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  1. I agree in Cubs it is less GOBN, and more "but that's the way we've always done it". It can make it difficult for a new leader, like me, to make suggestions for change. Especially if these suggestions are to avoid breaking BSA policies that the Pack was never concerned about in the past.
  2. Thank you all...I think I understand. And so you know, the treasurer just took over the position and is trying to wrap her head around the way it works. She was hoping I would know, since I have past scout experience. But I didn't really have to worry about funds when I was a scout, so it is all "new to me" now.
  3. Forgive me for using you as a personal google search, but I have a question I just can't find the answer too. And I know someone here will have the answer. When our scouts renew their registration in September, are they paying for the year they are in or for the next year? We register in September, but the pack doesn't actually use that registration money to re-charter till March. So when they pay "the bill" in March is it paying for the year that we are half way through or paying for the next year of scouting? So if a scout or scouter didn't want to continue next year, would
  4. my den uses the plastic pouches too. I like the way it looks. :-(
  5. Was looking at the new resource guide online and noticed a little problem with the picture on this page. Can you spot the error? http://scouting.org/sitecore/content/Home/CubScouts/Leaders/DenLeaderResources/DenandPackMeetingResourceGuide/Overview.aspx
  6. I love it, and will be suggesting we make it a pack activity next year. I can just see it now. Multiple Wii systems set-up around the room. Kids competing with each other in various games. Will be a blast of an event. Hmmm...maybe we could make it a money earning event somehow.?
  7. Back in the day, I had an alarm clock that played an annoying bugle song really loud. We always brought it with us on outings and any scouts that dared to oversleep had to listen to my clock sing till they got dressed and out of the tent. Never failed to awake the sleepiest of scouts.
  8. Recently our unit had a Rocket Launch outing where the scouts got together to show off their Estes model rockets. My son and I have never used these rockets, we didn't have one to bring to the event. But we were very curious so we decided to go and just watch. It didn't take long before he was fascinated with these little tubes shooting into the air. It was great, and he of course felt sad that he didn't have one to shoot himself. One of the dads saw how excited he was and when he found out that we didn't have a rocket to launch he instantly offered to share his son's rocket with
  9. As far as I know, participation with the pack is not a rank requirement. So if they scout has completed all of the achievements with his family, the den leader should sign-off on them and the pack should award the boy his rank. Of course, a civil conversation with them to figure out how we can get the boy back into scouting is the most important thing. A dispute betwen adults should not be permitted to remove this poor scout from the pack and his den. Make it so...
  10. Eamonn - I agree with the overall sentiment of your post. But I do have one small problem. Perhaps on your next lock-in, you can get yourself a pair of shorts or pajama pants to sleep in. Just sayin...no one should be subject to seeing their CM in his undies. ;-)
  11. Go for it. If the pack doesn't object, I wouldn't worry about it one second. My scouts so seldom wear their hats, it does seem silly to invest in new ones every year. I like your idea...
  12. Does he have a special request for swimming attire too? I agree with Calico and would keep an eye on this ASM just in case. As another suggested, maybe he should move to a Comm position so he doesn't have to go on camping trips anymore.
  13. My dad just gave me the Campaign Hat he wore as my SM. I would love to wear it, but my head is much bigger than his. Soo sad. I go hatless instead.
  14. My council requires a Tour Permit for all trips out-of-town. Pack or Den outing, all the same. If it is out of town a permit is required.
  15. This boy doesn't need a good male role model. He needs a good role model period. Male or female. Sounds like his mom is in over her head. I would suggest an honest conversation with the mother. If she can't find a way to correct her son's behaviour BEFORE scout meetings/events, then the boy has to be excluded from them. It is too important for the environment to be safe for the whole, that it just may be necessary for this individual to be removed. Who know's, maybe it will encourage him to control his unruly nature and strive to be a better scout. Or maybe his mom will take th
  16. Our pack's rule is each scout must have a parent (or adult partner) with them at the campout. Siblings can "share" the same adult, but other scouts can not. Also, we don't allow scouts to sleep in a tent without their adult. No all-scout tents for us. Sharing tents is okay as long as each scout in the tent also has his adult in the tent. Many of our scouts come with the whole family (mom, dad, and siblings).
  17. A game is really your best solution. If you have the space, a good game of SPUD always goes over big. Just requires a soft ball. I also like to push boondoggling (craft lace braiding). Not too difficult to learn and in my experience most scouts will sit and do it for hours.
  18. Look into creating a Yahoo or Google group instead. Free. Private. Allows for social interaction for those who are invited to the group only.
  19. For me, it will always be under the collar. Sorry folks. I can see I am in the minority with that opinion. But that is how I wore it when I was a boy, and it is how I am teaching my scouts to wear it today. It is also very important to get a real tight role on the neckerchief. I hate when it is loose and sloppy. Of course, I also love a good bolo when I get older.
  20. DYB - I am going to see if I can steal the current wolf leader's handbook in May. That way I can wait till end of summer to buy my son's book, but still spend some time over the summer thinking about plans for next year. Being a DL is so complicated sometimes... Eagle - I think you are correct. Plus, who would really notice anyway? Right. It's not like district/council pop in to see which book you are using. Revisions (if any) are supposed to be slight. Thay may just be new cover artwork like some of the other publications. only time will tell
  21. Thanks everyone. Our pack has always done rows of chairs in the past, but I find the kids sitting in the back rows don't pay attention. I think they feel like they are hiding behind the front rows. I suggested to our new cubmaster that we try a new layout: horseshoe with kids sitting on the floors. He liked my suggestion, and we will try it at the next meeting. It will be interesting to see if we get any "feedback" from the parents or the veteran-leaders who are all used to doing things they way they have always been done. I like change and trying new things. ;-)
  22. pwpt and slideshow are same. I watched again. On one slide they say no change on another slide they say slight changes. I just can't win.
  23. I am curious to compare notes: How do your packs layout the room for the meeting? Do the scouts sit in chairs or one the floor? Are they in straight lines (like theatre rows), horseshoe/half-circle, or some other formation? Is there anything unique or special about the way your pack sets up the meeting?
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