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  1. In our troop, the Eagle COH planning is left to the family. They can have whatever they want. My oldest son had his at the CO church. My middle son had his at the American Legion in an outdoor pavillion. I don't know what my youngest son will choose. Anyway, we had one boy in the troop that had his Eagle presented at a regularly scheduled troop COH. I don't know what his reasoning was but his mom, dad and siblings were all there but we never saw him again. He hadn't aged out yet either.
  2. That's why most churches, fire companies, etc. do pancake breakfasts or spaghetti dinners. You can buy the materials in boxes (say Aunt Jemima ready to go pancake mix) then just open what you need as you need it. Then you can save the rest for next time, camping trips, food pantry donations or return it to the store (best arranged at the time of purchse).
  3. Seems like your lodge needs a refresher in the role of the OA - "CHEERFUL SERVICE".
  4. In our previous troop, older scouts signed off on advancement requirements for younger scouts. The older scouts often times had poor knowledge (having previously been signed off by other scouts with poor knowledge)so the skills were not good. The ASM would conduct a pre-SMC to review skills and requirements. That left the SM free to do a conference more related to how the scout was getting along, what they liked and disliked about the troop, where they wanted to go on the scouting trail, etc. The troop we're in now, the ASM's sign off on all advancements so the skills are verified up front
  5. I think John was referring to the people that want President Obama to reject being the Honorary President of the BSA for their own political purposes. That's the way I read it.
  6. You can get the plastic buckles at outdoor stores. Here in MD that would be REI, EMS, Hudson Trail Outfitters and Sunny's Surplus. I think I've seen them in the Campmor catalogue also.
  7. Personally, I like a dome tent with a tub floor, tarp material that makes the floor and goes up the sides about 6 inches. But any tent is good if you take the time to prep it with waterproofing the tent material and seal all seams. The most important thing is to buy one with a really good rain fly that covers most of the tent.
  8. Having been a cubmaster for 9 years, I would think that they will sort themselves out. First, you will have to find a den leader and assistant for the second den. Who they are and where they have the meetings will figure prominently with the parents. Once some parents decide which den they want their boys in, the rest will go with their best friends. Some won't care which den they are in and you can use these to even out the numbers.
  9. I was a state park ranger for 31 years until our governor decided that they didn't need park rangers anymore and merged us with the natural resources police. Now I am a game warden, boating officer, fisheries officer, and forest and park policeman. In my heart I'm still a park ranger.
  10. When I went in 2004, we had two crews. Our brother crew had a boy who was skin and bones, no weight and no hips to support a pack. The crew advisor knew he couldn't carry the required weight from the shake-down hikes. He should have been told to wait a couple years but parent pressure was involved. He went and had a miserable time. Also, his crew members had to carry extra weight that he could not. There was a near rebellion and a Philmont chaplain was called in to mediate the situation. He made it through the trek but, like I said, everyone on his crew was miserable. He went back in t
  11. It is too cold to camp when the parent decides it is and keeps their scout home. That's why they're parents.
  12. I am a police officer and do not always get to church, either, because of schedules but I go when I can. I have been in too many situations where I will be going about my business and suddenly a thought will pop in my head that I should take this route, or why don't I go here instead, or I should change my timing on this. I will invariably come across an accident or find a crime in progress or maybe just stop something before it happens and I don't even know I did it. Was this just chance or guidance from a higher power. I choose to believe in a higher power. Sometimes you have to help yo
  13. A good hat should be bought from a supplier that offers regular, long oval, wide oval, etc. To find out what you are, visit a reputable uniform company that supplies your local police department. Some people just naturally fall in between stock sizes. I found that a little newspaper rolled up behind the sweatband will make for a custom fit. It takes a little trial and error to get it right.
  14. In Maryland, state park regulations require 1 adult leader for every 10 youths for all activities except water related when 1 leader for every 5 youths is required.
  15. You say that if he ever grabbed a boy, you would remove him. By that time, it's too late. You and a lot of other people who approved him would be liable. Also, I've seen that a a lot of the physical contacts are initiated by scouts who still see the "new ASM" , who just the other day was a scout, as still being the scout that they used to horse around with.
  16. Membership requirements (page 6 of the current OA handbook) state: "Youth must be under the age of 21, hold the BSA First Class rank or higher, and foolowing approval by the Scoutmaster or Varsity Coach, be elected by the youth members of their troop or team." The time for a veto is before the election. The SM was probably hoping the scout wouldn't be elected so he wouldn't have to make a decision he would have to back up later.
  17. Dryclean it. My sons did and they came back great. Don't wear it when doing hard labor unless you're an elangomat. The loose clothing could get caught up and be a safety hazard. The leaders are responsible for scouts in their care so take them off for work parties.
  18. Current OA Handbook states on page 57 and 58: "Nothing is to be worn on the sash, including signatures, patches of any kind, pins, or legends. The only exceptions are the 50th and 60th anniversary awards. Either of these may be worn as an option, by those who have earned them, on the shoulder portion above the bar at the point of the arrow. The sash is worn at Order of the Arrow functions and special Scouting activities, when members need to be identified as Arrowmen rendering special services." Personally, I am not going to say anything to a Scout who takes pride in his membership an
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