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  1. Took early retirement from UPS. Served as a volunteer live-in caretaker at our council's wilderness camp for about 8 years until they decided to sell it to the local park district. Moved to Lake Cumberland area and now work six days a week at a boat dealership. (Some retirement,eh?)
  2. Took early retirement from UPS. Served as a volunteer live-in caretaker at our council's wilderness camp for about 8 years until they decided to sell it to the local park district. Moved to Lake Cumberland area and now work six days a week at a boat dealership. (Some retirement,eh?)
  3. I'm the one who spun this thread. I didn't know I had to post a minimum number of responses in a 24 hour period:-). I agree with BadenP that non-registered scouters should not even appear in uniform. Am I proud to wear a uniform when performing my scouting duties? You bet I am. I'm proud of the bsa, even with it's flaws. I follow it's guidelines as written and if I don't agree with them, I try to effect change through proper channels, just like we teach the boys(like in being obedient?). During a period of time when my boys left scouting until I got back involved, it never occured to me to w
  4. BadenP seems to think that any adult that wears a uniform who is not in a direct contact position with youth are merely feeding their egos or reliving their childhood. The BSA is a uniformed organization. I'm a Unit Commissioner and wear my uniform at every Scouting function as I feel I should set an example. I encourage all the adults in the units I serve to wear the complete uniform as it serves a two-fold function. First, it encourages the boys to wear theirs. Secondly, it's a outward and visible sign to the community at large that scouting is, indeed, present in the community on a dai
  5. Good they finally came to their senses. back in the late 80's our scout troop was allowed to set up these coffee stands at the rest stops on I-71 in south-west Ohio. We would set up on friday, and saturday nights. 9pm to 6am. on holiday weekends. we always had at least 4 adults and any boys that wanted to show up. Everyone was in full uniform. You wouldn't believe the money our troop raked in doing this. Many a cup of coffee yielded a $20 donation along with compliments from the truckers.
  6. cardinal50

    New items

    This shirt appears to be the older wool blend uniform they had the closeout on earlier in the year. I see the wool blend slacks are also still available. Maybe they realized the Centennial Uniforms don't look good on formal occasions and decided to retain the wools.
  7. Another good thing about this location is the proximity to rail transportation. Amtrak's Cardinal, trains 50 & 51 travel through the New River Gorge between Chicago and New York City via Washington DC. It only runs three times a week currently but I'll bet if scouts start clamoring to arrive by train, Amtrak would consider going to a daily schedule with longer trains. I know many troops use Amtrak to get to Philmont. Dave
  8. MY GOODNESS! That's probably the best promotional video I've seen for BSA. National should hire this scout to do their PR Dave
  9. It appears that many of the people who post here have a great amount of experience, training and education in a number of professional fields.It is great that they would share their vast knowledge of the proper way to present Scouting with those of us ordinary Joes who never went to college or had anyone to mentor us. I have a vision of what Scouting can do for our young men. I have employed the ideals of Scouting as my personal touchstone for conducting my life as an adult. I learned much from WB that I needed to know because I never had anyone to teach, mentor, or encourage me when I was you
  10. Several times, I have contacted the PR people at a company to voice my displeasure for the condition of their flag. In these cases, the flags were literally in shreds. My own company's Facilities Manager always looked nervous when I visited his office because, chances were, the flags were ready to be replaced. Once, I suggested that he could launder them once in a while and they would be presentable longer but he said he'd rather just replace them, which he did, even when they were just slightly dingy. As luck would have it, I was in charge of supply requisition so I always had a nice supply o
  11. If using dry ice, I wouldn't use too much. At my Woodbadge course, my patrol made ice cream on site for the feast. We had requested dry ice from the quartermaster. and used it in the cooler to keep the ice cream. When it came time to serve it, you couldn't chop it with an axe. We had to clean a saw REALLY well and saw it into portions.
  12. Welcome brother. Stay active. The more you do, the greater your memories will be. You'll find much good information here. If you're like me, you'll loose a lot of sleep just keeping up with everything here. Happy Scouting. Dave
  13. I am a commissioner for a troop that has been asked to conduct a a flag ceremony at our local Civil War battlefield. We are retiring the flags and installing new ones. The old flags will be given to local dignitaries. The troop has no trouble with the appropriate ceremony for the Stars and Stripes. the issue is how to handle the Stars and Bars that fly over the Confederate cemetery. (By the way, we're in the "southern" portion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.) Obviously, we can't do a pledge of allegiance or the customary salute. How do we do a respectful ceremony and honor the fallen soldiers
  14. GernBlansten said: But OGE, LNT isn't always about leaving no trace after you've gone, its about reducing your impact even while you are there. Visual impact. Clearing a ridge that overlooks a beautiful meadow only to see colors not found in nature dotting the landscape diminishes the experience for the observer. I suggest natural colors, then carry a fluorescent signaling cloth for the times you need to be seen. I reply: Consider the Lilys of the field. Are they not found clothed in bright hues? Off the top of my head, I can't recall any tents or garments that were of a color not f
  15. At our district events in my old council, we held a non-denominational Christian service and arranged for a RC priest to celebrate Mass for our Catholic brothers or we arranged transportation for them to the nearest RC Church to attend to their obligation. We did this on Friday evenings before campfire. This was all, of course, voluntary. I'm fairly sure we didn't have any other faiths represented in our district at that time. If we had others, I'm confident we would have had a discussion with them in order to accommodate their desires. Often, some of the Catholic boys chose to attend the "Pro
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