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  1. Slideshow says no change to youth handbooks.(This message has been edited by Phibbles)
  2. Can someone confirm for me that they are not changing the Wolf/Bear books for this new Cub Scouts 2010 thing. I am assuming they are not changing, but I don't want to go buy a book now just to find out that it does change in May. Thanks...
  3. Beans were spilled... Cat was let out of the bag... Only time will tell if message registered or not. Reaction to facts was mixed. Should be interesting.
  4. Perhaps the scouts can come to the job site and provide other assistance. Maybe they can serve lunch to the crew. Clean-up the grounds after the work is done. Something like that. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the SM just wants the Eagle project to have some troop involvement. While it may not be required, wouldn't it be nice?
  5. yeah...I don't think there was ever any doubt that the right thing would be done. Just a question of when and how. We will just play it by ear and look for an opportunity to bring the problem to light. Thanks all...
  6. I didn't even notice "Lone Scout" was an option. Fascinating.
  7. Wingnut - well, good luck to your friend then. Scoutfish - you are welcome, I guess. Ea - that is the real dilemna...(This message has been edited by phibbles)
  8. But if the raffle was at a scout meeting or event, it would still be against the rules...right? My understanding is if the CO is going to raise funds in a manner that conflicts with policy, it has to be done separate from scouts events. Right?
  9. I think my friend intends to say something to the Comm. or just to the CC soon. Otherwise he wouldn't have spent so much time researching the issue to confirm his suspicions were correct. I guess we will just have to wait and see the reaction from the group. Hopefully they will embrace his enthusiasm for scouting and welcome some changes to the status quo. It can be awkward and difficult for a new leader to make changes to a pack/troop that is filled with leaders that are content with the way things work.
  10. That sucks...let's give the Buglers some credit. Yo!
  11. Let us say I have a "friend" who belongs to a Pack or Troop that does run raffles or 50/50s from time to time. As a new member to the pack/troop, should my "friend" speak up and let the Committee know that it is against BSA Policy or just continue wishing he was ignorant of the rules? Can't wait to hear your thoughts? You know...for my friend. ;-)(This message has been edited by Phibbles)
  12. As has been already pointed out, they don't need to be registered to take those training classes. If they attend a class in person, they should receive a card at the end of the course saying they completed the training. And online they can print the completion card for you. It is a good idea to have all volunteers go through the Youth Protection class.
  13. I would agree, that these are not activities that a troop or pack should partake in on their own. Too much liability and too much risk that someone will run without proper traing. But, I would be okay with a scout camp offering a course in these activities. I would imagine BSA and the camp would put in place plenty of safety and operational instruction before the scout would be allowed to touch the machine. Perhaps they would only be allowed to purchase machines that run at controlled, lower speeds (like a Disney ride). The same way I trust the BSA to run a "safe" rifle and archery pr
  14. All good to hear. I sent to my CC, hopefully they will want to persue further.
  15. The site looks great. I will have to show it to my pack to see if they are interested. Would be a great tool for us. But I am a little curious, how can this be free? I have to imagine this is costing you money to operate and maintain. (excuse my natural skepticism)
  16. My father, back in 1987, rebooted a Troop that had been disolved for many years. He had 7 scouts and only one other adult leader to do it. They had no problems getting chartered and even took the 7 kids to summer camp the first summer after they crossed over from Webelos. Good luck...
  17. Our pack also does everything at the B&G in Feb. I am only a Tiger leader, but think it is too much for the B&G. I wish they would split it up and do some of these awards/ceremonies separate from the B&G. If you award AOL in December, will do you a candle ceremony (or other) when you do it? Or are you just planning to present the award at a regular pack meeting?
  18. Thanks all. I have heard about the new 2010 program, but did not realize it was going to be without the monthly theme component. And we are definitely having fun. No regrets from this former scout...
  19. Does your pack use the themes suggested each month by the Cub Scout Program Helps? This is my first year as a parent/leader in CSA. In all my training courses they talked about and gave examples of thes the Program Helps plans avaialble through national. But my pack doesn't appear to use them. Should we? Are we missing out on something? How does your pack go about planning what to do each month if your don't use Program Helps?
  20. I would have sent all boys involved home to wait further review. There is no cause for this on a camping trip and not sending the kids home just risks further incidents from happening.
  21. BP - What are the logistical problems for having homosexuals in scouts?
  22. I don't know...there could be something good about a "Lions" program. But I would run it the way Tigers used to work, as a separate unit from actual Cub Scouts.
  23. I am so glad you all posted your experiences. It is fun to read how everyone differs. And you gave me some great ideas for the future. Our B&G lasted almost 4 hours. It was very busy. We held it at a local banquet hall so families had to buy tickets in advance since it was catered. We started with awards for younger scouts. Broke for food. Then had entertainment from a local Native American group. They came and performed a few drum songs/dances. The scouts go to dance with them for one of the songs. Afterwords, we moved on to Webelos recognition. They got gifts from
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