vs external frames. I spent 3 years reading reviews here and different sites, and talking to people in the troop about the best back pack type. I finally just "manned" up and went to REI and tried on a bunch of different packs with weight combinations, both external and internal. Obviously walking around the store for 30 minutes wasn't going to represent a day on the trail, but it gave me an idea of what I liked and didn'
  6. First off, welcome, and Howdy from North Texas as well. Belt Loops are only true advancement for some Webelos activity pins. For the most part, they are just an extra thing to work on to draw interest, not really advancement stuff. Good Luck with the new venture.
  7. June- Day Camp Webelos Resident Camp One of the troops in the area is having a mobile rock climbing wall come in and has invited packs in the area to come and "Hang Out" Minor League baseball game- Fireworks, Pack recognition on the big screen, AYCE hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks July- Participating in the 4th of July parade Going to rent out one of the ice skating rinks in the area and have the boys and families play "broomball" on the ice. August- Debating between bowling or driving an hour south of us and going to an actual drive in theater, w
  8. What do you mean, Santa Claus and Snipe hunting AREN'T real ?!?!?!
  9. SP, School starts for us the week before Labor day. Our pack meetings are the last Monday of the month, unless it's a holiday. The school district gives us 1 night in the school, usually a week after school starts. This is for all packs in all schools. I have boys from at least 4 or 5 different schools. Needless to say, I can't be at every school that night. I will start den meetings in August to get existing den's back in "den meeting" mode, and to get the den's that were created from our May open house together. I'm taking your cue of getting the new dens up to speed during the summer a
  10. "I am also a bit confused over how a den leader gets in the middle of a Pack leadership dispute." 'Nut Look no further. I was a DL when our CC and one of our Tiger DL's got into a major power play in the pack. Tiger DL was an experienced Scouter and began to question everything the CC did in a very public manner. Anything from how to fill out paperwork to awards. Everything was a battle between these two. CC and CM were good friends, so the CM was naturally drawn into this. As the DL with the most "seniority", behind the CM. I was asked to add my opinion about having the DL removed f
  11. We do the formal crossing at Blue/Gold. However, most of the boys are typically attending Troop meetings in November or December (provided they've already earned AoL). Others of course have pushed right up until B/G to crossover. It really depends on the boy and what he wants to do. My oldest crossed over in November, because he wanted to start camping with the troop and didn't want to wait 4 months to be a part of troop activities. Alot can depend on the Troop itself. My son had actually chosen one troop to join, but they wouldn't let the Webelos crossover until March. We instead went wi
  12. TWOMORROWS, Are you being serious or being sarcastic? I just couldn't tell by your tone and intonation since I'm looking at a computer screen
  13. Well there goes my Idea for the next Pack meeting..... I can't wear a cheerleader outfit or Ballerina costume (ALA Scoutfish), the boys can't hit me with a whipped cream pie for bringing somebody to the meeting. We can't do "Nuts the elephant" skit, and I certainly can't sing because I left something at home that I should have brought. Certainly wouldn't want a 9 yr old to come up with a funny song, since we all know what is funny in the mind of a boy. I guess we shouldn't have sang Happy Birthday to our CC last week, because it would have publicly humiliated or degraded her self esteem.
  14. Hey, I'm not getting fat...My clothes are magically shrinking, must be something in the washing machine! I know I could stand to lose about 30 lbs myself, especially if I want to be a crew advisor for our next trek to Philmont in two years. Our Troop is blessed to have a SM and ASM's who are physically fit and try to set the example for the boys. It shows as well. We do do more backpacking trips, more HA trips, and yes, maybe taking more physically challenging trips than some others do. I've seen those same troops that aren't very active that do the plop camping, and that's the extent of
  15. Tiger Cub DL- 2x Wolf Bear DL- 2x Asst. Web DL Cubmaster- Starting Yr. 2 Day Camp Walking Den Leader- 4x Day Camp Cubmaster- Starting Year 3 Webelos Resident Camp Den Leader Those are my official titles, Of Course I've worn every hat in Cubs and then some!
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