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  1. Very long story but could use some advice. My husband and I are Wolf leaders. Last year, the Pack was at about 30+ kids. This year our pack is down to less than 15. Our Committee Chair asked my husband if he could be Cub Master. My husband said he could not commit to that due to his schedule(he works weekends) At the time the current CC was the CM. The Chartered Organization Rep is the CM/CC wife. So when it came time to recharter in December, the CM put my husbands name down as CM and his name down as Committee Chair. Without telling him! This man has a son in Boy Scouts and has a daughter who has medical issues. I am a stay at home mom. I have offered my services to him several times. Have given him suggestions on how to do things. Each time he does not take it. We have a horrible torn out for Pack meetings. Only the Wolf group and 1 or 2 Tigers(there are only 3) The Bears occasionally turn up. There was no formal training for the Tiger leader except from me because she had no one else. The Pinewood was pitiful and the Blue and Gold was too. After we found out that he put my husbands name down without permission, we feel forced to take over. I don't want to go to another Pack, but I don't think that I can work with the man. He planned no camp outs for the boys this year because he was doing Boy Scout stuff. Which is fine but.....he also has a responsibility to the group he is supposed to be leading. Doesn't he? I guess I just need some ideas on how to handle this situation. I have had parents come up to me and say that they will probably not do this again next year if its going to be like this. It makes me sad. Now I feel like I'm ranting. Our Last leader meeting is tonight and suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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