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  1. When our Pack went to the U.S.S. Hornet a couple of weeks ago, our leaders always wear neckers with our uniforms. We were the odd Pack out. The other leaders all did not wear neckers and it was a shame. I have always liked the way they looked. I remember looking at my brother's scout book and seeing the different ways a necker could be used. In fact, I am starting to become quite the woggle collector now and I am trying to whittle a paw woggle. We will see if it turns out, lol.
  2. Also figure that back then, there wasn't a ton of outside STUFF competing against the life of a young teen. Even 30 years ago, I could have gone in many different paths instead of focusing on skating, I can't even fathom the kids today. I am so surprised that my son, the Bear has a goal of getting every Cub Belt Loop, I can't even imagine what will happen when he hits the big time. He sees the merit badges all the time when we are in the store and he says I want that one, and that one. The conclusion of the story is that kids should take their time because they do have to focus on school, and
  3. blw2, My son is a Bear now and I just signed up and got approved to be a Merit Badge Counselor for Skating (I am a figure skating coach), Cooking, Textiles, and Computers. Starting this journey I can tell you it is a whole different ball game than leading Cubs. Realize that the boys are going to be starting this at age 11 and teaching interaction skills at this age is so valuable. When they get into the workforce whatever career they do (Heck, I had someone who got his Eagle Scout give me a nose piercing a couple of weekends ago, he was very professional and knew how to talk to people). b
  4. We didn't use straws for the Pack and the Day Camp. The boys were fine, in fact they liked getting wet. Make sure they wear their activity uniforms (t-shirts) that day. The key is gluing the sails to the mast so they don't go twirly whirly around the mast when blown. Oh, and one big key to a good boat, polyurethane. Did that with my son's boat and a spare boat I made (which was good because a boy needed one), my son placed 1st, spare boat placed 3rd.
  5. On a Cub level I am super excited about this award and I am going to be encouraging my Den and Pack to get it.
  6. pack260, I can help you with that, but I would rather do it here in the forums since you are a new member. Where are you trying to post it to? Facebook? Pack website? Honestly what I am finding is the best way is mailing them. That way the parents have a hard copy of the dates and I address it to the boys and they love receiving the mail. Sometimes just cutting and pasting doesn't work with Publisher because it doesn't support different formats. It is a wonderful, yet fickle program.
  7. I just used one of the generic templates, looked for art online and went to town. If you are creative enough, you can do it. Publisher is such an easy program. Email me at suzisk8@gmail.com and I can send you The Silver Paw, July Edition for an example.
  8. Well, I registered my unit. That link was not working earlier. Information was sent. Now what. My job, since I am the computer geek of the Pack Committee, is to play around with the software and find the good, the bad, and the ugly of said software and compile a report (WHICH IS DUE NEXT WEEK, I have been playing around with the other software for a MONTH now) for our annual budget meeting. Our committee does not take things lightly, even though we are small, we are precise about how we handle our business. Yes, Scouting is a business, even though it is all volunteer. I so do not want to be pl
  9. Oh Basement, don't be so harsh on the newbies. I say anything to encourage them to keep them in scouts when they are small and then they will realize when they are a little bigger what everything means. It is FINALLY sinking into my son's head, and he is starting Bears, has been in since Tigers. It is a sad state of affairs these days that kids do have to get something for every little thing they do. Yet, it does make them feel special. Heck, not many kids would even think about saving that bird, so that scout should get a little something, even if it is a checkmark in his book.
  10. Depending on what level he is, it could be something that could be marked off in his book and he could get his Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop. There is many bird electives in the Wolf book. Plus Achievement 5 in the Bears book would count too. Did he meet a wildlife conservation officer during this episode? Mark that off for Bear Achievement 5 something (c I think). There are several patches at the online store.http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/uniforms-insignia/insignia-cloth/other/2012-generic-emblems.html I like the Good Citizen (even though it uses the Boy Scout sign), Obey the Law of the Pac
  11. Our DE is going to have us do our own presentation nights. Not on Back to School Night so it is our night to shine. I am planning to have a table set up with projects that the boys have done and a slide show presentation of photos of the Pack as parents and boys make their way inside. We are encouraging boys that go to the school to come on that night so they can sell their fellow students on how fun it is. I will have a parent volunteer with the boys do a craft while I am pitching the parents. Also, we promote the Pack while doing popcorn sales and the annual Nevada Day Parade Halloween weeke
  12. Right now I am having my Bears that have been together since Tigers help the new boys that signed up in the Spring recruitment with their Bobcat requirements (Achievement 24 a Recruit a new scout or help a scout on the Bobcat trail) and they can't remember the CS Oath or Law of the Pack. They remember the motto! It will be something to work on because we may have more boys join us after Fall recruitment. I am torn, I like the separation of the two, yet having just one would make things a little easier.
  13. You know wakingvirtue please don't tease us with links that don't work. Currently, I am researching different Pack management software with different features. We are a small Pack and finding a software package that is inexpensive with many features would be awesome, yet it is not looking that way. Please do not spam this board!
  14. Our Tiger leader happily went to Wolf. This year she has been dealing with a lot of stuff and had to step down and wasn't sure if she was going to go to a LDS pack full time or stay with us. I decided to step up as den leader for the Bears and the core group of three of the boys are still here. The good news is that she decided to stay and is going to be my ADL, which is good because I am still recovering from my medical issues. Now we have the core group of the four boys plus three new boys and the transition has been really easy. I plan on staying with them through Webelos I & II to keep
  15. Right now I would not even think about going to any high adventure camp. Even go to Philmont for a conference. I have medical issues that caused me to gain weight and right now I am the incredible shrinking woman. Because of a tough year last year my son gained weight and he is getting it off too. We worked hard at Cub camp and I will probably consider high adventure for the family when he is a Boy Scout. I would rather be fit and enjoy the hikes than huffing and puffing and missing everything.
  16. Thanks everyone! I am still new at this game and still trying to figure things out step by step. Being on this forum has really helped.
  17. That is weird because recently at our Cub camp at the last campfire, all the Webelos start going into Chuck Norris jokes. The adults had no idea where it came from. I know it is an internet meme that they picked up. It was so funny because one of the boys insisted that Chuck Norris is dead. So, one of the dads says that just over the hill be careful because Chuck will visit you in your sleep because he owns a house on Lake Almanor, and some of the kids were like really!? Oh no! Don't fret, the younger generation still knows about the great Norris.
  18. I will let you know sasha, and thanks eolesen. I am looking into something a little bit cheaper, we are a small pack. Plus we have different requirements. Right now with the trials that I am playing with, I am leaning towards Troop Track. I just like it, it is really user friendly.
  19. Frugal, Be careful, one of your boys is quickly approaching Tiger age and if you truly love scouting, your son needs to join. Even if your wife is the Tiger parent, it is the best thing. My son started out as a Tiger and now is working on his Bear requirements. I can understand about getting caught up in academia since I am myself a returning university student, yet I concentrated on my son's scouting journey. So far this is the best summer I have had working at Day Camp, going to resident camp and more to come.
  20. I was just looking through scoutstuff.org and noticed that they have the regional patches available. I remember our DE saying that he was going to give our committee some Western Region patches a month ago. Anyway, my question is, is this just a new gee gaw on the uniform or is this going to be another requirement? On Scout Stuff, it is listed under other cloth insignia http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/uniforms-insignia/insignia-cloth/other/emb-western-region.html Thanks for the responses.
  21. I am assigned the task to look for other software. Scout Manage was picked by another committee member in the past without consulting the committee. After doing some testing, I feel for the price, this is truly a piece of software that is part of the 90's. I cannot wait to switch over to the new software that I finally choose.
  22. In our case at Cub camp, it was needed. The staff used it to keep the kids focused off of one of the Scouters that was passed out almost in front of the mess hall at lunch time. They rushed us into the mess hall and then the staff served us lunch all while the one group was keeping the kids singing. It worked. It made the time pass by quickly while the ambulance (and found out later a second ambulance was needed at the same time at a different location in camp) made its way and then went to the hospital. I agree, it is annoying, but it is useful too.
  23. I had my son work on his Map & Compass belt loop as part of his huge extra credit 100 page Habitat Journal project at his school when he was a Wolf. I went down to the forest service office and they had a map of the area that was $15. It had all the trails for the area (I live very close to Lake Tahoe). The nice thing about this map is that it is waterproof and it doesn't tear. A useful link I found for me who had no idea how to use a compass is http://www.compassdude.com/compass-map-orienting.shtml . I need to have my Bears do that too.
  24. At our camp they had water EVERYWHERE. Plus the staff at flags plus when we went to every station told us to drink our water. On our first full day, there was an adult down and a kid down at the same time. Both because of dehydration! I just don't get it.
  25. Woke up at 6:30 am. Then broke down camp and packed the car. I checked us out. Me and my son went to flags, then sat down and had breakfast in the mess hall while I filled out the survey form. We then rushed to get out of the small town outside of Camp Fleischmann because we were not in the mood to get stuck in town for their 4th parade. Then stopped at the rest area outside of town and finished our morning routine and enjoyed the view of Lake Alamor. Then drove home, took advantage of Starbucks free tall coffee, got home took a nap. Had a nice dinner and watched the fireworks with my son and
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