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  1. I am in need of general ideas - topics for Scoutmaster Roundtable... if you have any please post - list here. Thanks !!
  2. Thanks to everyone for the information so far. I have not been told what subcomittee I'm going to be put on. Are volunteers usually put on just one, or more than one subcommittee?? I just registered as a DL in May... hence whey I called myself just a mere DL. :-) I think of myself as a Lieutenant with a platoon.... answerable to the Majors, Colonels and Generals above me. I like working with "My boys" as I paternally call them.... And I dont want to jeperdize that relationship by taking on more than I can handle.
  3. I am looking for ideas for a Wolf Den service project... Any ideas ???? Garbage Pickup.... clean up an abandoned/foreclosed house's yard.... Any other unique ones out there ??? Thanks !!
  4. I've been asked to serve on the District Committee... I have no idea what the responsibilities are.... Right now I'm just a mere Den Leader.... What do District Committee members do? What am I looking at?
  5. Let me tell you a story... 25 years ago when I was in a Troop of about 30 boys. The SPL was a Mj smoking pothead.... all his older buddies were potheads... they liked to pick on us young ones... thought it was their right to make our lives hell. To me scouting was hell... not fun. The SPL's dad was our SM, who turned a blind eye to what was going on obviously in front of him. Those 15 youngest members were hating scouting and many boys just quit, and did not know any better. Then one day a friend of mine transfered to the troop down the road.... our "rival" troop... and he wa
  6. TO reply to last person's comments: Our Charter Organization Rep does not attend the committee meetings. The CM and ACM run the show. The den leaders who come to the Pack Committee meetings are the "de facto" committee. The committee chair told me that "The CM and ACM make the decisions." She sees herself more as a volunteer and figurehead of the pack committee with no actual authority to decide things. She passes that responsibility to the CM and ACM. Essentially our CM and ACM are the CEO and Vice CEO of the "corporation".
  7. At a Cub Scout resident camp last week, one mom had her phone ringing at least 1x an hour. We'd be on a hike and it would go off, she would walk along giving a play by play on what we were doing.. chattering away. Then she and her son would chat on the phone at night in their tent for 30+ minutes... to dad... to grandma... to his sister... The camp master finally told her that she could use it for emergencies, and also for 10 minutes after dinner, just outside the dinning hall.
  8. I am having problems with the Cubmaster of our Pack. I was a cub and boy scout through Star rank... and am the only former scout who is now serving in any leadership capacity in the Pack. A number of "younger" den leaders and parents are being met with silence from our CM and ACM. Both of these men have been in leadership for several years now... they are what we call the "old guard". Then there is a group of young leaders and parents who want to do more, and are questioning the "old guard", and their pratices... Here is current example... Our pack had over $7,000 in the bank at th
  9. My son and I went to our Council's Cub Scout Resident Camp last week for Wolves and Bears. (Los Padres Council, Calif) We had a great time, will go again next year. I must say I was surprised by the low turnout... just 22 boys (Wolves and Bears). Webelos have their own 4 day Resident Camp. Maybe its because (1) Tough economic times and (2) The camp was from Sunday to Wednesday... making parents take three days off from work. I've heard that our Cub Scout Day Camp next week does not have the numbers that the District would like... for many families money is tight.
  10. Per the last question: Is was a Recruiter Strip and underneath the Right Pocket. I thought only scouts could earn, but there it was on a District Commissioner.
  11. I cant seem to find the answer to this question. A parent is a Red Cross Approved Lifeguard and triathalete... and wants to be our lifeguard for water activities this summer when a lifeguard is required... Does he need to also do the BSA Lifeguard class?? or this this class just for youths? Also, can his Red Cross certif. be recognized as identical to the BSA requirements and given the BSA Lifeguard status? Also.... it seems that he would clearly qualify as a Lifeguard Counselor... due to the Red Cross Certification.. correct? Help !
  12. I saw a District Commish over the weekend with a Recruiter patch just below his right pocket. Can adults earn this patch ?
  13. Thanks for everyone's responses...... I called our local council, (I am in rather rural area), and they said they would accept the local Red Cross - YMCA class. (turns out to be an intense 50 hrs of class and pool) We have a mom that used to be a college swimmer and has volunteered to take the class. Good to know that we dont need a certifield lifeguard, but nice to know someone there is fully trained.
  14. I am a wolf den leader, and was a cub scout when I was a boy. I still have some old patches that I never used. Is it ok to put one on the right pocket of my adult uniform? (i.e. I was in a pack when cub scouts turned 50 yrs old, and I still have my 50th Aniv. patch. -- John
  15. I know there is a rule that a certified lifeguard must be present for all water activities... My son's pack has gone to public pools where we use the pools lifeguards... however... What are the requirements to get one of our parents qualified? Must it be a BSA class or can it be a Red Cross Approved class at the local YMCA (30 hours and which is as rigorous as any). I have seen no BSA courses offered for adults. ... thank you in advance for coming to my rescue... (no pun intended)
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