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  1. Uh, actually, the "Freedom from Religion" foundation works from a position of fiction. There is NO "freedom from religion" in the USA. It is freedom OF religion, a completely different and diametrically opposed concept.
  2. Uh, no, there was pretty much no information on Google maps, which was about a year behind what was really happening.
  3. I was there for the full term. As for "busses for staff", that was only the last couple of days, they didn't give notice, and when word finally leaked out, the busses were high above Echo, so you had to climb up to meet them. Hardly worth the effort. It would be nice to have such service, but hardly a deal-breaker. I lost 2 inches in the waist and gained 2 pounds during the event. Went in overweight - 25.0 BMI, came out even more so. Long walks and great chow - except for lunch, which I can't call "lunch", it was more like a bit of munchies. My venue was well staffed and quite successful. We d
  4. The IRS was STILL wrong to target those and ignore left-wing similar activities. It does NOT become OK just because it is left of the aisle.
  5. I keep asking "Why is anyone surprised by this?"
  6. The unit number goes against the council patch unless there is a veteran strip. If there is no unit number, you leave a space.
  7. Thinking about this' date=' I have to wonder...... Gold has always in my mind been more valuable or "above" silver..... so could it be that the military rank insignia are traditionaly brass and silver, instead of gold and silver?[/quote'] That's exactly what it is. The military does not use gold in ranks. It's brass. Gold is for medals, not ranks.
  8. " why would you leave simply because BSA National no longer bans all gays? " Because I believe that the Scout Oath means something. I took that oath many years ago, and I have never seen anything indicating that it had an expiration date. (Same with another one I took a few years later.)
  9. "RE: Someday soon, all families may once again associate Scouting with good character" Really? They are going to do a 180 degree change from the current direction? (Or at least the probable direction as noted in PR releases.) Pardon me but I doubt it.
  10. I was in "Skunk Patrol" as a kid. Even after attaining SPL.
  11. Oh, and by the way. THERE IS NO "GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE". The law applies to gun shows exactly the same as it does anywhere else. Dealers at gun shows have to run exactly the same background checks as they do in their own shop.
  12. The 10 round limit is ridiculous. My self-defense pistol carries 15 in the factory magazine, and nobody makes a clip that will hold less. That is defacto banning a very common sidearm.
  13. The problem, as I see it, is that now we can't "discriminate" for or against people based on their behavior. (Don't compare it to race discrimination: it's not who they are but what they do). I'm sorry, folks, but behavior has consequences. How are we to teach character to our Scouts when we can't require certain standards of behavior? I've first joined Scouting in 1950. I'm seriously rethinking continuation of my involvement if we can't teach "duty to God" and good character (which is inextricably connected to behavior).
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