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  1. The Tiger Leader has been iffy all year, and his was the only Tiger in the Den. It was a bad recruiting year for sure. The Wolf Leader doesn't have a son in the pack as his previous crossed over and has stayed to help out because he enjoyes the program. Getting parents to be active and help out has been the biggest bane of the pack, and one of the reasons finding leaders, committee members, and a new CM was such a difficult task. I'm not sure why the new CM was chosen exactly. I will find more out when I speak with the CC.
  2. Last years Wolf DL doesn't have a son in the pack as his crossed over two years ago. He's been helping out as needed, and was slated to stay the wolf DL per the new CM. My ex-wife took the Tiger's over after March of this yea and will be the Tiger again next year with our youngest son. And yes, we've been keeping the drama and problems of the ex-wife / girlfriend situation out of the Pack and Scouting activities.... that is one of the reasons my GF and I are very aware of our
  3. Boys Scouts are the next level, and while I plan on volunteering as a merit badge counselor or something similar, I am not looking to take as active a role in my son's scouting experience at that point. We've been told throughout our time in Cub Scouts that it is a family experience, and we've enjoyed it as such. It seems to me that Boy Scouts is more about the boys and their growth, and I am good with stepping back to help that happen.
  4. I'm waiting for the CC to call me so we can talk more. When she and I understand what legs she has beneath her, then she will be taking up with the CC or COR as needed. I will only enter into those discussions as needed or requested by her or the CC/COR. She's got no problem talking about it with someone willing to talk. I'm just doing the research because I have a little more experience with this stuff. We've been on joint overnighters before without incident. We observe the rules of separate tents/sleeping arrangements, and keep public affection toned down greatly when at al
  5. I want to speak with the CC again, but for now all we've been told is it was because of the lack of advancements that the Bear den completed since the Blue & Gold Banquet atthe end of Feb. That, in and of itself, seems like a ridiculous reason because if he's not happy with the way she ran her den this year, surely he won't be happy with next year's results when she has no child in her program and is being forced to do it.... I agree with your assessment and also suspect something shady going on in the background... In the 4 years of time I've been in Scouting, all of the den leade
  6. Let me apologize first for having to go through such a large amount of background… Our pack recently had a new Cubmaster recruited from another pack when our previous CM, who was also the pack’s Webelos-2 Den Leader, stepped down following his Webelos’ Scouts crossing over into Boy Scouts. The new Cubmaster is very active with, and we’re pretty sure he’s a committee member for our District Committee. It should be noted that when he transferred into our pack, his two sons (a Bear and Tiger) already had their rank achievement badges, and several arrow point
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