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  1. He is more focused on his review score for starting a new unit
  2. I agree with schifff. this is pathetic..... If it were one of my lads an SMC would be needed and a discussion about doing the right thing and not always receiving payment in any form.
  3. What a fantastically funny thread......Choked on my coffee.....OH MY. This is how we get the no fire building, can't tie a knot, do first aid or find their way out of a paper bag eagles. Soooooooo, Who is his merit badge councilor?????? what does he or she have to say on the subject???? Oh that's right you did it as a troop. NOT the way it was intended.
  4. Naw it is disinterested, lazy parents and leaders. Honestly I would like to have the summer off, but a successful troop needs to meet and continue the program.
  5. And we wonder why they don't stay in scouting after they cross over. Because in Boy Scouts we don't recognize them for hiking a crossed a parking lot or showing up at the fire station, or blowing their nose. In some troops they actually have to show some proficiency in a task. We don't award for brushing our teeth or peeing on a tree. Had the a new cross over in tears at our spring court of honor because he didn't get a baggie full of awards. Really???? My point is........I believe their is too much bling in cub scouting, and when a boy joins a troop and gets a rank patch a summer camp patch and maybe a merit badge or two at his first court of honor, they think it isn't worth it.
  6. I disagree baggss. Yes Yes I am familiar with the crew rules and Youth Protection. What I disagree with is it becoming a family outdoor adventure. That was never the intent of Venturing. So what we have is Venturing becoming the new Cub Scouting????? Family camping and all...... Not a good thing.
  7. Nice reply 99 Another dad searching for awards for son.....Nice. Under the auspices.......Patrol outings and Merit badges both require SM's Approval....... So hiking and biking for the merit badge is under the auspices. So if the Cycling MBC is ok with counting the short trips to the corner kwikie mart for slushies toward the merit badge then I am good with it too, I have no other choice, other than report that MBC to the district on the complaint form. Scouter 99, I told KDD earlier to fix his troop.....Not abandon it....Or have his son invite his patrol on the ride.
  8. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of belt loops and pins I pick up off the fellowship hall after the pack meeting. The boys don't care......the parents do....... I think I maybe partly responsible for this, because I posted on bryan asking why there was no nose wiping or I didn't cry belt loops. Because we have them for everything else. The boys know they are meaningless. The bb and archery are complete jokes, sit thru the safety talk and shoot a few times and you have earned it.
  9. You sound just like me......I need to share a cigar and beverage with you sometime.
  10. The only thing that would make this thread any better is if shaggzzz told us he was a life scout waiting on his board of review.
  11. How typical......No follow up from the OP......
  12. It isn't family scouting, so have mom stay at home. This is where many leaders fail. It becomes a couple of families Cub Scout style.
  13. You are not here for the boys. Currently you are stroking your own Ego as Self proclaimed super scout...... Didn't you post last week that you took the role of SPL from the lad an assigned jobs to the PL's at a training session????? That was way out of line. So I will state you are involved for you and no one else. Not meant to be mean but a wake up call to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have lost your way
  14. You are not a neutral Party when it comes to this unit. Your opinion is biased. Scoutmasters get sick and in a thin program outings get canceled. A Shame some of the ASM's or parents couldn't step up and give the SM a weekend off. You should NOT be their unit commisioner or involved with them in any manner. You are super biased against them and are too deeply involved in the CO, Troop and Packs politics. You need to back way up. This is not your scouting journey.....yours was over when you turned 18. This is your son. Have you ever wondered how your shenanigans are impacting his scouting adventure???? I will go further and suggest you disinvolve yourself with your sons troop. Your a roundtable commisioner, I suggest you concentrate on that and let your son have some fun and HIS ADVENTURE>
  15. for the record I have not turned away a boy interested in joining.
  16. Ya know ED, it isn't my program it is theirs. Not sure why a formal campfire program missing is a red flag. They would rather play ghost in the grave yard, man hunt, sniper or capture the flag. I am good with the PLC's decision. The SPL was sick. just that simple. He maybe getting a bit burned out as well, he is at the end of his tenure. But he had the flu when I stopped by his house monday evening after the troop meeting. Not sure what your reading into it.
  17. These sorts of things happen, The OA is boy led and boys let thing slip...... Blame your SM......he should receive this info at the roundtable and it is generally posted on your councils website.
  18. His departure or absence would have not been missed. He effectively avoided me for more than 20 hours, the remains of the weekend. The big issues was his holding court and distracting the other from the jobs at hand.
  19. Try here http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/programupdates.aspx http://www.scouting.org/filestore/program_update/pdf/2015_Program_Change_Overview_Cub_Scouts_Boy_Scouts.pdf page 11 in the pdf
  20. Ya, hanging with your buddies is better than home in bed. He still should have said I am not feeling good to day ASPL could you take these duties...... With the way many of the boys home lives are there is no doubt they like being away on weekends.
  21. Letter won't prove anything but make enemies.
  22. My son took care of a bully issue at school as dad instructed him too. He was suspended for 3 days, bully problem solved. The school failed to take care of it so he did. when I was called into the office I told the principle we tried it her way and she failed him. so he took care of it and stood up for himself.
  23. An Eagle scout crying because he is being called names????? Especially at 14 years old. by a lower ranking scout. Something is seriously wrong here. Ya know if it was my boy, I would have grabbed him by the arm got a bit of private space and asked him. So tell me exactly why or what your crying about......Your gonna let little billy foul mouth upset you, Billy foul mouth is putting you down because you have more going on and he is jealous. He needs to put you down so he feels better about himself. So he called you gay or queer or stupid.....well are you????? I am your dad and proud of you... His words can only hurt you if you let him. Don't get me wrong it is disrespectful.......But I would hope an Eagle candidate would have enough self confidence that name wouldn't bother him. My son an his pals call each other gay and engage in typical teenage name calling and nicknaming. Occasionally feelings get hurt......ya know what they get over it. Sounds to me like Troop 1 failed the lad, Just like his so called friends. I know my son's patrol are thick as thieves and would with out a doubt deal with someone picking on them. Let me say there is much much more to the story than we are getting here. I think that scouting and the tear shed are just surface of the issues here.
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