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  1. The adult application form asks "Are you an eagle scout" not "were you an eagle scout".
  2. For those of us who fought for that flag and knew friends who died for it, it is more than just "a cloth on a staff".
  3. Raisinemright; The Battle flag was the battle flag (the one with the X). The Stars and Bars was the First CSA flag (looks somewhat like the Texas flag). It has one vertical bar and two horizontal bars.They were two different flags. From World Book Encyclopedia.
  4. Emergency Preparedness Kit supplies are listed on www.scouting.org/pubs/emergency/kit.html
  5. It's really not fair to the E Prep counselor to start something and then wait until the scout gets around to the FA stuff before finishing. Better to do the FA first then proceed to the E Prep.
  6. Most youth who are not active with the OA don't bother going for brotherhood anyway. They don't bother paying lodge dues either so are not counted as active members when honor lodge requirements are counted.
  7. It's been a few years since I was a cubmaster but back then there was the blue uniform for Cubs and Webelos but the Webelos could switch to the tan uniform if they wanted. The Tigers only had a T-shirt. We changed neckerchiefs as the boys advanced (yellow, blue and plaid) but these were owned by the pack and we had a passing down ceremony at advancement time. We required the pants and had good participation. We also had a donation closet where used uniform parts could be had for a small donation. The hats weren't required and some boys wore 'em and some didn't. That was a parent/boy decis
  8. Been in a troop that had a mom camping. Mom wasn't a problem but mothering was. It seems to wear off as the boy gets used to the troop. I wouldn't let the daughter go. Seems like a good opportunity for the daughter to do a sleepover at a friends house.
  9. Just a thought; if the badges must be attached directly to the shirt, why do the scout shops sell the badge holders that hang from the pocket button? As far as I'm concerned, if it's sold at the scout shop, it's authorized for use.
  10. I have signed off on a number of merit badges over the years for my sons. However, I always got them to get some of their friends together so a group of them (say 3 or 4)could work together. That way there is no suggestion of playing fast and loose with the requirements and it makes it more fun for them.
  11. As far as I heard, it was to give the scouts something that they would feel more like wearing. I like the updated material, quick dry and all, but hate the pockets.
  12. My experience is they get involved in so many other things (sports, driving, girls, looking for colleges, etc.) that they have to be pushed to get their eagle done before turning 18. Our troop has a lot of last minute eagles and it's not because of anything the troop puts in their way.
  13. I got a US flag and flagpole for my daughters Gold Award project and a US Army flag for my birthday from F. W. Haxel. They are a local MD company but will ship and their service is excellent.
  14. Sew a loop to the top reverse side of the patch and hang it from the button on the right shirt pocket. That way you can wear whichever pleases you that day without a lot of sewing.
  15. In order for the bow to have enough flex, it needs to be made from green wood. Make sure you get it from your own property and not someone elses or public property. "Scout leader fined for carving tree in state park" would not make a good headline.
  16. Spelling (or misspelling) aside, there is definitely confusion about Courts of Honor and OA elections. He seems to be doing them at the same time.
  17. Don't want to cause a fuss. I just don't care for the way it looks. It's like English Ivy growing up the side of a house. Some people love it but I don't as it causes the mortar to deteriorate. Let's just call it personal preference and agree to disagree.
  18. Narraticong, I was with you right up to the belt part.
  19. I've worked outdoors all my life (mostly as a park ranger) and I've had many cases of poison ivy, some minor and some severe. Although I recognize it, sometimes it can't be avoided. I've never seen a "picture" of poison ivy that ever really looked like the real thing. I encourage my scouts to identify it "in the field" so they KNOW what it looks like. It can easily be done on a hike or camping trip so there is no real hardship there. And yes, it is still around in the winter and yes, you can still get the rash any time of year.
  20. When I first saw this thread, I was looking at the national OA booklet that says "no' to wearing it at the court of honor. But then I was rereading the pamphlet that we got from our lodge after our ordeal. It specifically says okay to wearing it at a coh. so I guess that falls under "other times as approved by the council executive". After all, he (or she) is supreme chief of the fire.
  21. We usually let the parents know if their son will be tapped out, it's usually done at camporee. That lets Mom in on something and lets her vent some of her excitement. Of course they're told not to let junior know even though it's optional whether the Scoutmaster reveals the results of the election or not. As an active Scouter, I was there when my three sons (no I'm not Fred MacMurray) were tapped out but they were on their own for the Ordeals. I always hoped I'd get in someday and I finally made it.
  22. I'm Roman Catholic, been one since I was born. I'm also OA, did my Ordeal last September. Missed my anniversary so I could attend. All three of my sons are OA. Two of them are Eagles and the third is working on his project now. I have two daughters who earned their gold awards. We have shared scouting since my oldest joined tigers. Seems like we all turned out okay. We are all proud of our scouting accomplishments. Usually don't discuss religion or politics. I tried to access the website that was mentioned to contain the OA rituals. Got nowhere fast. Told me the site doesn't exist.
  23. Haven't been very far, went to Haliburton Scout Reserve, Canada twice for summer camp. It's a great place. Once you get off the bus, you are taken to your site by pontoon boats, then it's every where by canoe for a week. Because the programs are different, we had to take our own merit badge counselors.
  24. Why don't we wait until it comes out before we worry about what may or may not be wrong. Life's short. Don't worry so much.
  25. OA Handbook, 2007, page 57: "The Order of the Arrow sash is worn with the official Scout field uniform or Scouting's official adult dress wear (a blue blazer and gray slacks). The sash also may be worn by Elangomats who are not in uniform at an Ordeal, youth wearing ceremonial attire, and in such other instances as approved by the Scout Executive."
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