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  1. If Texas calims special staus as a former nation then how about Califronia or Hawaii which are also former nations shouldn't they get special treatment also?
  2. My trusty Hickory hiking stick not a scout stave but a homemade one and a cotton sheet for my sleeping bag for thereasons listed above and a bottle of Advil for obvious reasons.
  3. We restarted a troop with 2 leaders and 3 boys. We receuited heavily and now have 8 registered adults and 8 boys. The offical answer from our council was this was adequate to start the troop as long as we had the support of our CO.
  4. It's scoman not SctMom. anyway what we have done is to move the adult tents away from the boys and let the boys have their own campsite close by but away from the fire ring. That way the adults can stay up and talk as well as go over the program for the next day.
  5. We do the night hike when the kids are still a bit rowdy and have even had to change of tent assignments once to get a rowdy tent to quiet down. But we have also recieved complaints of the leaders beng to loud.
  6. My scout troop uses a permission slip that has a medical release form on the bottom for us to seek medical attention for the boy in case of accident and illness.We do try to notify the parents but sometimes we are several hours away from home and have all the medical forms and records with us but the form is just a reminder of date and time we are leaving and are kept in a folder in the GTSS. We are required to have written permission slips for any outing by our CO as part of a youth program they have called "Safe From Harm"
  7. I always thought all troops met year round. At least all the ones I have been involved in have even as a Scout. We go to a reduced meeting schedule of every other week and meet at tother locations beside our regular meeting places. Then we concentrate on outdoor activities during the sumer and long term camping last year we got 20 days of camping in the summer. It was fun and our troop went to South Dakota and to Tennessee and enjoyed it. WE do take the month of December off because all of the leaders are involved in the Bell Ringing campaign for our charter partner.
  8. I work for The Salvation Army as a jack of all trades and master of none. I primarily work as a office professional and coordinate volunteers for different programs including Christmas Kettles, Homeless Feeding and organizing speakers for various United Way campaigns.
  9. Anyone know where we can find replacement poles for Eureka 4xt tents. We have called campmor and they have them for $13.00 each we need about 8 of them and am looking for a cheaper price.
  10. I put my answer as very supportive due to the fact that my troop is chartered to The Salvation army and they have in the past given us a donation every year for our budget in return for us doing several projects for them throughout the year. We are also a successful program for them to reach out into a very transient neighborhood to be a force for good. They appreciate us and we appreciate them
  11. Lord Baden Powell said "that without faith you cannot become a good citizen." That is a qute that is used by the International Scouting Movment in a report on their webiste about religion in scouting. The basis of religion in scouting has been there from the beginning and is an intregal part of the scout movement. I believe that if a boy is searchingfor God I will not turn him away from thetroop just he is huntig for God. On the otherhand if a Boy stands up in a meeting ad declares that he cannot deal with the promise because of the Duty To God or part or the last point of the law Reverent the
  12. We had a fundraiser in my Council last year when the Norman Rockwell exhibit came to town and several troops were asked to provide Honor Guards for the paintings. Anyway to make a long story short The Adults that were present from the Council Exec on down were drinking in Uniform and in front of kids. Several of the other leaders present did complain about the open cash bar while the youth were present. Of course the Council didnt do anyhing about it except to say they will investigate it of course it has been close to a year now with no response.Of course the Council Exec heard a lot about it
  13. I apologize I posted this in a hurry and didn't realixe lilbillie had already posted it earlier
  14. BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Parents of a 7-year-old boy admitted scamming neighbors of nearly $700 by dressing their son in a Cub Scout uniform and going door-to-door seeking donations for a nonexistent pack. Anthony M. Herman, 46, and Sally Ann Gombocz, 45, of Bethlehem knocked on more than 150 doors between January 7 and January 18, collecting $667 as their son silently smiled, police said. At the couple's arraignment Wednesday, Herman said they perpetrated the scam because the family landscaping business was failing. "What we've done here was a desperation act," Herman
  15. Just my Two cents worth. The newspaper here in Des Moines is called The Des Moines Register by everyone except some conservatives who call it Pravda. There is a media bias and there will be until the media starts reporting the news and nottrying to skew it one way or the other and many people are not smart enough to have their own opinions but are fed their opinions by the media. They don't think for themselves.
  16. My scout troop marches in two parades a year and what we do is line them up on the white lines and make sure they keep up. We carry a banner on a pole telling our troop and Charter Organization and the boys rotate carrying it with the ones that get done carrying it moving to the back and so forth it works for us
  17. Twocubdad I agree with you on your latest post on this. Everyone show me in any article that they are asking for money every time I read both posts it doesn't say anything about money just recognition from the Universities.
  18. Firstpusk before you get your liberal shots in. I am not a conservative or any other title you want to say let me say this I believe that any group has the right to establish their own standards of leadership like the Scouts do. If a group claims to be Christian and is forced to have Non Christian Leaders then that group has effectivey shortchanged. But hey lets see if the Clinton News Network will report on this story. I don't think so.
  19. Firstpusk, I think you are missing the point of the post yourself. If colleges and universsities are allowed to dictate a diversity policy to the students and to the groups that are on campus it does violate the Constuition and is therefore illegal. Also, many Christians have tried to stop the enforcement of mandatory fees that go to support organizations that they would not normally support such as "Gay Lesbian Straight Alliance" Once the feei s collected it should be made available to all groups regardless of the groups views. Also the article it self doesn't talk about fees at al
  20. From www.ifeminsts.com and www.foxnews.com A column I happpen to agree with pertaining to this issue. A federal lawsuit filed on Dec. 30 will determine whether Rutgers University can de facto ban Christian student groups. It may set national policy. On campuses across North America, Christian student groups are being ordered to either accept leaders who violate their beliefs or lose the official "recognition" that allows them access to university funding and facilities. The universities say the groups' exclusion of gays and non-Christians from leadership roles is sexual and
  21. Do you mean the requirments or the paphlet itself? If you want the rquiremnts try www.meritbadge.com I use them quite a bit
  22. Does anybody remember the fieldbok that was a companion to the Scout Manual? I just got my new catalog and was looking to get one and couldn't find it.
  23. Working with a urban emphasis troop in a low income area I would say give it to the troop to use as part of its program to help the boys. As a donor you can ask for a report on the money and how it was spent.
  24. I give to the United Way and use it to fund the groups I choose to support. I don't see it as dictating their policy I see it as supporting groups I believe in. The diffrence between that and the United Way frocing groups to change their systems to what they want is called "Bullying" Like the school yard tryant of days gone by the United Way controls the purse strings and so they think they can tell other groups what to do or they will be punished.
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