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  1. Your Hawk Mountain Council http://www.hmc-bsa.org/training/index.htm appears lacking in training courses. Try Pennsylvania Dutch Council in Lancaster. They offer an Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills course this fall: http://www.padutchbsa.org/openrosters/DocDownload.asp?orgkey=1952&id=58279 There are also online outdoor safety courses such as Hazardous Weather at the National BSA website scouting.org. Taking WFA is an excellent idea. Here are some other outdoor resources in your area. Princeton University Outdoor Action is a great source of "online" outdoor skill
  2. You might want to attend the New England Scout Memorabila Show at Camp Carpenter in Manchester,NH Oct 23,24 Here's a link to flyer http://nhscouting.org/openrosters/DocDownload.asp?orgkey=1801&id=48047 Enjoy. BTW I have been looking for a red 50th Anniversary of Scouting strip that was sewn above the "Boy Scouts of America" strip above right pocket. I had such a strip when I first joined back then and lost it along the way.
  3. Here's a earlier thread http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=243866&p=1 Not many American Heritage Girl units around here. According to their website, there are just 2 in all of the New England states so we have not seen or heard of any AHG units, so this is a non-issue for us. My $0.02
  4. The new Annual Health and Medical Record Part A form has been changed. Back in July, the Medications section had 6 blocks with each block asking: Medication: Strength: Frequency: Reason for Medication Approximate date Started: Temporary [ ] Permanent [ ] Now the form http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34605_Letter.pdf requires parent and/or doctor approval for each medication????? Medication: Strength: Frequency: Approximate date Started: Reason for Medication Distribution approved by ___________________/_______________________ Parent signa
  5. Back on topic. I think in Bob Mazzuca's overall performance as our Scout Executive, that he does a adequate job impersonating Babe Ruth. This may be a core skill that he is trying to maintain. My #0.02,
  6. ??? I guess I am old school where a term paper or project for one course could not be used for another course. Try it and you failed and likely face academic suspension. You should only get credit once for the work you did so you learn something new in the next course or next year! Not today, where the attitude is how much credit can I get for whatever little I did. Can the neckerchief slide I whittled as a Bear count toward Woodcarving merit badge? Let's see if I take a single ten mile hike - how many places can I get credit for it. Yes, let's teach our scouts to work the system and ache
  7. shortridge According to the GSS Guidelines, kayaking in flatwater is ok for Webelos but not Cub Scouts so you would be hard pressed to find any Cub Scout camp with kayaks. I don't believe in holding back children who are ready to advance in either academics or sports, doing so creates a bored kid and in this case one who decides not to join or quits Scouting. I agree with hot foot eagle that we are being out-scouted (outdoor adventures) by other groups further the membership of those groups are growing at our expense.
  8. After visiting both camps, my younger son chose 4-H day camp over Cub Scout day camp, because at 4-H he could flatwater kayak as he does with us. He did not have to be a member of 4-H to attend their camp. He also did a low-rope course while there, he fell and cut his leg, bandaged it, and he was back at it. Both my sons do laser and nerf tag as well as go-cart racing, though outside of scouting. They also shoot at a local sportsmen club under a JOAD (archery) and NRA (rifle) programs, again outside of scouting. They also sail (underage for scout sailing). Yes, there are girls participati
  9. There have been changes in who was eligible to earn Eagle. For a time, adults could earn Eagle rank and that was changed. Also the rules changed allowing handicapped scouts to earn Eagle. I'd like to see girls earn Eagle, hell I'd like to see some of the Eagles in my District earn Eagle. My $0.02
  10. Selecting a small wish like the neckers is a good, practical thought. I have even smaller wish - register just ONCE as an adult scout leader and not every time you change positions, unit, every year for mb counselor, etc. One year, I filled out that idiotic form 5x! I imagine that complicates the adult leader head count. My $0.02,(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  11. Horseshoe for Horsemanship, even better. Thanks for the correction. Tooth for Dentistry, I like it. Maybe attach a sound chip on the back of the merit badge with the sound of a dentist drill Brrrrph, brrripp. Hmmm, maybe BSA should add some mini LED's to some mb's. Electronics comes to mind. Traffic Safety too. I too earned the old Marksmanship merit badge - a very cool looking badge. Maybe bring that back for Rifle Shooting and have an exploded clay for Shotgun? I like the hammer and anvil idea for Metalwork. A Shop Manual for Auto Mechanics - yawn. How about a two-tone '57 Ch
  12. Opposite climate and location extreme, solo Eagle Scout hiker in the heat of summer in Grand Canyon, tragic results http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/27/AR2009072703242.html Backpacker From Va. Dies in Grand Canyon Washington Post Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Bryce Gillies, a seasoned hiker and McLean High School graduate, had just returned from an overseas development project when he set out by himself this month on a backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon. Gillies, who attended college in Arizona, was drawn to the canyon there because he "loved i
  13. Justmescout, I think that troop policy is to prevent the male adult leaders from bringing their mothers or their mothers from bringing them. My advice, think about your outdoors skills and interests and what benefit those could bring to the troop, if you want to be a helicopter parent on trips then end of story. Don't underestimate the value of your enthusiasm to a scouting program. Take some of the basic online training courses. Maybe you'll consider becoming an assistant scoutmaster, merit badge counselor, wilderness first aid expert, or trek coordinator for the troop - somebody that s
  14. Those are good questions. As a parent, I would just observe at the first meeting or two, let my son ask his own questions but mostly I want him to mingle. If my son was still interested in the troop, then I would ask questions drawn from my observations. I would also attend a troop committee meeting. Remember scout programs will differ from troop to troop, none may be 100% what you are looking for AND their program could change with a turnover/aging-out of membership. Not every troop will make a good first impression - attendance may be poor because you visited during flu season! O
  15. http://www.wmur.com/news/20120862/detail.html Eagle Scout Fights Fine After Rescue 18-Year-Old May Lose Driver's License POSTED: 5:30 pm EDT July 20, 2009 BOSTON -- An Eagle Scout fined by New Hampshire Fish and Game after he was rescued from the White Mountains is fighting back after he was billed for the search. "I don't have the option to pay, and I don't feel like I was negligent," Scott Mason said. Mason, of Halifax, said that he was shocked when he got the letter. He was rescued in April from Mount Washington and is still recovering from nerve damage he suffered t
  16. http://www.wickedlocal.com/plympton/news/x631635939/Eagle-Scout-fined-for-Mount-Washington-rescue Eagle Scout fined for Mount Washington rescue Mon Jul 20, 2009 HALIFAX - New Hampshire Fish and Game is fining Scott Mason for the expense of a four-day and three-night search and rescue operation that ended with his rescue off the side of Mount Washington in April. Mason, 18, an Eagle Scout, was hiking the tallest mountain in New England in early April when he injured himself and tried to find a shorter route down the mountain. It took volunteers, professionals and a helicopter f
  17. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=237308#id_237314 Above thread "Teen Hiker Missing on Mount Washington" referenced the following from Manchester Union Leader, Tue April 28,2009 PINKHAM'S GRANT The search has resumed this morning for the Halifax, Mass., teen who has not been seen since he set out on a 17-mile day hike Saturday over the Presidential Range. Sunny skies and mild temperatures are on tap, which, officials say are beneficial for Scott Mason's ability to survive, but makes for rough going by search teams, which now have to use rope traverses to get
  18. Good thought and emotion provoking topic. This incident was discussed at my WFA recert which included some of his rescuers, as you can imagine the discussion opened on 'what is the BSA teaching scouts and he is an Eagle scout, supposedly the best of the best...' (another topic) and then moved to discuss the injuries his rescuers received due to the winter weather conditions which were correctly forecast - another thing this scout did not consider in his hike plan. What was he thinking anyway to suddenly go on a 17 mile "day hike" alone in the Whites in the winter? Negligent yes, but
  19. What a remarkable life this remarkable man had. Perhaps his interest in journalism began on a scout trip to the Republican convention in 1928. He would later earn Eagle. I was fortunate to meet him years ago. In high school, I bought this awesome record set - 'I Can Hear it Now - the Sixties' which he narrated. He had a great awareness of the world - past, present, and future. In his friendly presence, you just listened to every word whether he was talking about history, civil rights, politics, journalism, sailing, the space program ... and always with his characteristic grandfather-like,
  20. I made the comment that the new God & Country religious emblems reminded me of the Simon electronic game. I offer these additional opinions to further entertain or annoy Good looking - Eagle...definitely - Electricity MB is the coolest looking mb ever - Oceanography - Astronomy - Geology - Small boat sailing - Soil & Water, Fish & Wildlife, Forestry, and Nature remain classics - Photography, well because I had an old Argus like that - Pulp and Paper, reminds us all to take toilet paper with us into the woods. - Leave No Trace Not so good looking -
  21. Rest in Peace Sean. May 16, 1991 - July 10, 2008 http://www.seanwhitleymemorialfund.org/pics.html
  22. Part of Adult Association is learning who to avoid. Our SM will give recommendations up front, but fellow scouts who previously went to counselors for this merit badge know which counselors are "awesome", "easy", "hard", and "terrible", and "ok" usually carry the most weight for a scout seeking merit badge (go figure). This becomes another lesson in making good decisions for the scout not the SM. Hopefully by the 21st lesson, the scout will be quite good at making those decisions. This is explained to the scout when he asks for his blue card from our SM. 'Advancement (Education) is you
  23. Eagle 732, yes I agree. Scouts choice. My $0.02, (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  24. Good point about the odor of synthetics, you don't want to wear your old disco shirt. You want the anti-microbial polyester. It has different product-names. As I understand, it uses a silver nanotech treatment to the yarn (similar to some of our water hydration packs and purification filters). This technology has been commonly available for three or more years now. Most of the inexpensive Champion C9 shirts at Target have this as do many Russell Athletic, Adidas, Augusta, ...polyester wicking shirts. Also, I recall silk screening is tricky with polyester. You don't want to clog the
  25. "I'd rather have 5 kids out of a 100 that want to wear the correct and complete uniform than 90..." Reminds me of the priest who was asked would he rather have a pew full of saints or a church full sinners on Sunday. He said 'Sinners, the saints don't need me'. We are serving fewer youth at a greater cost each year. Another $0.02
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