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  1. Good Evening, Thanks for all of the good ideas. Changing the pack from the den level up is a viable option. Most of the new scouts are either Wolves (my den) or Tigers (who are meeting with me until their leader gets up to speed) so we have some time before these scouts age out. I havent figured out how to quote other posts yet but in response to SeattlePioneer's comment we have no annual program. Our 1st pack meeting is always popcorn so we bumbled our way through some popcorn games. We currently have no CM, the PCC has wrangled the grandpa of one of the scouts in his den to be the C
  2. Good Evening, This is my first post on this forum, I've read a number of the older posts and have found this forum to be very informative. I have started this post several times now, and deleted several short novels and hope that this "brief" note will convey my thoughts and concerns. We belong to a pack that would be considered dysfunctional at best. It has for years been run with the "good enough" mentality, and the pack leadership that has been around for a while is firmly intrenched in this mindset. Pack meetings are treated as an after thought. Council members refuse to commun
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