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  1. Looking for feedback, but please don't waste everyone's time with just spouting off just to hear your own voice! I have, by accident at first but now through searching, stumbled across a few local Scouts' profiles on MySpace and Facebook that are just plain deplorable (to say the least). Even their profile names are chock-full or profanity (one's username is "Holy F...in' Sh.."!). They put-down less fortunate families, have pictures of them at alcoholic parties, and their comments advocate for teen drinking, drugs, and anarchy. I have spoken to two of the boys now, and was sho
  2. When you can get your hands on it, "Footsteps of the Founder" has some good advice on the smoking issue in pages 168-170...and B-P wrote the comments long before the scientific evidence we have today about the harms of smoking!
  3. To clarify: According to the witnesses, the smoking happened in the dining fly, right after dinner, with scouts coming and going with their dishes, etc. during evening duties time.
  4. Looking for feedback: Having been approved as a MBC, I've approached our local troop to offer my services. However, at this time, the only scout interested in any of the mb's I'm certified to teach is - my son! Is it required by the BSA that I have to teach a group of scouts, or may I teach my son alone if no one else is interested? He's ready to go, the SM has approved it, and I haven't found any official BSA policies about having to teach a group. Also, do we need to have another person present if we work on the mb's at home? My schedule would make it almost impossible otherw
  5. Looking for feedback on how to handle this issue: Recently (tonight) it was confirmed to me by more than one reliable older scout that on a previous trip the SM, ASM, CC, and another male parent had all divvied out cigars under the dining fly and lit them up - in the presence of the boys (my son included). What would you do, if your son had been put into this situation, and knowing what the GSS says about tobacco use? Would you approach the top leadership of the troop and call them on it in a private parents meeting? As a veteran leader and an Eagle, I am livid if this is all true, w
  6. Back to my question above: if just three co-ed members of the crew (ages 15, 17, and 17; all are crew officers: treasurer, secretary, and v.p.) carried out a service project in a public park only about 150 yards from where the adults were, was this a violation of anything? They knew where we were, we knew where they were, we had cell phones and visual contact, and there was another (albeit not a Scouter) adult present who was monitoring them. P.S.: The project was helping with a benefit concert for the public to enjoy (jazz, country, bluegrass bands) and we're getting flack from some othe
  7. Is adult supervision always required for all Venturing activities, including just day service projects? I've been told they can meet and carry out certain activities on their own. ???
  8. I am reading through the latest online version of the Guide to Safe Scouting regarding adult supervision during Venturing activities, and I am still confused. The GSS reads, "There are a few instances, such as patrol activities, when no adult leadership is required." (page 3 of the online version). When is adult supervision during a crew/patrol activity not required, and what defines a crew/patrol activity as being such?
  9. My reason for beginning this topic is 100% "honest" and "trustworthy"...as I noted, I really respect the man for taking on so much responsibility to help our unit and district. I am not seeking "ammo", but only some clarification on policies. What I AM very tired of is hearing "...BSA says this..." or "...the official policy is this..." and becoming confused on who really should be doing what! My belief has always been that trying to do too much causes a leader to not do anything to their best ability. A side note: since when did "checks and balances" become ammunition? Knowing respo
  10. A quick reply to some comments: According to www.scouting.org/commissioners.aspx, a Scouter cannot hold multiple commissioner roles at once: "Commissioners must not be registered simultaneously as unit leaders. Some commissioners may be registered on a unit committee because they have a son in the unit or because of previous personal history in the unit, but their principle Scouting obligation should be with commissioner responsibilities. Commissioners may be currently registered in only one commissioner position." I appreciate the replies re: the other positions.
  11. Need some definitive guidance here (no "hear-say"): Is it "BSA legal" for one person to simultaneously hold the offices of District Commissioner, District Camping Chair, Unit Commissioner, COR, and Committee Chair all for the SAME UNIT? Where can I find documentation from National to support/deny it? We have a respected veteran gentleman in our area who is, and quite literally holds all the reigns re: removing leaders, revoking memberships, etc. and has been doing so at his leisure. I respect the man, but having carte-blanch authority is anti-BSA to my knowledge. Am I the only o
  12. As I type this, I am reading through 5 hand-written letters from Uncle Dan to my family, esp. my grandfather who considered DCB a close friend. Think there's any value to these artifacts? Another little tidbit - my uncle married UD's granddaughter, so I suppose we're related somehow! ...just thought I should pass that along to those of you who are fans of Dan Beard.
  13. As noted earlier, everything was done "by the book" re: YP reporting, etc. I guess I'm just still frustrated...but I'm getting over it. I just hate to see our Oath and Law be put aside when things aren't as clear to everyone as they are to a few. Thanks again for the advice.
  14. This situation WAS referred to our local law authorities, but the girl's parents who were involved did not want to press charges, and therefore no "sound evidence" was found. Remember, the boy's membership with the crew was permanently revoked (he was allowed to resign with this knowledge). The TROOP he is a member of still has done no action as of yet. My dilemma is how much I know whom to believe in this situation (the girl), but no one seems to trust me enough to go beyond what has already been done and revoke his membership in the BSA altogether. How can there be double standards
  15. Thanks for the sage words of wisdom. I'm entering my 20th year in Scouting, and I'm still amazed by how things can be interpreted totally differently, even if innocently, by two leaders in the same district/council/unit. Our crew and the troop have two different CO's, but I am almost 100% sure the troop CO knows nothing about the incident. Oh well. As you've put, it's time to move on and keep moving up with a quality program. All I plan to do from here is make a simple statement to the Board of Review, and the let the boy's conscience be the guide from there when they start asking hi
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