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  1. The Scout showed remorse upon getting the grounding and losing the patches. His dad was steadfast to give away the patches, but the next dat after speaking with the Scouts mom, she wanted them held onto and returned to her son - until she found out she got a different story from the Scout about the circimstances. This made the situation even more tense.
  2. We had our home troop SPL attend the recent National Jamboree as member of another Troop. While there he got caught up in patch trading. After several days of successful trading he made a bad choice and decided to steal patch(es) from another Scout who was out on the side of the road trying to trade (we know of this incident for sure - and his fellow Scouts told of us of several others over three days - though we did not have proof). When the Jamboree Scoutmaster found out about this he immediately confiscated all of the Scouts patches, grounded him from leaving the camp site for the ne
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