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  1. I recall reading about an unofficial "E-Chip" instruction program for scouts 2-3 years ago on Scouter.com, but I can't find it now. Can anyone help with the link, please? It was, as I recall, developed by an individual troop and was modeled after the BSA Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit programs, but was much more extensive. I know BSA now has its Cyber Chip programs, but the E-Chip program had more content.
  2. Our troop has been frustrated for years by the G2SS language that seems to (practically speaking) preclude ocean swimming, but last week I dug further and searched for the BSA Aquatics Supervision document referenced in the G2SS. I found a copy at http://crew505.com/downloadables/BSA-Publications/Aquatics-Supervision-34346.pdf. It runs 310 pages. Check out the Ocean section on p. 64 and the Guarded Public Facilities section on p. 71.
  3. I think it depends in part on how big the pack is. The sister pack to our troop has about 160 cubs and it's in desperate need of qualified, committed, trained leaders. I'd say two bucks a scout to help achieve that objective is not out of line, even for a half dozen scouters. I, on the other hand, attended Wood Badge when I was cubmaster of a pack with about 15 scouts. I paid my own way.
  4. What examples of good, scoutmaster-assigned leadership projects for Star and Life ranks can you share, please? We have a scout who has put himself in a calendar dilemma on his path to Eagle. His only option at this point is to complete a scoutmaster-assigned leadership project to complete the Life rank in the next 2-4 months to set himself up for a 6-8 month period to complete Eagle Scout requirements prior to his 18th birthday near the end of April next year. I am the scoutmaster, and I'd like to offer the scout some appropriate leadership projects that are meaty enough to be valid. An
  5. I bought a wool felt campaign hat on eBay this month, made by the Sigmund Eisner Company. It fits great and is just the look I'd hoped for. I've seen a reference elsewhere that Sigmund Eisner was not the BSA uniform supplier after 1932. Is that correct? And if so might they have continued to make official BSA campaign hats after that? Is this hat really 80+ years old?
  6. First I'd like to apologize to the the forum. I failed to include two pertinent facts. I am the father of the scout in question, and I am also the scoutmaster. (I am not the merit badge counselor.) I appreciate your comments. I told my son I thought his VBS service, although wonderful, should not be used to fulfill this requirement, but I wanted the input of the forum. Thank you. There are other ministries of our church that would be wonderful choices for fulfilling this requirement (food pantry, donated goods, even refugee resettlement), not to mention many other groups in town or
  7. A scout in our troop working to complete Citizenship in the Community wants to know whether or not his volunteer service at our church's vacation bible school can qualify for requirement #7. What do you think? Some have the opinion that vacation bible school is not the kind of service the BSA writers had in mind when the requirement was written. The pamphlet uses community service organizations addressing problems like illiteracy and poverty, environmental and health issues, or helping the elderly, children or animals as examples. The argument in favor of agreeing with the scout i
  8. Sigh ... I don't know all the facts here, but if what Rayburn has written is correct, and this scout has no other history and none of his friends believe he's a doper, then I think it would be unduly harsh for the board to say no. Again though, a lot should depend on how the scout handles it. If he stands up and owns up to the board, telling them exactly what happened, shows he's truly sorry and that he's learned a lesson, taking full responsibility for his actions, he should have a chance.
  9. I am unable to start a new thread in the Advancement Resources forum. After I enter the message and click SUBMIT I get a message saying "You are not authorized to create this post." I seem to be able to post to existing threads like this one, but I can't start a new thread. What's the problem?
  10. I just got a message that I am unable to post to the Jamboree 2013 forum. No explanation why.
  11. Thanks for your replies. After sleeping on this and looking carefully at the requirements again this morning I think the interpretation hinges on how the word "group" is defined. To exaggerate for emphasis, if BSA intended for group to be defined as the number of people in a single boat and two trained supervisors are required for every boat, then canoe trips would be impossible or at least very different! So while I agree that the requirement is one trained leader for every 10 participants (we'll need five, which we have already), I don't agree that the professional boat
  12. Fellow Scouters, Our troop has been planning an offshore, ocean fishing trip for this month using commercial sport fishing charter boats. The boats carry 8 people each, including the captain and mate. A couple of adults have reviewed the Safety Afloat requirements and are saying that we must have two adults per boat trained in Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense. That would mean four scouts per boat, plus the captain, mate, and the two trained adults. We are a relatively large troop, and based on preliminary sign ups we would need 14 trained adults based on the most strict rea
  13. According to our older son, one of the highlights of the Centennial Jamboree was the address by Robert Gates. That son has now earned the Eagle Scout rank. We're trying to arrange for just a few congratulatory letters from people we think will be meaningful to him. Sec'y Gates is one such person, but now that he is gone from the Pentagon I've not been able to find an address for him. Sec'y Gates is Chancellor of the College of William and Mary, but when I called there today they said that the Chancellor is an honorary role and that he has no office and no staff. They said they f
  14. This will not be received well by the project review committee in our council. The brevity intended, clearly indicated by the guidance in the form ("You do not need a detailed list ...") and the lines and numbered lines that restrict the amount of text needed, will send them reeling. No more detailed, step-by-step work plan, etc., etc.? I wonder what they will find to obsess about now?
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