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  1. You are going to have to change a lot of stuff to get the textile industry back to the US. To do so in a way that it can compete on price will be even more difficult. It isn't impossible, but not at all easy. You basically need to reinvent the entire economic order and much of the government structure to do that. Good luck with that plan. Also, official inflation numbers are a bit questionable, to put it mildly. Interesting point, the official inflation story says that today's dollar is worth only 1/50th what one was a hundred years ago. Keep that fact in mind when you read the
  2. Why in the world did you need to put the OA flap on with velcro? Do your dues lapse frequently enough you need to be able to go flap off when you aren't paid up?
  3. Could part of the problem be that Scouting is seen as an LDS things in your area? I know this isn't politically correct, but it seems that when an activity becomes associated (at least in people's minds) with one particular church people from other backgrounds become less interested. Maybe you need to find out if that is one of the issues. In only mention it because you say there are 3 LDS packs and only your one non-LDS pack, so I am guessing this is a heavily LDS area. (I had to look up what Awana was, I had never heard of it, but once I saw the age groups I have seen mention of
  4. Don't worry about starting the fire. I am sure there is some budding arsonist in the crowd willing to lend us a light.
  5. I have considerable sympathy for Kudu's position, though I suspect we are far from being in full agreement. That being said, I think the current BSA program also does much good for many boys and is run by people of good will. It just happens that the road to hell is also paved with good intentions and that I am rather acutely aware of what some of the limits and down sides to our current program are as well. Now, if we were to test two first class scouts, one from BSA of 2010, the other from Baden-Powell's British SA of 1910, on a few basic Scout skills, which do we think would do b
  6. Burn all the heretics! Or is that supposed to be witches? I forget. In any case, we have this lovely stake and pyre all set up, so we may as well burn something.
  7. If you say to someone, "I am sorry" but you are not, you have lied, thus owing them an honest apology for the first offense and an honest one for the second offense of lying. If you say, "I appeciate this gift" and you in fact think it is useless junk and are insulted by it, then again you have lied and owe an apology. In polite society why lie to each other constantly as part of social convention and think it is virtuous because of those social conventions. These polite lies, or polite fictions, are in fact part of what greases the skids of civil society. None the less these thing
  8. If velcro for patches is good enough for the Army ACUs, then surely it is good enough for us? The Army ACU (part of the inspiration for the centenial BSA uniform, clearly) has velcro pre-sewn to certain areas to make patch placement easier, even if the soldier doesn't always have a patch in that position. Plus that little pocket is nearly impossible to use a sewing machine on. I like machine sewing for my uniforms when possible. It looks better and it lasts longer (in my experience). Plus, boys don't sew much. Truth be told many leaders don't sew much either. I once sewe
  9. The more extreme notions of LNT are valid, very much so, in certain conditions and places. If you don't think that is true you have never been in a place that is fragile or delicate in this way. I have, and I have seen what happens when people don't follow LNT. If you have ever seen the tiny little plants and flowers that make up the groundcover in tundra like conditions at high altitude, you really don't understand just where some of these ideas come from. There are places where one footprint may take a year to regrow, and the footprints of a scout troop may take longer than a life ti
  10. The Palin's Alaska I think does a good thing for Alaska, and shows Palin to be a rather normal sort of person, but the truth is it makes her out to be entirely too ordinary. I think it reveals far too much of "warts and all" of Palin and her household. Nothing about it makes her seem presidential, though it certainly makes her appealing for certain other roles, such as spokesperson for Alaska tourism, or outdoor activity, or even some sort of every-mom type thing.
  11. I think if you read your council by-laws and BSA by-laws you will likely find more info on this topic. The bit about the money and property being held for future Scouting use jives with what I remember reading, but of coarse you can never find those on-line in any reasonable form, because apparently we prefer our corporate machinery to be considerably more mysterious than an OA ceremony (which any person can easily find on-line). If I remember, there was language regarding the money/property being given to the council, an alternative for the CO to hold it for future Scouting use, and
  12. I think I saw someone start a fire with a bow a few times, but I certainly have never tried it. Then again everyone I saw do it carried a special fire by friction kit for the purpose, never saw anyone improvise it. Around here we start fires whenever possible, and we even use innovative work arounds to burn bans, everything from those patio fire pits with screen covers to carcoal grills. There are ways. We had a burn ban during our last lodge Vigil induction weekend, that was a bit of a trick to deal with. I must ask, surely there is a fire place you could use to practice fire bui
  13. BS-87, I wish it were not yet time to even think about this yet. BadenP, why do you think that? sherminator505, that is easy to guess, what is much harder is why you posted in the thread at all. I don't think any of the has beens will be a good choice for 2012. In my book Romney, Palin, Huckabee, Paul, and Gingrich qualify as has beens and also rans. Mitch Daniels has done some pretty good work in Indiana, and he knows the federal budget inside and out after his stint in the White House under GW Bush. I don't know if he has national appeal or not, and it is inevitable t
  14. Married couples sharing tents is no problem, and it was common when family members went along on troop outings when I was a youth. Now, there may be times that this won't work well. For example if you have two female and two male leaders going on a backpacking trip, with one of each constituting a married couple, it may be best for the two females to share a tent adn the two males to share another to avoid taking extra tentage and leaving someone without a tent partner. Similar circumstances may come up in cabin camping or on the rare occasion you stay in a motel while traveling. Gener
  15. My thoughts: If I were a youth member of that crew, I would want to relieve this girl of the responsibility of her leadership position. She has plenty of responsibility in life being an expectant mother, she doesn't need to be burdenend with a crew position too. This may look like a slap in the face, but in fact it would be a charitable move. Further, the crew needs to make sure she is getting regular medical checks and that she is observing the activity limits her condition places on her. You really don't want to deal with a misccarriage during your 50 miler, I am pretty sure th
  16. I tend to favor the mid 90s through 2000s version of the Boy Scout uniform. I like the new uniforms to a point, but I wish the old style had been continued as it offers a far cleaner and neater appearance. Quite frankly for indoor useage it was a superior uniform in all regards. For outdoors the new uniform offers some advantages, but how often is the new uniform actually being worn on outings, particularly given the costs involved? Also has anyone else noticed an odor problem with the 100 % nylon? It seems to nearly instantly pick up, amplify, and retain even the slightest hint of B
  17. Apologies without any contrition are of no value at all, and are essentially a lie. That does not mean that apologizing should not be encouraged. Many times a person will know they have done wrong but lacks the will or courage or what have you to admit that and then to face the person they have wronged and apologise. Thus adding some external compulsion to get them to make an apology can be in order in certain circumstances, but not all. If a person rejects completely that they have wronged someone, it is of no use to have them apologize, and will be counter productive to force it.
  18. The council I serve in has no univeral policy, but it does have one regarding its properties. Our camp use permit has, as its first and foremost rule you must agree to, that no sheeth knives are allowed on property. Which is really rather funny, when you start to realise that patrol box cooking knives should be in sheethes, and so should some of the ones down in the camp rangers building, and the handicraft building... etc... I have often questioned this rule, no one knows who created it, why it was created, or even has any rational reason for it. Yet it survives and turns up on each
  19. LNT is great when it is understood and applied correctly. It can be a loopy and irratating thing when it is not rightly understood and applied. Quite frankly there are lot of wrong ideas about what LNT requires in various situations, which is itself a problem since LNT is a set of principles or guidelines, not hard and fast rules carved in stone. We hear all sorts of crazy ideas about LNT at our long term council camps, everything from people thinking they need to camoflage their tents to people telling their Scouts not to walk in the same place twice to others wanting to put down b
  20. Hispanic Youth... Really I don't know much about the question. We live in a rather non-diverse area but it is certainly gaining more and more diversity. In this area it isn't race that is the main diversity element, though racial diversity is increasing very quickly (but still only a tiny part of total population). To be blunt even council or lodge level functions often have visible minorities counted in the single digits, so this is clearly an issue. Minorities of various types are certainly rather under represented in this area at all levels, while other minorities are over-represen
  21. I think it is a good idea to encourage health and fitness, but again we need to encourage it, not dictate it. Leading by example would be a great place to start. I will say that the higher ups I have heard have been well aware of their own limits and understood the need for improvement. I have even heard the CSE make comment along that line, but that was to an all Scouting audience where you knew it wasn't going to be on morning papers. The height/weight chart is an issue, but it is reasonable as a starting point. There need to be clear alternative methods of qualifying available.
  22. (...steps on soap box...) I really enjoy most things about Scouting, but I do have a list of things I don't like about it. One of the things at the top of my list of dislikes is having to deal with adults regarding things Scouting says you can't do. Just recently a rather capable Scoutmaster told me about using one of those small backyard type zip-lines running over a pond during a weekend. I had to cringe inwardly and then relate about helping run a COPE zip line and the fact that what he did was probably lots of fun but was probably not allowed. Those sorts of things seem to hap
  23. Our council offered all four historical merit badges at our first annual winter camp. From what I hear other council's have done similar things, so I expect a lot of end of year submissions for these. Also, it seems that since Scouting's actual anniversary is in Feb. that these should have been earnable until Scouting's 101st anniversary this February.
  24. So the only basis for assigning MB Counselors is the Scout's preference (very likely uninformed) and concern over being a pedophile? So anyone who is not a pedophile is thus a fine choice for MB counselor so long as the Scout thinks so? Well, I am sure when BSA learns this it will make the process for approving MB counselors much easier.
  25. GSLAC has, at least in the past, been infamaous about adding extra requirements regarding number of MBs each couneslor could teach (6 I think), the maximum number Scouts could get with their parents/scout leaders, etc and still count for Eagle (plus the whole "White Card" business that has finally been fixed, but that many SMs don't realise). Now in my experience I earned all of my MBs either through the troop or at camp. That isn't ideal, but we didn't have any outside list to draw from. If we wanted something either each of us individually or the troop had to find a counselor. My tro
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