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  1. You know the new "Join Cub Scouts" yard sign. We've got those. I wanted to post one in the middle of our township next to the township sign where they advertise current events. Called township office and they guy in zoning told me since we are local non-profit chartered by our church we can get a permit to post one (only one) sign by that church. Oh and the discounted fees are $25 for non-profit. We've been posting these signs wherever we could before without asking. Now it turns out that we need to shell out $25 to the township for each and they may not even let us. I yelled at the zoni
  2. Yeah, I thought of other parents coming out of the wood work with their children achievements. Here are two thoughts that I have on that: 1. I think I'll do this on the Den level rather than on the Pack level. 2. If they will come out, let them. If it's something noteworthy, I'll find a patch for them too.
  3. suzisk8, thank you for the pointer. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I think I'll go with "Good Citizen" patch. Basementdweller, relax and take it a little bit easy. I did think that National Certificate of Merit will be too much, this is exactly why I have posted my question.
  4. Our pack is going to Back to School Nights at our local schools. We also planning to get a table at our township day celebration (good opportunity to cell some pop corn too).
  5. How would you reward a cub scout who found a bird trapped in a drainage well and got adult help in rescue? Is National Certificate of Merit too much for this kind of thing?(This message has been edited by adreyzin)
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