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  1. One of the great failings of writers of bureaucratic practices is to lose sight of the goal(s). (Another is that others must understand, not just the authors.) When I joined AT&T, and its 1,000,000+ employees, it had many, many shelf feet of all-black ring binders of Bell System Practices ("BSPs"), including rules on how toilet paper would be installed in the holders (over, not under). There was an entire department that made sure you did not have office furniture above your station in the bureaucracy . They were informally called the "Furniture Police." ("It does not matter if
  2. Alas, a training course for a minimum of thirty trainees on "leadership," is hard to limit only to topics helpful to every single trainee. A training course is not better than the staff, end especially its leadership. So not every Wood Badge course is the same experience, contrary to BSA's impossible goal of dead-level uniformity in experience. (Not to mention that each trainee's experience is a lens through which he or she views that course, making BSA's stated goal even more impossible.) I attended many "continuing legal education, " as well as Scouting training courses, and ha
  3. The first CO that that I mentioned was a Hindu congregation that had purchased the building that had housed a Protestant congregation. In buying the building, they very kindly agreed to take the exiting troop as a free tenant, but they were stunned when they finally read what they had been signing. They had no idea there was any undertaking other than supplying a meeting space. I wondered if the paperwork went in unsigned, but I did not want to know if a signature was forged. I recall that council was very much against combining troops. Patrols masquerading as troops was just fine
  4. Last time i helped district with unit rechartering, one CO refused to sign because it saw it's role solely as supplying a meeting place. The unit was allowed to recharter. A troop I was with in the early 80's had a large Methodist congregation as a "Charter Partner." It signed, but also saw its role solely as supplying a meeting place. Then, even that became a sometimes thing: "No place to meet tonight; try next week." We combined with another troop, all theories aside. So, in practice, in that council, not even a convenient lie was required.
  5. By and large, true. There was the National Safety Chairman with his gold cap and BA in English arguing with a volunteer with two Phds (microbiology and public health) about BSA's official and illegal dish-washing at Jambo 85. But what would Dr. Horsfall know - a mere volunteer? He was only the World's leading authority on E-coli but not "professional." Guess where the VA. Dept of Health came down. Of course, BSA had to make it worse first by telling the State it could not "tell BSA what to do" in the presence of an epidemic of E-coli dysentery in Virginia. Faced with comply
  6. Watch the news? Name-calling is bilaterally inflicted. Want examples?
  7. Let me try being even more clear. "Presenting the colors" meant a color guard of uniformed Scouts walking down the center aisle carrying the national and respective religious flags, posting them on command, and leaving the room.. Not a wafer to be seen during that process. Same at either Catholic or Methodist churches. That Archbishop went away and his rule with him. The new Archbishop did not "see" what the former Archbishop and you "see."
  8. As a Scout, my troop, sponsored by a Methodist congregation, had about 20% Catholic Scouts, scattered amongst our patrols and two crews. By instruction of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, they could not present the colors on Sunday at the CO's services. Those of us who were not Catholic could present the colors at Mass at our local Catholic congregations, which I, at least, found interesting. We put it all down to that strange species - adults. Those of us who ended up in high school sports, did think it unfair that the Catholic schools like Mater Dei could recruit from wherever, inclu
  9. "How do we know any of the claims are real? After all some of these cases go back decades." Some of the offenders confessed. Otherwise, exactly. That is inherent in the political decision to allow stale claims.
  10. We know We know this how? May one even consider the possibility of false claims?
  11. https://scoutmastercg.com/the-first-green-bar-bill-article-in-boys-life/
  12. Like gamblers - but at a rigged table.
  13. Scouting was in the U.S., coast-to-coast (and Canada), in 1908. Ninety-nine troops greeted BSA when it arrived in Cleveland in 1912.
  14. Working pro se is that lawyer? Happy to hear that one of them is not doing it to get rich.
  15. The purely political act of virtually eliminating periods of limitations for these claims means that defense is impracticable or literally impossible, Many of the accused and all other adults around at the time died years ago. Thus, accusation equals guilt. Indeed, it makes perfectly good sense is accusation equals guilt. "The statute of limitations is a statute of repose, enacted as a matter of public policy to fix a limit within which an action must be brought, or the obligation is presumed to have been paid, and is intended to run against those who are neglectful of their rights, an
  16. Meaning they are a program of the CO, not an entity at all, contrary to what the motion asserts. Not a possible debtor/defendant. Not a legal "person."
  17. I have been a volunteer with a pack and five troops (one of the latter in California). None was a legal entity under state or federal law at the time.
  18. Europeans truly regarded the inhabitants of the New World as scarcely better than wild animals - if that, entitled to own nothing. our diseases slaughtered indiginous peoples. I wonder what the Kalapuya thought of the peoples they drove out of the area or the slaves that they "owned." They must have regarded them as fellow beings as they allowed for intermarriage and adoption. Thus, their form of slavery seems to have been far, far less oppressive than American chattel slavery. https://libraryguides.lanecc.edu/kalapuya; Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown, A Guide to the Indian Tri
  19. Can't use white-face, black-face or red face. Why not white-face? It would offend mimes.
  20. Bankrupt estates routinely transfer assets. Hard to do business without doing so. They would have to be in the ordinary course of business, a question for the Trustee, subject to the Court's reasonable judgement.
  21. In the purchase of assets alone, liabilities of the seller do not pass with the assets. WOSM does not assert IP in "scouting," an English word. after all. 150 scouting organizations exist in Germany, one of which is a WOSM member. Most include "padfinder" (scout) in their name. France has eighty scouting organizations. The Fédération du Scoutisme Français (Federation of French Scouting) is the national member of both the WOSM and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). others not belonging to those associations are: Association Française de Scouts et Gui
  22. Not literally. If they adopted "Ford" or "Girl Scouts of America," they would not have the right to use those words. As for the role of Bankruptcy Court in intellectual property issues, you might see: https://www.nycbar.org/pdf/report/Intelectual_Prpoerty_Assets.pdf https://www.wardandsmith.com/articles/intellectual-property-in-bankruptcy-an-overview#:~:text=Generally%2C intellectual property includes copyrights,losses to the debtor's creditors.
  23. "The purpose of the corporation shall be to promote, through organization, and cooperation with other agencies, the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others, to train them in Scoutcraft, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods which are now in common use by Boy Scouts." Does BSA have exclusive right to a girls program? To a "Scouts'" program? Does the Charter require anything?
  24. This tells me the outside council may believe your council insurance will apply to your unit, even if you go outside of the council. Many beliefs turn out to be incorrect.
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