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  1. Just a question I am on the ScoutStuff site, and they offer two pair of pants "Centennial Switchback Uniform Pants" and "Centennial Canvas Convertiable Pants" now what is the difference, and which one would you reccommend for a hiker?
  2. Now I was in Scouts a few years back, and I remember my uniform, I was very indifferent towards it, it got the job done, but can any one tell me what the change is all for? Green troop numbers? Green Slipons? Tech pocket? I means what is the need for that pocket? Or the green, whats wrong with red? I have been reading and I can not find an answer, I saw one possible reason for the transfer to green, was not to attract animals, or something on the lines of that. But no for sure answer. Anything about this would be very interesting to hear!
  3. I originally joined the Scouting movement at an age I can not recall, but I joined as a Beaver in Canada, that the eqivalant to Tigers. I then moved onto Wolf Cubs, I then moved to the United States and I was enrolled back into Wolf Cubs, I then progressed into Bears, and then WEBELOS. I then had my Blue and Yellow ceremony (I believe that was the name of it) and I received my arrow of light, and was one of two WEBELOS in my pack to move onto Scouts with the Super Achiver badge. I remained in Scouts until 2003 when I had to ove back to Canada, I then enrolled back into Scouts in Cana
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