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  1. Too much irrelevant details. If a former or current troop member refuses to return troop records to the troop, the current troop leadership - the SM or CC, should contact their Charter Organization Representative (COR). The COR will call that individual(s) and if they still do not comply, the COR calls the police. Simple and effective. I read some of your other postings. IMHO, I think you and your family need a break from scouting. My $0.02
  2. Forget Council. Inform your Charter Organization who can then contact the police regarding their stolen property - sensitive organization records.
  3. Well if we are going to credit troops created BEFORE the BSA officially existed how about Burnside, Kentucky. "Burnside is believed to be home to the first Boy Scout troop in the United States. In 1908, two years before the Boy Scouts of America was officially organized, Mrs. Myra Greeno Bass organized a local troop of 15 boys, using official Boy Scout materials she had acquired from England. A sign at the edge of town declares Burnside "Birthplace of Boy Scouts of America", and an official state historical society marker commemorates the troop.[1] Burnside is now part of the Blue Grass
  4. Tool safety and first aid were taught back then without the need for explicitly making it a requirement. Common sense was common practice. No power tools are mentioned in the requirements, those are ALL hand tools. Remember this was 1911, the badge would lose its historic value if today's scout could use today's power tools. Had to find an old hand rip saw. Found a dull, rusty one at a barn sale. So I added a demo on saw sharpening. Of course that was after they tried to rip a pine board with a dull saw. Good lesson in keeping your tools in good condition, making them last. Old valu
  5. Yes, but most of us would like to keep Council off our backs.
  6. "...Interestingly, right on the BSA Medical form they tell you that if you have any questions about HIPAA to go to that website. You have to wonder why they put that there when it's just going to make people think they're related." Pass the buck and CYA. That's because you will NOT find any answers regarding HIPAA in the Guide to Safe Scouting Medical Information section or the National website - not even in the Scouting Safely section. I think the professionals at National/Council owe us volunteers a clear written statement on HIPAA rather than leaving it as yet another figure-it-out-you
  7. The original ("historic") merit badge requirements are in the 1911 Scout Handbook which has been freely available online for some time at gutenberg.org http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/29558 HTML http://www.gutenberg.org/files/29558/29558-h/29558-h.htm Now if those 1911 requirements are changed, then they lose their historic nature. So one would think the requirements would remain the same. Old scouters don't need scanned images to teach old carpentry, pathfinding, morse code, or tracking. My $0.02
  8. Agreed, in keeping with the day. That is a lot of Malarkey. my $0.02
  9. Well if adults tell kids, the group goal is to teach sailing and race, what does leadership have to do with it? Sounds like most think this group is an adult-run sailing club. If it is to be a Venture crew, the scouts need to be setting the goals. Training needed, start over. My $0.02
  10. I disapprove of double-dipping as well. Too often, I see scouts and their parents playing the game of maximizing awards gained by applying least effort. This is contrary to the Scout Spirit - the way we live up to the ideals of scouting by helping others (not ourselves). My $0.02
  11. This is puzzling to me too, since Humanists do not believe in God nor do they have a duty to God. Are they a religion? The Supreme Court says so, that they are " a religion that does not believe in God". Are they reverent? I'd say so. They have a deep respect for man and his reason and ethnics. Are they spiritual? They believe is the spirit of man. To be consistent, the BSA would have to drop "duty to God" from the Oath in order to allow Humanists. Regardless, I welcome them. My $0.02
  12. Maybe there are different "wigwags" for morse code? Standing, we swung a large figure "8" counter-clockwise from top on our left side for a "dah" and on our right side for "dit". This was visible over a fairly large distance.
  13. Dimemaker Around here the only chance to find a BSA Lifeguard course is at summer camp. I suggest you read the online Guide to Safe Scouting http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS/gss02.aspx Qualified Supervision All swimming activity must be supervised by a mature and conscientious adult age 21 or older who understands and knowingly accepts responsibility for the well-being and safety of those in his or her care, and who is trained in and committed to compliance with the eight points of BSA Safe Swim Defense. It is strongly recommended that all units have at lea
  14. "She also advised me to go to Scouting.org for more information ..." In other words, she told you to get lost.
  15. Yeah they missed a delivery date on a "nice to have" resource - a special website with fancy stuff. But that is not a "need to have" resource, as we can all either google OR like scouts did in 1911 get help from "old-timers" and go to the "public library" (what a concept). And really, how many scouts will look at that website? So we are not waiting for National to fix yet another of their websites as they have yet developed competency in that communication. Our scouts who in good faith and effort completed the published requirements whether "not-quite-official" or not, will be awarded the
  16. 1959: 6th edition of Boy Scout handbook explains cathole latrine in 2 sentences, no graphics (p124). 2009: 12th edition of Boy Scout handbook explains cathole latrine (and larger latrines) on pages 249,250 with 2 graphics including a key one that shows what a roll of toilet paper looks like. What 50 years ago was common sense is now an overdone marketing campaign LNT, but heh they can make $$$ from it. Critters are smart, long ago they rebranded their "poop" as "scat" to circumvent LNT police. My $0.01
  17. Why not a carrot approach from National? I look at the Local Permit which is a checklist of who the trained leaders are and their training (yeah there's a blip about car insurance that doesn't need to be there). If all leaders are required to be trained can the Local Permit be retired as redundant or perhaps partially be replaced by a some new for High Adventure-only Permit? Maybe a "Quality Unit" with all "Trained" leaders no longer is required to submit Local Tour Permits. Imagine a world where those who say you need a tour permit for everything or worse, arbitrarily say when
  18. Jan, 2010 "100" issue. Follow the timeline to 1979 photo (bottom page 37). "The BSA's national office moves to Irving,Tex, after 25 years in New Jersey." Observe the flags are at half-mast in photo. Appropriate.
  19. Agree. I don't own chaps. I put my money into buying a better, safer chainsaw for my weekend woodlot management. Maybe some day I will have the money for chaps, until then council can go hire the pros. There seems to be this attitude coming from the BSA - "We want you to volunteer your expertise and experience, BUT we want you to meet our new conditions by taking (i.e. you pay) these courses we offer, particularly the ones conveniently offered at the Philmont Training Center. Heh, bring the family." No surprise, that this turns off many able and willing adult volunteers. Maybe they expec
  20. From my experience 1. smaller cook groups replace larger patrol cooking. Smaller pots, stoves - lighter weight, takes less space. A patrol then could consist of two or more cook groups. 2. water is heavy, pack at around 2 liters at a time/scout and filter water sources along way. 3. lightweight, cheap tarps for tents to start. paracord, hiking pole 4. No lantern, use LED headlamps. If you want to backpack - equipment weight, size, and fit become more critical. Lightweight quickly goes south when a scout wears a pack too big, gets a 10lb sleeping bag and a 12 pound tent for Christ
  21. Yeah so is 230lb 5'10" fit person out of luck no matter what the equipment rating. Chart says no,so he/she can't go high adventure. Also note how once again the new Health and Medical form has changed without notice. Notice how Form C now includes a whitelist of those allowed to pickup child and a blacklist of those who are not. Form C should not be part of the annual medical rather part of the particular event permission slip. (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  22. Oops, meant to say duct tape not masking tape, thanks for the correction.
  23. 1. Coffee Pot 2. Folding chair for scoutmaster 3. Masking tape (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  24. Is there a work book somewhere that they need to fill out detailing exactly what they did/are doing? No. There is a Den Chief Handbook #33211B which has a worksheet in the back for completing the Den Chief Service Award. Maybe your SM is requiring completion of the Den Chief Service Award in order to grant POR credit. Not a big deal if scout did his job as den chief. Can they work with any age Cub Scouts? Yes Usually a scout will receive POR credit as a den chief if 1. SM pre-approved this position 2. DL gave a good report of den chief's attendance and performance. My $0.0
  25. No you can be as fat as National execs. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/Resources/MedicalFormFAQs.aspx "The height/weight chart generally would not apply (unless your lodge, unit, district, or council says it does) in the following: o The majority of BSA resident camps, as most Cub Scout/Boy Scout resident camps (not high-adventure camps) have drive-up campsites and dont require packing in or out. o Cub Scout programs. (Backcountry and high-adventure are not age-appropriate for Cub Scouting/) o Wood Badge courses in a typical
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