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  1. So disappointed and since I started here and we have resolved not to speak of it anymore in pack and I've already whined and been told to get over it and move on, so I know, but so frustrated anyway. Once again my correctly registered son got 'fourth' place in the derby, which they run early in November probably to hide all the mis-registered kids who then would be found out if they actually moved on anywhere. 4th is just 'thanks for participating and not recognized with anything 'extra'. 1st place went to ...yep... 5 year old Kindergarten kid misregistered as first grader who is 6, 2nd pla
  2. Thanks St0ut717 and SSScout! I think I'm grasping for way in. Maybe to talk myself out of a funk. My son seems a lot like yours (St0ut717) toward scouting. He might like camping if we ever went. My son is a 'noodler': he doesn't seem to care about anything other than playing with his toys. He seems to enjoy things in the moment but I think if I told him he could never go anywhere again he would just sit at home happily playing with toys though. If I let him he would just play pretend with his toys all day, which he sometimes does on weekends for 6 hours straight. I was hoping out of all
  3. Sentinel947, I griped somewhere else about this and was told 'good lord, find another pack if you don't like it' Also I realize now that I probably should have kept my extra negativity to myself and stuck to original post/comment I was replying to about humanist being a religion or not and the one scouter feeling uncomfortable because not religious. I often hear my teen and his friends say 'I don't need your negativity.' I should take that advice. Like many people on a forum I get myself all excited/worked up/feel whatever I'm going on about is so relevant, profound, to the p
  4. I can't find much on them but a cub parent in my pack is saying she might leave and join a group called navigator that is starting at her son's school. What I did read said they were humanist and implied that it was non-religious making them different. The other parent is into camping and our pack doesn't camp. Navigator's according to her and one article I read sounds more camping and less about anything else (so lots of camping, some environmental clean up but none of the religion requirements or citizenship requirements). Actually I think all they do is camp and don't have a 'reward'/requi
  5. Pack18Alex, I think for my situation we have come up with answer, basically telling the leaders we know and parents making own decision on whether to stay or quit, BUT: What if you call your council today and discover that all these kids who you think are registered honestly under their correct information are in fact really registered as older under incorrect birthdays and grades? Because what you are saying is exactly what parents and some new den leaders have been told in our pack. 'we registered the boys correctly and here is an 'official register' so all is fine.' A den leade
  6. There is definitely one child who is 5 years old and just started all day Kindergarten in September and he is registered as having completed first grade and being age 6 years old and turning 7 in January. There is a 3rd grade child younger than my child who is a Webelo First Year but I have no idea how he is registered or if maybe he skipped a grade or some other factor could be in play. The Wolf den leader has a 'register' (apparently not correct according to the council) that lists one boy as being 6 years old in First Grade but the boy is registered as being in Second Grade. The Kindergar
  7. NJCubScouter, I passed on some info about holding the kids to level to another mom and the Wolf den leader. The Wolf den leader seems to just want to let it slide now since she is moving soon. We talked to the Cubmaster (who actually is not the person I thought it was! I thought another person was the cubmaster who was the leader who asked me to move my boy up to Wolf when first started (the other bear mom says she was asked to move her boy up to when he was in Tiger by the same person who asked me--but he didn't say anything to either of us about changing the birthday). We said it came t
  8. I'm the mom of one of the Bears. We started as Tiger in First Grade. With a bunch of other First Grade boys. My son has a Fall birthday that meant he joined when he was 6 and turned 7 less than a month later. They told me when we brought snacks that year that he 'is in the wrong group' and should be bumped up to Wolf but I didn't want to because he joined with other First Graders who are part of his afterschool program. The only Wolf at that time was a First Grader who did not live in the area but came with his grandpa who lived in the area. Now my son is a Bear in third grade and age 9. My ol
  9. True, Papadaddy. That is one of the reasons we were scared to bring it up, even within our pack. It seems like there would be a harsh punishment. But the message I'm getting is it won't be nearly as terrifyingly harsh as we parents imagined (firings, kicking kids out, liable suits, etc...) . And my city, while not Pittsburgh, does have the same district council as Pittsburgh (which is listed as qwase's location!) and that is comforting to know. It's good to know there are options that will allow kids currently enrolled to maintain and participate in some form of program without ruining
  10. Thanks, qwazse! I needed that for sure. The kids do have a great time. The parents and leaders are nice and well intentioned. The young boys are sweet and thrilled to be scouts. Plus it is cute to see the Tigers falling asleep at the tables during den meetings, even last night when rest of pack is hammering away on a building kit! We are a small pack and some of the leaders are really invested in keeping the pack charter that's been around for a long time. I think we are just panicking because our kids do enjoy it and have fun but that we also have this impression of Scouting at d
  11. They are actively recruiting Kindergarten kids and telling parents this is OK. I could see it as a mistake or, as I thought, some rule I did not understand about turning 6 during Scout year but why are the birthdates then different for council? I think they really are fudging the birthdates to keep enrollment up: otherwise we would have no Tigers this year, 1 Wolf, 4 Bear, 0 Webelo first year, and 1 Webelo second year who is actually a 4th grader who will be 10 next month (so not even sure that is correct but he IS on track to earn AOL and cross over). Overall I think I agree with jblake47 tha
  12. I was talking to a friend whose son joined another pack about how young our newest members are. They stated this is not allowed. All our Tiger cubs are Kindergarten children and all are 5 years old. Parents have confirmed this to me and a den leader for Wolf states that she has children who received their Tiger badge last year as Kindergarten kids who are now age 6 and in First Grade. When a group of us contacted council about our concerns we discovered that the Kindergarten kids were registered under incorrect birthdays. Not sure what to do now.
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