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  1. I was a scout from Tigers through 2 years of Boy Scouts and then sports started to consume my time and I dropped scouts. I have been part of our packs committee for the past 4 years. I have been a den leader for my oldest son from Wolf and he is now a Webelos 2 this year. I have taken over the assistant cub master role in pack as well until we find a replacement. My youngest son will be a Tiger this year so I still have another 5 year commitment. Our pack is a little more laid back than some others I have encountered but we as well like to get things done within our organization and make thing
  2. Hi suzisk8. I have not, nor have any intention to tease on these forums or spam on them. I appreciate forums such as these. I'm slightly confused about links that are not working... What links are you referring to that do not work?
  3. I definitively understand your concern packsaddle. Our pack uses it as it was created by a couple of our den leaders. I can assure you that it is not spam gimmick. It was a huge pain for us to find easy means of communication with our leaders and families that didn't cost much. We tried using discussion groups and other means but it only did so much. The site works quite well for my den and our pack and I thought I would share it with others who may find it useful. Sasha if you find any links that do not work send me a PM. I understand the hesitation to try it but I don't feel its in the best
  4. I was trying to find free resources for our pack website. I finally found a site that provides us a basic website but also has many other features to share information. Our den leaders can manage their own den news and events that will automatically email their scouts/parents. We now at least have a free web presence. You can get some info about it at http://www.scoutunits.com/
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