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  1. of course my responses seem odd to you. We live in two different United States.
  2. Horizon your one messed up fellow....shakin my head. If the fellow is going to all the trouble to start a new unit. Membership applications are the least of his problem or worry. Take the 5 minutes and fill it out. Remember all the ruckus a couple of years ago when they first started doing mandatory background checks and everyone, at least in my council, had to fill out new apps. My point is if your to lazy to fill out the application again, then maybe your to lazy to be looking at starting a new unit.
  3. hmmmm, so an application is too much bother to fill out for a seperate unit. Makes you wonder if Youth protection training, tour permits and the Guide to Safe scouting are too much of a bother as well.
  4. A shame you cannot get your head around this. So exactly where does your unit get the money from to subsidize your campouts???? Is it dues???? or out of a leaders pocket. your just playing a shell game with who is paying for what. While a $30 camping weekend is not much for some of you, it is nearly a deal breaker for my unit. So you charge me $15 for a camporee, I then need to buy food and fuel which is about $15 a head. Then I buy the supplies for my station at the camporee. All this so the SE can have a house on the golf course or the new corvette. No thanks.
  5. just an other rich boy, like the lad in Texas who killed those people driving drunk.....Oh my dad will get me out of this. The parents sole income was from renting 4 beach houses in costa rica....and who picks up and moves to be near their son's trial. I am going to guess he was raised in an environment of no consequences. I really enjoyed the part where he filed court papers to have the domains, laptop and bitcoins returned to him. Ok, just admit guilt right???
  6. Well I am glad you have YOUR standards that you judge a boy or adult member with. It is a shame that the general public that labels every member of the BSA a boy scout doesn't have that same standard, what ever it is.
  7. So I gotta ask. Have you met every single person face to face on your daughters facebook friend list???? I bet No, Are you comfortable with that???? Are you sure every single one of the people on her list are who they protray themselves as on facebook? Yet you object to Troop leadership, who you met, being friends with them???? Seems odd to me. Of course I do not know your troop leadership, they could be complete dirtbags, but I don't know that.
  8. How exactly do you think that a lad learns this????? A question like "Do you think you have lived the scout oath, law and spirit since your last BOR?" and if he misses " Can you think of any instances where you think you didn't?" If he still misses then you get the ball peen hammer of "I read your facebook post from x days/weeks ago, how do you feel your post about X reflects the scout oath and law?" and smack him between the eyes with it. Simply asking the question directly gets you no where.
  9. So exactly how do you separate the two? Is there a magical bar of ethics and behavior somewhere I am missing????? Slapping on a backpack or car camping 25 nights doesn't make you a good person. I think you have bought into the illusion that eagle is something more than it is...... I think that romantic notion is dead, Probably about the time of Green Bars first departure from the BSA
  10. The most profound line in the article.... He was a rare set of contradictions, a humanitarian willing to kill, a criminal with a strict code of ethics.
  11. Most get lost on the journey, a shame they didn't spend a bit more time learning their compass skills.
  12. Ya old georgia, pulls out her paranoia about the IRS every time there is something negative about the old BSA. Yes the American Heritage Girls are a WHITE CHRISTIAN RICH Girl organization. look on the map where the churches are that sponsor them. Ya Georgia, if we where walking down a street toward each other, I guarantee that you would cross the street to get away from me. The Plus, I still have all my teeth.
  13. Boys will be boys.....He probably is acting like his friends. But that isn't an excuse. Thank you for Standing up for what is right. As Scoutmaster I am not involved in the BOR process, but I would have not signed off on his scout spirit and had a SMC about respect. I would ask the usual BOR questions and about half way in, ask a leading question about scout spirit and if he thinks he is living the law and the oath. Basically fish, if he fails to clue in ask about his behavior on facebook and the way he treats his 700 friends. The lad is 12. He has time to stumble on his race toward Eagle. Holding him back 6 months won't kill him. I would not pass him on his BOR based on the complaints regardless on how he responds. I am going to guess this lad has figured out how to work adults. If he leaves scouting over it, then he really wasn't that interested.
  14. So how does completing a checklist make him a better person?????? As many have said, Eagles are just people. I am beginning to for the hypothesis that, They are just people who are given opportunity.
  15. Don't you just love a poster asking a very broad question and then never posting any follow up information.
  16. Ya, can't say that I like either of those. 2. That is why I don't like Troop Camperships. Troop and fundraising dollars are too hard to come by.
  17. I always get the biggest laugh at her posts. OH THE DRAMA. I am really glad your enjoying the Christian White girls only club.
  18. Your comment on SPL and more points on college admissions. Please cite your source.
  19. Your statement is not correct. A leaders son does no more or less work than a non leaders son to earn his Eagle. But he probably does more work preparing for campouts, setting up meetings and such.
  20. Nice Ego..... Did you even bother to read my statement???? Anyone who says you can judge a 13 or 14 year old and tell me what kind of man he is going to be is a liar. You never know. I never said they were undeserving. That would mean Eagle had some sort of moral or ethical standard.......It does not. It means you completed a check list. thats all.
  21. It is a checklist in the purest sense. If you complete the check marks you earn it. National, Council, District and Parents have removed the Troops ability to do any quality control. If you doubt it, explain to me how boys who break law stealing, drug use or even sexual crimes still receives his Eagle. If it is to ever return to anything more than a check list, then they need to start rejecting some of these substandard scouts.
  22. We had a Male ASM who was active went camping with the troop every trip. Well while he was camping mom was cheating on him......Long story short. They separated mom wanted new boy friend to become a member of the troop. The COR and CC rejected his app because he is morally corrupt. I lost the scout and Dad/ASM over that. Mom had custody an pulled him from the troop. So what are you talking about???? Impossible to offer advise without knowing. Could be smoking in front of the boys to very public affairs????????? Obviously one is dealt with differently than the other.
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