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  1. sexual harassment for calling some one gay really. GA you are completely ridiculous. IRS problems and now you were sexually harassed....really???? have you ever listened to middle school boys???? They call everything gay. It is boys being boys. your going to record 12 and 13 year old boys. So exactly what is going on in a 14 year olds life that he crys at being called a name. There is much more going on than the OP listed.
  2. I have never seen a DE get involved in unit politics. It is a no win situation for him. the DE should have nothing to do with the Eagle process. that should be your district advancement chair.
  3. Well he is sick....looks like the flu...He didn't make the meeting tonight. So the conversation was.....It happens, you should have spoke up and we would have got you home where you can rest and work through it. Mom was giving him the evil eye, I am guessing that was not what was said.
  4. How many boys are willing to lose trying to save one???? Who says he even wants to be saved?????
  5. GM,You just make me laugh...... Tuck your head back in the sand it will be alright. So whats gonna happen when your poor little over protected boy and girl go off to college?????? makes me chuckle thinking about it.
  6. So this doesn't seem odd to any one else on the forum??????? we have a boy who has been harassed to tears, joins another troop to get away from the harassment, yet retains his membership in the first troop....... I gotta say what the heck. Serious games being played by someone and I am not sure it is the CC and her scout. So what do the other parents say????
  7. Honestly each of their own advancement is their own business. The PLC decides on the program and the morning program was cut short because of the weather. snow and hiking 6 miles just didn't work out. Every second of the camp out is not planned, we do not do a formal campfire program because the boys think it is stupid. There is plenty of time for magic, or pokemon cards. My issue is the entire PLC disappeared for an hour into a tent to play cards...... so to your question could the PLC have canceled the afternoon program, minutes before hand......Short of severe weather, injury illness or other outside influence, NO. If the SPL was sick, then tell me so. If your boots are wet and feet are cold, ok tell me. Young man just copped an attitude and took the entire PLC with him. There is a time and place for a slacker campout. We scheduled a camp games campout for july.....They hang out and play volleyball, kickball, dodgeball....and capture the flag type games..... This campout was pitched to the boys with specific activities. The boys need to deliver on what was put on the camp flyer.
  8. Why should it impact the boys????? I don't care what patch is on my left shoulder. Just as boys don't care about districts.........
  9. Patrol competitions. Fire building in the snow, Lashing, First aid and orienteering. 45 minutes each. SPL, ASPL and 2 ASM's running the stations. The ASM's shortened the station times to 30 minutes each.
  10. No idea what was in his craw. I mentioned his responsibility and left it at that. I wasn't going to nag him over it. He wasn't gonna budge. The bottom line for me was.......The program was going to happen despite his panties being in a wad. I just needed to find the boy leader who was going to do it.
  11. Just back from our winter campout. It was cold and a bit windy. Not terrible Sooooo, we had our morning program and returning to camp and eating lunch. Well afternoon program time rolls around......Half an hour goes by, an hour, scouts are milling around the campfire, no signs of SPL or any of the PL. hmmmmm, So make so inquiries and locate them. They are playing cards in his tent. I asked about the program, and received a " We don't feel like it". hmmmmm, OK then. I asked the PL's about the boys who were expecting to work on T-1 skills and a couple hoped for SMC today and BOR tomorrow after completing the program. Two of the four headed for the door, the other two PL, ASPL and SPL didn't budget. Ok maybe he is tired, sick, cold........The others are following his lead. I asked the other scouts to leave and let the SPL know I was disappointed with his decisions and leadership this weekend. I asked if he was sick, tired or cold, none of those. I asked him to think about his scout oath, law and his the oath he took as SPL and left. He avoided me the rest of the weekend and disappeared upon return to the CO. The other two PL's joined the program once out of the tent and all was well. the ASPL looked me up and I gave him the same talk as the SPL, he went back to the tent. I am wondering if I will see him at the meeting tomorrow night. If he fails to show, I am going to stop by his house on the way home to chat with him and mom. So SM's have you ever seen this???? Your solution????? While he is not a scouting all star, he is a solid kid and has been steadily growing into the position and I have been satisfied with his progress.
  12. Old Shaggzzz is probably that scout because I received a message that he added me to his ignore list. Didn't like my answer. Sorry son. Scouting and Recreational Drug use are not compatible.
  13. I find it interesting that you differentiate between Tobacco and Marijuana. So you would make a lad chose between scouting and tobacco, yet refuse the same choice with an illegal drug. I have yet to face this decision in my troop. Very simply, on an outing caught red handed it would be an immediate suspension with council being notified as to why. Rumors would be an SMC with scout, parents and CC. Rumors all have a basis in reality. The troop records would show he was a member but not in good standing
  14. You want the same rule for Things like James E West and Other Monetary based Awards? What do you have against where the money comes from? Should we Require the Scout to get a Job and pay for everything themselves? That would change the types of projects Scouts do now days and stop the Majority of "Out Doing" we do now days.. A Scout can arrange a Community Service Projects or they can arrange to pay for a Display they Build out of Pocket to Honor themselves. .The Question was when should the Scout stop requesting additional funding...simple...when project is completed. Honestly things like SE and DE's that take lots of dollars to maintain can go away. Same goes for the scout camps.
  15. Who says scouting isn't for the rich???? I do not have a family that could afford to front money for an eagle project. So my scouts are penalized by their financial situation. So while old rich kid can start his project before he has raised sufficient funds and hope to collect on the back end. Old poor kids project gets delayed till his fundraising is complete. Sounds like the old double standard to me 2cd.
  16. She really pisses me off too. Then she says boy scouting is too expensive. Compared to what???? Not your boys 3 months of football at $250 or their band participation. or..... Campouts cost $15 bucks because that is what the food cost. $50 for dues because we need propane, tents and break stuff occasionally. Or the Before I give you a penny in dues I demand to see your budget...... Ok you did not spend $100 of last years, so you need to deduct that from this year..... Yes maam that is true, but we are saving to buy more tents...... So your spending my sons money to buy tents. yes we are Well does he get to take it with him when he is finished. No maam he does not. He is currently using tents that the boys before him purchased. So think of it as his legacy. Well I am not sure I am comfortable with that. Sorry to hear that, but he pays the dues or he can enjoy his scouting elsewhere.
  17. I think your backwards on that schiff. you will see more council contingents and fewer troop ones. many troops raise funds as a group for such a trip. The problem is they will no longer be able to do it. Council contingents will grow because those will means will need to band together to go. Bottom line here. I think it will kill troop or pack level fundraising. The current crop of parents are not selfless and when I mentioned this they all said they were done fundraising. One mom who happens to be CM said "I am not fundraising so Johnny scout who didn't sell any popcorn can go to camp or enjoy scouting free". As popcorn Kernel nothing would make me happier. I devote 2 months most of my living room to raising money for council. Pay as ya go. I am good with that.
  18. The OP while well intentioned needs to get trained. The DE will say great create the Crew attached to the Troop, Why is that????? The DE will get credit on his Performance Evaluation for creating a new unit. You are doing a disservice to both units.
  19. That is fine. It was one outing. the original poster is creating an all girl crew attached to a Troop. That is not how the program was intended.
  20. fighting over a name how quaint. Wait till roundtable fights begin. So how long before we simply have 50 councils? I bet we see it in my lifetime.
  21. Crews and troops are separate organizations. I would like to discourage you from taking the girls along on troop outings. I think you are doing a huge disservice to the Boys in the troop by letting their sisters tag along. boy scouting and venturing are not Family scouting. So for that sake of both programs do not allow the crew to tag along on every troop outing.
  22. Ok 92......I gotta ask why were you assigning scouts as instuctors? Shouldn't you have been mentoring the SPL to do it? So a scout wants to just come and have fun........Isn't that the point? Several months ago we had the First Class and Scoutmaster recommendation talk with the troop. I let them know that in no uncertain terms that I would not sign off if I had any doubt in their abilities. Guessing here........The troop is very adult led? The boys have never eaten late or missed a meal on a campout because the cooks just wanted to have fun. My guys have never missed a meal, but at breakfast at nearly lunch time and missed the morning activity over it. Sometimes you just need to step back and let a lad find his feet. I have a few of them in my troop. They go to summer camp, swim, fish canoe, shoot and have a great time.no interest in advancing. For them scouting is a social club.....that is ok too.
  23. Your not hearing me either. I get what your saying.....Creating or transfering to a different unit should be a drag and drop kinda thing on the computer. But ya know what, DE's and council folks aren't that honest. Guess how long it would be before legions of ghost units would exist. So explain to me your vision of Johny scout transfering from troop 1 to troop 2. How is the admin taken care of? Currently They have a hard copy with signature showing the transfer or new member. We have been told that everytime you submit a new application that a new background check is performed. Is the system perfect, no. But I would rather have more background checks than less. are they actually doing them, I have no clue.
  24. A fine post, a very fine post indeed. A shame his adult leadership failed him. One of the articles said his SM knew he was gay and said it wouldn't be a problem. I also read the reports as 99 did he said he did not believe in god.
  25. Thanks for coming back and letting us know what happened. His response is what I would have expected from a 12 year old. But I am curious why a mere month delay seems sufficient? the behavior the young man displayed too a while to become part of him, I think it will take more than a month to correct itself. as a parent I think the telling thing to look for is what other websites he is visiting. The young man learned these behaviors from someone, I am going to bet is was either youtube or porn sites.
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