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  1. Hold it, isn't the Journey to Excellence itself a graded or multi-level system? Our Assistant Council Commish was telling me that it was a tiered system, but maybe that isn't right. I know our pros and commishes use some sort of color codes on the spreadsheats they print to show unit status. I don't know the details as I am neither a professional nor a commissioner. I would think this process would also be tied into the (sometimes functional, sometimes not) unit visit tracking system used by unit and district commissioners. p.s. At our last council coordinated meeting the
  2. I wonder if the remake of Red Dawn will still have a mention or rounding up all the Eagle Scouts?
  3. There are work arounds on the search problem. Use your favorite search engine and search within the domain. However, that only works to a point, because the documetns and pages have not been tagged with the key words you are likely to be searching for. This is a problem with lots of council sites, too. Those key word tags are very important both on each individual page of the web site and for all documetns posted. Why BSA insists on using numbers for its PDF files boggles the mind. Even when you download them you still can't figure out which one is which unless you rename them all to
  4. As to storage of wall tents, you really need a tent loft, much like a sail loft, so that the tents can breeth, stay dry, and not be eaten by the prolific rodents around camp. If you are just dumping them on a shelf for 9 months, that is not quite ideal. As for staff time, if you issue the tents each week, do you issue them from a central point? or do you deliver them to sites? Same with check-in? Obviously some sort of transport is going to be needed to make this efficient. Then as you mention there are wet tents. I don't know about your area, but the tents would not be dry enoug
  5. It wasn't the ranger's fault. Trust me on that. As for resources, like just about everything else the more that is invested up fron the less the long-term outlay will be. If your camp uses cheap floor pallets and lowest cost poles, those will wear out much sooner than a well built permanent platform that never gets moved. Further, if you really want to do it right, pour concrete pads and build metal frames that can stay up permanently like Philmont base camp does. Plus it makes ADA adaptation much easier. Look, to provide a tent for two Scouts costs over a grand. Patrol size
  6. They score points with the feelings and emotions voters. Now this certainly doesn't apply to everyone, but if you had to chart it, the most likely voters to consider this sort of emotional appeal are going to be either women or liberals. Therefore it is quite logical that Clinton did the whole "I feel your pain" hug and cry routine for the cammeras, but it doesn't make much sense for the Republicans, particularly not at this moment in time. However, the Republicans are always being accused of being cold, aloof, unfeeling, uncaring, inhuman, etc. by their opponents so perhaps this is a v
  7. I wonder if it would be possible to find out who the supplier BSA uses is? If you could contact that supplier, I suspect they could provide what you need.
  8. Apology accepted Captain Needa. (Storm troopers drag away body.)
  9. Of my friends who were not in Boy Scouts (which was most near all of them) Cub Scouts had a lot to do with why they were not in Boy Scouts. Some of them, or their parents, didn't like what was on offer at the Cub pack and never became members, and once you are turned off by an organization you usually stay that way. Some of them basically grew up faster than the Cub program allowed for and got bored with it. Some of these stuck it out but didn't bridge to Boy Scouts, others dropped out around the Webelos I time frame it seems. Others were dissapointed that Boy Scouts didn't d
  10. "Military training and drill are prohibited." BSA Adult App This sock based military excercise, like all war games, is quite clearly prohibited.
  11. My council has two camps, one was BYOT pre-merger, the other provided wall tents. At merger the BYOT camp became the only Boy Scout camp while the other was for Cub Scouts and training. Eventually the canvass rotted away in a barn, and so that was a total waste since it could have been moved to the other camp. Now 16 years later the Camping Committee is looking at supplying tents for an extra fee to units that want it. We have many troops that refuse to come to our camp or are at least reluctant due to the BYOT policy. The truth is canvass is terrible expense in money, staff time,
  12. I would not trust someone who intentionally makes a show of crying in public (the most memorable case I can remember was the cases of President Clinton who could tear up at the thought of everything from being caught on the Lewinski matter to various versions of "I feel your pain" with people he had never met and knew nothing about). I also would not trust someone who cares for nothing in the world enough to shed tears over it. If nothing in your life, weather love or loss, joy or pain, is worth tearing up for, then your life is pretty worthless.
  13. As someone who has been interviewed for a DE position (and who knows what might happen in the future?) and serves on a District Committee I find this discussion rather interesting. I will say I have never seen a DE who is entirely ideal in all respects. All seem to have areas in which they are strong and others in which they are strong. I can think of one who is an excellent recruiter, makes good FOS presentations, and is good at the behind the scenes paperwork, but is terrible with maintaining good relations with volunteers. Another is good at recruiting presentations but makes FOS pr
  14. As for the song, Alex Boye was also asked to come and perform and the Kentucky Centennial Jamboree at E.P. Tom Sawer State Park back in October for 12,000 Scouts during the Saturday campfire/show. The OA Service Corps provided the back-up dancers, recruiting mostly Scouts who had seen it at Jamboree who were all very enthusiastic to take part, in fact so many volunteered for it that not all could fit on stage and an extra rank of dancers was placed in front of the stage at ground level. Oddly I think the older guys liked it more than the younger ones. There is a video of this on youtube. Unf
  15. Actually, if I could try any troop arrangement as an experiment I would try a troop that was a hybrid. I would want roughly one full NSP to be formed every year and operate as an NSP under a Troop Guide with Instructor assistance until they get on their feet. Once that happened I would want 2-4 regular, semi-permanent patrols that the new Scouts would then transistion into. For the older Scouts who were interested in it, I would want a Venture Patrol they could work their way into. On top of all that would be the SPL and troop staff who would retain nominal membership in a patrol but w
  16. I would suggest checking out the national Scouting website for relationships related information. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/Relationships.aspx Also there is a guide to various resources available, and I should note that your council can get bin number items at no cost: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/04-400.pdf You can also try reaching out to unit leaders to find out if their chartered organization has any sort of organized higher level relationship with Scouting, but many unit leaders will have limited knowledge of such things. As Seatle mentions, the
  17. Perhaps the key here is the patrol itself. What I mean by this, is as Kudu rightly points out in many posts, often times we become troop focused and don't consider the patrol to be primary. Now what exactly is a patrol, what should it be, how should it work, and what should it do? These are all critical questions, but perhaps we should get back to basics. In the original scheme of things a patrol was an at least semi-natural grouping of Scouts. BP watched what size groups boys naturally formed and what size could engage in Scouting activities with reasonable efficiency. I think he tr
  18. Seatle, That is terrible. Talk about setting the completely wrong example. Giving out awards in that way is fraud, deceit, a type of lie, and a form of corruption. By my reckoning that adult is not fit to be a member of BSA. Doesn't the Scoutmaster determine who may be delegated the responsibility of signing off on requirements, and further can even restrict which requirements? I know since this was the CC he could have replaced the SM if it turned into a battle of wills, but short of that it would seem the SM had the power to stop this (plus the COR should have removed the CC
  19. Do the actions of WikiLeads fully conform to the Scout Oath and Law? No? Then it should receive no support, nor aid, nor comfort on these forums.
  20. I don't see mixed age patrols necessarily fixing this issue. You are going to have scheduling issues these days no matter how you make your patrols. In our area the biggest recurring issue is school band events which can often wipe out half of a troop, and not just those in one particular grade. About the only thing that would cut this down, is if you can group your patrols on the basis of likely scheduling conflict. In a large troop this might work. You could have your band guys in one patrol, your basketball players in another, etc. I don't know, it's just a theory. The on
  21. One of this year's Ig Noble Prize winners from Harvard's center for Improbable Reserach focused on various ways of promoting people in organizations. It found that in fact random promotion did a better job of promoting qualified and capable people than other more traditional methods. Basically it showed that under normal conditions people are promoted to the level of their own incompetence, not the level of their competence. I knew of two youth both from the same troop and both with very similar backgrounds and training. Both of them were leaders in the lodge. One had ambition for high
  22. I am having a bit of trouble with understanding this problem. If all of the requirements were signed off by someone with the authority to sign them, then on what basis was he turned down? I know there can be legitmate reasons, but it seems like it should be pretty clear, like, "sorry, that requirement wasn't signed off by someone authorized to approve it" or "we need documentation of this since it isn't recorded in your book" or something along those line, or even perhaps "we think you haven't been living the oath and law as demonstrated when you vandalised that patrol box, tied little J
  23. ASM915, yes I think the disgruntled one is Catholic, but I don't see any reason to think his unit was Catholic chartered. It may have been, but that was not indicated. clemlaw, I would agree that is not the sort of person that seems an appropriate leader and it is further a sign of a hands off CO, which is often a problem of its own. In my experience the LDS units are the only ones that consistently have the sort of CO relationship that is supposed to exist with every unit. My own parish charters a pack, troop, and now a crew. The pastor wants to have scouting in the parish, but ot
  24. Scoutfish, are you sure you aren't being made district camping chairman? That is a standard positions every district usually has, and promoting camping is part of its job. It could be that is what they are asking you to do, and the day camp promotions is just what the district think it needs you to focus on. I happen to be a titular District Camping Committee Chairman and I know what that committee is supposed to do in theory, but I don't really have the ability to carry it out on my own, and I am the chairman of the committee mostly because I was the only person willing to even ser
  25. I won an election as lodge chief in a way not unrelated to this. I had years of experience with a YMCA model government program doing proposal presentations, speaking, debating, asking and answering questions, etc. and even a speaking award on my wall. My opponent was the youngest member of a virtual lodge dynasty who was supposed to be the third of three brothers to be a lodge chief. I came from a non-Scouting family. His troop was heavily into OA. I was the only lodge member active in my troop. He had been lodge secretary a full term. I had only months as a chapter chief plus
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