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  1. Congrats on everything. Totally awesome. My two cents. Become a Merit Badge Counselor/Committee Member and help when you can. Also, you could become a Unit Commissioner. Slowly ease your way into Scouting. Being a SM is time consuming and you have a family. That is more important. As to fundraising...Well, that is for the Committee Chair and Committee to figure out. The SM is in charge of the program, not administration.
  2. Scouting in the LDS is all Male. Except for Primary. Moms fill the roles. Outside of that, Moms fill a lot of roles because Dads are busy working or just not there. I do not see it happening. It also would go counter to what the rest of the WOSM is already doing. We need to stop being so isolationalist. Did not work for Japan or China.
  3. Western Region has gone to Annual YPT. Because of that Cascade Pacific in Oregon/SW Washington is now Annual YPT. It is coming.
  4. Anyone in uniform should not be around/supporting/helping with the alcohol part. I would even say that the parents who drive the kids do not partake as well. However, once the Scout support is done, then change into non-scout clothes and then join in.
  5. The UC is a friend to a Scout Unit and not registered with them. If your a UC and doing Training, you can be a part of the District Training Team. Great that you can do ASL and provide that service to others. FYI: There is a Wood Badge done in ASL in Utah. There is CC on it too.
  6. It is the same within my council. Every change in Adult Positions, a new App is required. Have your husband send an email to the CC & COR stating that he is not the CM, but are Den Leaders. You are not forced to do anything. Time for you both, if possible to go to Roundtable and find the District Commissioner and let them know what is going on. You cannot take over the Pack. There is training within the District for all positions. Go to them and tell the Pack Leaders that you are. The CC & COR are not doing any service to the youth of the Pack. They need to move on.
  7. No problem in combining. If you could help them with their program and help them grow it. great. Don't listen to your Council Professionals. What are they going to do?
  8. Here is a link from the LDS website about LDS Scouting.
  9. Here is a link from the LDS website about LDS Scouting. https://www.lds.org/callings/aaronic-priesthood/leader-resources/scouting?lang=eng
  10. As Cubmaster, I started handing out the Arrow of Light Coins. This year, I am going to have them engraved with name, pack and date. The boys get Arrows. Troops provide Books/etc.
  11. As Cubmaster, I started handing out the Arrow of Light Coins. This year, I am going to have them engraved with name, pack and date. The boys get Arrows. Troops provide Books/etc.
  12. National, if I remember correctly, has told all Councils that they need to be finanically stable. So, Councils are making the tough choices.
  13. They are in my Council. Great people. Took a few classes from them at the U of Scouting. Program & Training Conf as we call it here.
  14. I would drop them from the Charter and make them re-do the whole process. It's 30 mins online. So flipping easy.
  15. program.content@scouting.org is the email address. They love hearing concerns. They do respond! I have sent several questions to them.
  16. This model would be based upon how the UK/Canada et all run their Units. It's a good system, plus they include girls. However, even with that system there are issues. Which funny enough, they complain about the same things we do...
  17. Each Scout Unit is seperate and run seperately even if the CO is the same. If they were not, then you would have Tigers to Venture in one unit.
  18. Not all Council's are having the Direct Contact Leaders Training Mandate. 20 were piloted and about 60 others voluntarily did. The volunteer Councils had a higher success rate. Plus, it's up to the SE as to what Program is supposed to be. Cubscouts is way easier, but it also starts promoting training and getting them used to the idea of GETTING TRAINED. Check with your Council Training Chair, they can tell you what you need to know.
  19. Had one unit switch because Roundtable and whole District was further away than the one they went to. This included units that would feed into it.
  20. We need to get out and tell the Scouting story as we live it. Tell what we do and how much fun it is. Tell how it changes lives. That's what we can do. We need to tell it instead of others taking it and telling it for us.
  21. K1986 Your a great example to live by. You showed what real Scouting is all about this the Store and it's Management. They will remember you. Glad your in Scouting!
  22. The Charter Organizations hold the power.....they can force the BSA into submission. They should act fast since a lot of Council's are right at the start/middle of Re-Charter Season.... It will seriously mess-up everything.
  23. Amangi: Are you a Troop or a Pack? What's your position? This affects my answer.
  24. 40 minutes? I hope they passed out Training Cards afterwards! Least there wasn't a PPT.
  25. I took my WFA via REI that contracted WMI to put it on. At the sametime a fellow Scoutmaster took the ARC course. Both were identical. Must have been the trainer you had. I did just re-up my First Aid/CPR/AED via ARC. The First Aid totally sucked. A Webelos would be bored. The AED/CPR was good. It's all about the presenter/trainer. FYI: WMI is $200 and ARC is $100.
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