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  1. Thank you very much for the replies. As I was writing the question I started thinking about how merit badges were not tied to the troop specifically. Boys earn lots of merit badges outside our troop activities with councelors from other areas as well as a couple local museums. I was a little worried about the blue card but that sounds like it can be easily resolved as well. Thanks again for putting my mind at ease. I want to make sure the boy gets credit for what he did.
  2. I have a multipart question. We have a large growing troop and I recently become an ASM. We have a scout who moved from his old troop to ours due to his parents divorce. His mother was an active committee member of the old troop and joined our committee as well, registering with dual membership of both troops. She is still active on the old troop committee because she didn't want to leave them short a committee member for the time being. They are still friends with many of the boys and leaders of the old troop and participate in activities with them, mostly service projects. This year my treas
  3. From day 1 the idea behind the parent patrol was that they would be registered and YPT just to be part of the patrol, then SM trained in order to help the boys. I have learned a lot in my quest to solve this parent patrol thing and think we are almost on the same page, just with bad terminology. I think assumptions were made because I called them parents. I don't know where the term Parent Patrol came from other than the adult to came back from WB called it that and it stuck. If I were to ask this question again I would call them an adult leader patrol, not a parent patrol. They were to be com
  4. Ok, I think I need to give a little back story as this conversation has gone a little awry. Before we joined this troop there were only 7 boys. They claimed to be boy-led but it turns out their definition was to let the boys decided what to do and the SM did all of the footwork to get them there. I don't think the words "go ask your SPL or PL" had ever been said, it was usually "go ask the SM". A new SM took over and is pushing to get us into a true boy-led troop. We have grown to over 30 boys in the last 2 years which has brought in a wonderful group of parents who want to help. Unfortunately
  5. Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback. There was a meeting last night with the SM and decided to remove the patrol part and focus only on mentoring.
  6. I was Cubmaster of my son's pack and now we are in Boy Scouts. For the first couple years I chose to "just" be an active parent and not a leader. I am getting back into the committee side and am seeing that we are going through some growing pains. One of the parents went to Wood Badge and he brought back an idea called Parent Patrol. This is where a small group of parents would form their own patrol, stand in formation during flag, organize their patrol's food on camp outs, wear full uniform, etc. Much of what the boys do without the advancements and awards. The concept to this is to show a fo
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