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  1. Or how about our last district awards dinner. Meat was donated by a local butcher, Venue was at a CO so donated, It was pot luck so you needed to bring a side dish or desert, and your own mess kit. Then they had the audacity to charge $10 a person to attend. hmmmmm. Sure $10 isn't much. But I take issue with them charging me for no service. I currently have the worst DE in scouting history. Doesn't return phone calls, emails or txt. Provides horrible service and he said at the last Round table he was doing away with Pack School assignments so that will be a free for all. Again why should I donate to Council because my council and district provide NOTHING of value to my unit or my scouts.
  2. That is complete BS. The last camporee our district had the budget is as follows. Campgrounds Donated by the VFW Portajohns Donated by Bob's Blue shacks Stations Donated by the particpating units Patch $3 each Awards made by a volunteer and donated. No cracker barrel or food provided. Cost was $15 per scout to attend. So exactly where did the other $12 go????? Or the day camp, Were did the other $70 go per scout?????
  3. Well the DC still hasn't called me back. Left another message last night.
  4. Yes Institutional Head. I am going to meet with him Sunday after service and lunch.
  5. How about that Boy that earned all the merit badges at 14???? Parents should butt out of the Boys advancement.
  6. So explain to me how you judge the character of a 14 year old Eagle candidate???? How do you know the man he will become when he has yet to face most of the decisions that will mold him into the adult he will become.
  7. I disagree, many units are held together by one driven adult. How many units have you seen self destruct after a longtime SM retires???
  8. What a bunch of self righteous BS.. Seriously folks, Eagle is just a checklist, Run the checklist get your patch. So who puts in more work to Complete the check list????? Depends on the Troop and how it is run. A lad could be in a troop with figure head youth leaders and the adults do all of the work. So certainly not him. or he could be in a purely boy led troop where the youth run the program and take care of the gear. Or somewhere in the middle, I bet most of the troops run like this. So from my experience the Leaders son's do more work than any other troop member, they arrive early and stay late, help set up and clean up. on and on. I would like to add that it also depends on the leader......Is is a do nothing ASM or committee member???? Or is it the QM mentor???? So I would like to qualify my statement a bit to exclude these folks. I posted a thread a year or two ago about a statement my son made......It stinks being a leaders son. I am sensitive to his sense of fairness and the amount of work he puts in compared to the rest of the troop. To answer the question, I hold neither in higher regard. But I know who put in the extra effort in my Troop.
  9. I call BS on the economy......It is an excuse for people not to spend money if they don't want to. Looking at the boys in my troop and the gifts they received this year......the economy is just fine. I you want any other fundraising approved you had better sell popcorn first, at least round here, otherwise you other fundraising opportunity will be denied, well that is if you actually apply for it thru council. Far as fundraisers go......Last day camp, they charged$85 per, with a budget of $15 per including Tshirt, Then the Tshirts had sponsorship logos all over the back, so they are making $70 per scout, or how about the $15 BS camporee with a $3 patch, donated site and porta johns.... They can cry me a river about money and fundraising.
  10. With that said....... I understand giving a lad latitude for self expression or exploration. But at what point does the troop Atheist or Pagan become an issue and you need to have him removed or stop advancing them on the grounds of scout spirit.?????? Most scouters have experience with a boy that says he doesn't believe in god or the self proclaimed Pagan. My experience has been most of the time it is for shock effect and to get a reaction.
  11. I have been accused of being old school. I am and forever will be a man of my word
  12. He did not meet the membership requirements at the time. So no he should not receive it.
  13. If he did would he have to return that Money that Ellen gave him. The only reason MR. Andersen made such a splash was he was from a Rich White home, he was also well spoken, and good looking. Makes great media. Had he been from a poor home and an awkward boy would it have been news probably not. But MOM drove the media bus. There is a thread on here somewhere about it....too lazy or disinterested to look it up. There are plenty of failures on this one. The SM and BOR for continuing to pass him on his BOR and scout spirit requirements. Sorry guys grow a back bone and say no if a lad tells you he is an atheist or, at the time, he is gay. Mr. Andersen, because, he was taking an oath he did not believe in. That is really screwed up.
  14. Well, left two messages for the New DC to call me last night. To this point he has not returned my call. I hate that they are getting the IH involved.
  15. Ya, I came home from the committee meeting, son and daughter picked it up right away. Didn't sleep much last night and this morning the wife told me to resign because it isn't worth getting all worked up over. Well, I am going to call the DC tonight and ask him to come to a meeting with the CC, CM, ASM and the COR and tell the rest of the story and why the COR reacted the way he did.
  16. To be honest, I could careless about what the other units think. I am really bothered by the games that the DC is playing. The Cub pack did a pretty good job of hiding their membership issues. they meet in a different area of the church. And I did notice that the traffic and parking were not busy as it should have been. Sure I am mad, I had the unit up to nearly 100 three years ago, now they number less than 20. there are problems. But the DC isn't helping.
  17. Hmmmm, I can see a non outdoor super geeky cubedwelling fluffy millennial dad or mom going to ebay or amazon and buying the listed books. Reading them and declaring I have read Kudu's recommended books so I am now qualified to take a group of 12 year olds on an outing. This is exactly how we end up on the 6 o'clock news. Helicopters and rescuers are now searching for a Leader and a group of scouts lost in Big Mountain State Park. or drowned in Big Muddy River or burnt 1 million acres in Big Green State park. A paper pushing course does not make you an outdoorsman. With all of the drama with our new District Commisioner, it is no wonder quality outdoorsman are leaving......To much of a hassle. Sorry boys your going to need to learn citizenship from a game console.
  18. I see provisional troops suggested above. I think it is a really bad idea to send a new scout with a unit he does not know and a part time scoutmaster looking after him. Seems like a recipe for a homesick lad who you will never see again after summer camp. Looking for a couple of provisional camps for a couple of my boys who do not want to attend our traditional camp with the troop. Both require the lads to be first class and 13 years old before they will take them.
  19. His facts and story was correct, so I did not speak up.
  20. Musta missed the part where he invited himself to a meeting that he talked the Pack leadership into with the Institutional Head. IMO this drama is one of the reasons the BSA gets a bad name. No wonder the CO's don't want a scout unit.
  21. Our summer resident camp cost $225. Catalina Island. Not sure how far a drive it is from your town. But the ferry alone is $75 round trip. $700 seems excessive to me, I could not afford it.
  22. In a further response to your post. Isn't that the grist of the Powderhorn course. Know your limits, you cannot be proficient at everything and Know where to get the experts to put on a safe and exciting course for your unit.
  23. officially probably not. But the district volunteers certainly enforce it.
  24. Oh he is a slick character. No idea why he is after this fellow or is he?. No idea what his motives are???? I thought he was out of line at roundtable and I know he is out of line showing up at the CO and getting them all riled up. Tonight after our Den and Troop meetings I am going to try to pull all of the leaders together and let them know the rest of the story. Where did the COR get the info that the Pack was in trouble? the COR did as you requested and kept his nose out of your program, well the Chief District volunteer publicly ridiculed his unit, How is he supposed to react??? Is anything that was said by either the DC or COR less than true???? Just pissed off at the entire situation, especially since he Q as I sat their silently and listened to the goings on my blood was boiling, I knew better than to open my mouth because I was more than furious...
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