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  1. Whenever the laws of any state are broken, or when the welfare of its citizens is endangered, each state has a duly authorized organization that swings into action. It may be called the State Militia or the State Police or the Highway Patrol. It is to these organizations, by whatever name they may be called, and wherever they may be found, that you must first contact to confirm the need of trauma bears, size of trauma bears, and their packaging. 10-4
  2. After numerous complaints from my troop's adults, some who are leaving Scouting, I thought I would post this. Dear Santa, Please tell those 3 fat guys down in Irving (refer to your naughty list) to drop the weight chart from the new Health form as though well-intended, it has had a detrimental impact on our anniversary 2010 outdoor program and adult leadership. As you know Santa, mostly, it is the FOS (Fat Old Scouters) who are the busy, hard-working, multi-tasking volunteer elves helping kids, teaching new FOS, and donating to something else called FOS. So far this weight ch
  3. A Scout family Thanksgiving story http://www.indystar.com/article/20091126/LIVING01/911260309/1083/LIVING01
  4. GAHB - Some of us think in pictures. I agree a teacher needs subject expertise to teach no matter what the "process to teach" used or the buzzword used to name it, but do not infer that if someone is an expert implies he/she can teach. IMHO, these Train-the-Trainer, EDGE courses or whatever they are called should qualify students as subject competent first and then show them how to transfer their knowledge to scouts. Leave No Trace and Water Safety Instructor (Red Cross) use this approach. Arguments can get lost in analogies and other references. My $0.02,
  5. Not If, but rather When and Where... My prediction - National allows CO's to decide, so some units will become coed but most will not. The public hears that Boy Scouting is going coed, hurrah, and runs down to the local unit to sign their daughters up. Unfortunately that unit is NOT integrated, er I mean does not accept girls, and the confusion, bad publicity and discrimination lawsuits begin. Another prediction, going coed adds another core incompetency to Scouting along with drug education, bullying, internet safety, special needs, religion,... sex education. This may mean another
  6. My Norton Internet Security just notified me of a Medium Security risk from scouting.org Time: 12:14 PM Date: 11/21/2009 Intrusion: NMap Xmas Scan Intruder: documents.scouting.org( Risk Level: Medium Protocol TCP Attacked Port: 1877 I would notify the webmaster or IT dept at National if I knew how. Please pass along info if you can. As often stated here, a contact list on the National website would be helpful. I have seen diferent info on this scan attack from it just probing for open ports to something more.
  7. "Besides, as far as I can tell, the only thing a man can teach a boy that a woman can't is how to pee standing up." Another urban myth. Moms teach their little boys to pee standing up. Why? Self interest, they want the lid raised before and dropped after! Now, a man can teach a boy to pee his name. Easier to track boys hiking in the snow as a dog, as everyone knows, cannot pee his own name Rover. YP prohibits this now. Probably just as well, the schools don't teach cursive penmanship anymore. I remember when and compare with the realities of now. I welcome women and am thankful
  8. I see more local camps closing. Yet a big box, high adventure camp opens. The economics of this escapes me. All of my scouts attend local scout camps, fewer than 5% go to high adventure camps. Is high adventure camp attendance up? Local camp attendance is flat as membership continues to drop. Will opening this camp cause the nearby, smaller council high adventure camps (Maine, Cape Cod, ...) to close? I wonder. My $0.01, (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  9. Say you ask him and his response is "Mine your own business." Then what? He's an adult not a scout. He is not disrupting, nor is he participating by his choice. Leave him be, tend to your unit. Maybe in time he will change. Make an issue out of it and he may stop attending ...with his son soon to follow. Do not specifically speak to the scout about his father's actions either. Another $0.02,
  10. He is free in this country to sit or stand, recite the words with or without thinking or not recite at all. He was exercising that right. Respect his rights and you respect the country that granted those rights. My two Lincoln cents,
  11. Huh, I could have sworn I have bought Simpson, Muppets, and Marvel Comics stamps. Can't get much more commercial than Bart, Miss Piggy, and Stan Lee! Too bad it wasn't a stamp set, say of 12 stamps with a different stamp for each Scout law or the like. Good stamp for the Lone Scout program. My $0.01
  12. I would wager that BSA licensing told the USPS that no BSA trademarks could be used unless some license fee was paid. I see no BSA trademarks in use, so that's my guess.
  13. I no longer can read the annual reports or strategic plans on the National website scouting.org, does anyone know where they went? Thanks.
  14. I think more liberal as there are different ways to measure body fat and no one method such as BMI is specified on the form. So this may finally be the Sanity Clause we needed, just in time for Christmas The form B needs a further edit on this point. The top line should state Meets height/weight OR body fat % limits []Yes []No My $0.02
  15. Back in the 60's, prior to the introduction of the "Uniform Method", we had more scouts and more scouts in uniform. Far few adults self-designating themselves as uniform police too. The district Neighborhood Commissioner did unit inspections once or more a year as a requirement for unit rechartering. If the unit was not fully present and not fully (and cleanly) uniformed, the unit and SM were in doubt to get re-charterd. Yes back then, the BSA maintained quality control over the program in chartered units. Today, there is no mention of uniforms on the Quality Unit form after all uniforms are
  16. I remember segregation and Negro boy scout troops. Previous thread discussed this with links to references. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=184228#id_184363
  17. shortridge, I think we set ourselves up for failure by asking outsiders for help, they willingly arrive, and then we start auditing - 'er wait we have some forms, need personal information, oh you need to go online and take a test, you will need to set up an online account, you need to take a district training course oh that's offered in the spring, no it doesn't matter if you were a scout...' See ya later. By 3. "MB counselor need NOT be an adult scout leader" - I meant they would not need to fill out the insecure adult application as code 42 with the SS#, DOB, DRP. Anyway, National
  18. Merit badge universities are the perceived solution to the problem of fewer merit badge counselors (MBC). The real solution is get more and better MBC's particularly from outside of scouting. In my experience, it is easy to get outside experts to help with merit badges but difficult to impossible to get them to register. Oh they are interested until they see the paperwork and hassle now required. Many are very concerned about identity theft (good luck getting all that info from a licensed physician). They are also amazed at the absence of professional courtesy - 'I am a licensed plumber/E
  19. BSA is the largest youth/youth-serving organization in the US. false, it is one of the largest.
  20. Sea Scouting in Nebraska? How does that work haha? Prairie schooners.
  21. Just use the "contact" webpage to notify the webmaster or whoever at Irving. ...oh, right the National website doesn't have one of those "contact" webpages despite the numerous requests over the years by us, the users, to have that useful and common feature. Here's how the WOSM does it http://www.scout.org/en/about
  22. I found this http://www.scouting.org/faq/volunteer.aspx Must I be a U.S. citizen to join scouting? Citizenship is not required of youth or adult members. That said, I have seen a few CO and units impose some additional membership requirements such as US citizenship.
  23. Yes and No. Yes, if the MB counselor wants to be formally listed as counselor in another council. This way both scouts and their Scoutmasters will readily see that counselor's availability. Some counselors may have a vacation residence or frequent travel in another council. That counselor would have to remember to re-register each year in those neighboring councils too. But there is no need. A scout can go to ANY merit badge counselor who is registered with ANY Council and APPROVED by his SM. Common examples where this occurs is out-of-council summer camps, museums, merit badge coll
  24. No, but Without a uniform or what someone declares to be the "proper" uniform, a scout might be turned away from the following: Most troop state their own uniform policies National Jamboree (some councils explicitly require the new Centennial uniform - two sets!) BSA High Adventure Camps Most scout summer camps OA Board of Reviews Another $0.02, (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
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