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  1. The council cannot force the unit to give any size donation. I find it hard to believe the unit is,as you say on the verge of folding because a professional scouter hasn’t visited them...
  2. Great reading everyone's varied perspectives. Change is inevitable. Since scouting started in the U.K. Here's a link that describes their programs, interesting that gender is not mentioned. http://scouts.org.uk/what-we-do/scouting-age-ranges/
  3. I believe they are calling themselves " the y" now. They dropped the rest. I like the us scouting association. Seems we could take some pointers from the UK. It would be interesting. Anyone ever attend any world jamborees and experience coed scouting? Thoughts?
  4. @@qwazse really hit this one on the head. The two groups could cohesively work as one with the Venturing members being advisers as sorts for the boy scouts. They can set up their own trips, but tag along to the troop outings to provide support. Looking forward to hearing how of if this model works for you.
  5. @@gumbymaster professionals are not spending their time chasing donations. To think that way and to spread that assumption is harmful to Scouting volunteers and employees alike. Also I’d suggest calling your council to ask for a breakdown of the budget. I’m sure they would invite you in to share. You may not get a hardcopy but they can discuss it. We were always happy to as it cleared up misconceptions. Here is a professional scouters year in a nut shell. This is based on my experiences and the experience of others in the Northeast Region. This may be known to most of you, but maybe
  6. I tend to agree. Girl and boy dens and taking that further, patrols in a scout troop. Having options to even have coed patrols after a certain rank or age. Having coed leadership has not taken away from scouting IMO, how different would coed scouts be? Public schools, many town/county/city day camps are already serving all kids. I can't help but think that going coed could be the way to bring scouting into the forefront of youth movements in the USA. I hate to think that the BSAs best days are behind us. I would often get questions from parents at scout rallies asking if cub scouts w
  7. That's not exactly true. Professionals do not work for volunteers. No volunteers name was ever on my paycheck... Professionals are employed by a council, national service center or supply division. In regards to making it mandatory to go camping I can't say I agree with this. I do agree professionals at all levels should be aware of all aspects of the program but that does not mean the scout executive or a development director need to sit by a camp fire or attend a den leader. They are paid to do specific jobs and need to spend their time doing those jobs. It's good to think of it this wa
  8. @@NJCubScouter I've always tended to consider the BSA at large of everyone involved from the parent of a scout to the leadership in Texas. I agree there is a difference between the national service center and the boots on the ground and there is a bit of a disconnect. But I tend to support and view the movement holistically. For full disclosure I'm no longer employed by th BSA. I left after working my way to district director. I left for personal reasons but can relate to the stories that @eagle-91a1 shared. I felt and still do feel that local employees have to work a tough job under toug
  9. I agree they are timeless and great for brand recognition. Try eBay. I found a great old hat very cheap because it looked very worn. It's as crushable as the expedition hat.
  10. Interesting thread. Some thoughts. @@Twocubdad when i first started working for the BSA I had the same question about the national dues. Especially since my work on the local level never really seemed to benefit from the national organization. However in time it became clear that the national service center markets our brand and sets the tone and mission of the BSA for all local scouting to be guided by. I've always been shocked at the animosity out there of scouters toward the national BSA. The same people that claim to love the movement are often its harshest critics. That aside, I've a
  11. I'll answer this one @@NJCubScouter. The delivery of scout reach varies slightly from council to council all depending on council resources aka staff and funding. In one council I worked in our scout reach units were organized in urban areas of the district with volunteers running the units. They were considered scoutreach bc the kids could not afford day camp, uniforms etc so we found funding to make those things happen. In another council that I worked in we had an entire scout reach division that included paraprofessionals who acted as paid cub masters and scout masters. They ran incredible
  12. There is a wealth of knowledge within the replies of this thread, lots to sift through but everyone knows your situation all too well. I'll just add that you are right about its all about the boys and their families. It's a family program that should be fun and not cause any stress for you or your family. Do what's best for you and all will follow suit. New families will take your lead. Enjoying scouting!
  13. You're right that in a way it is seasonal but it's not exactly sold that way...of course it all depends on where you are and what group you're in. But the majority of scouting units that I've known between three states run school year September-June. That's a long time for a family. Thankfully there are families that enjoy the program enough to make the time. The issue is families that share those interests are not growing based on membership. I recently volunteered to coach a youth softball team. My wife and I coached while most parents dropped off or watched from the stands. That is how
  14. I've always wished bsa would piolit a seasonal option for cub scouts just like youth sports. An entire generation of new parents see youth activities run in a seasonal time frame with a start date and an end date, fall and spring. Then they join cub scouts and the start day is 7 years old and end date is 10 years old... Years or commitment vs a more flexible time commitment.
  15. @@CactusKen The magazine is a great resource for new volunteers and new families. Online training is a great first step to delivering a good program. Suggest all of your leaders start with online training. If they have time to do in person that's great too. If not online will get them going in the right directions! Best of luck and thanks for volunteering!
  16. Lots of great ideas from this thread to hopefully get you some traction recruiting. Id also suggest visiting fall sporting fields, soccer games, and set up a table with some flyers/sign up info. Best of luck! In response to stosh, you're probably wasting time trying to get help from the council to recruit 6th graders. The rate of return is too small. Best way to get that age group is word of mouth, peer to peer.
  17. #22 Professional Circle or Fellowship Honor Knot The Professional circle is awarded to career Scouters who have completed at least four years of professional tenure, all three levels of basic professional development ( PD-L1, PD-L2, and PD-L3), and three other courses from an approved list. Recognition consists of a wall certificate and, of course, the black on-white square knot for wear on the field uniform. The Fellowship Honor requires completion of the Professional Circle, two more courses from the approved list, and a pre-approved thesis. Recognition includes a handsome
  18. Hi Brian- I''m a DE and would be glad to talk to you via e-mail about what the job is like. Send me a private message and we can chat through that venue.
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