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  1. There are some "modifications" that are approved by BSA for disabilities. They are NOT posted and are only available from the Council/BSA HQ. National is the only entity that is allowed to change ANY requirement for a MB. If your Council does NOT have the documents, have them check with National Advancement team. My $0.02
  2. Tahawk: First you must have a Program Chair. We have problems keeping them as District/Council require a profit from anything that is planned. The Units usually schedule/plan ALL District events, and supply the help. If you want to use Council facilities, that cost extra too and can not be included in the profit as it is a cost. I can't even remember the last calendar planning meeting. I think it was two or three years ago.
  3. Scoutnut: Our Council gets at least %15 for ALL events (Klondike, Camporees, WeBELOS events, ...) It had nothing to do with inviting GSA or LFL. We just lost a great fundraising opportunity because the District Rep (DE/CFO/...) wanted at least $1000 donations where the people were willing to donate hundreds but not thousands. The last "District Dinner" that I executed, the District not only wanted their 15% but wanted the adults to pay for the awards that the District (not the District Dinner Committee) decided to give out. Would not have been so bad if they just took the money from th
  4. Well, after reading all this, it seems we have missed a point. Is the other Districts event paying the Council? I scheduled an event, then had to find a new sponsor because my Council wanted at least 15% of the monies. This event was scheduled with BSA (including Cubs), GSA, and LFL as participants. Usually, to get District/Council to sign off, they have to be in on the Cash side. They do not have to provide anything for it, you provide all the volunteers, but they need the cash. My $0.02 p.s. This is also one of the reasons I am leaving Scouting after being an adult off and
  5. Gives you a little insight to the meaning of 'On MY honor". If you put your name down and the youth did not and does not deserve it, Your name is worth what????? Excellent description gentlemen. Glad to hear some still doing it right. :-)
  6. You are absolutely correct. It used to be FC w/Star, FC w/life, and FC w/Eagle. First Class was the highest award. It is supposed to be the point where the youth is self sufficient and could take a group of boys camping w/o adult supervision. Now that National expects them to learn within one year all that is required, a lot of Scouters have gone to the one-and-done method. I asked a First Class Scout to tie a square knot a couple of weeks ago and he could not. He did not remember what a bowline was for either..... Guess I'll wait for "EAGLE" the Wii game so National can ensure the num
  7. The emphasis is that the youth bring a buddy. Please CYA by ensuring that the YOUTH brings another person, be it his family, friend or whatever. If you provide the "other" person you still leave yourself open to accusations and YP problems. "A Scout first expresses an interest in a particular merit badge by letting his unit leader know. To get him started, the leader gives him a signed Application for Merit Badge (blue card) along with the name and contact information for a district/council approved merit badge counselor. The Scout then contacts the merit badge counselor and makes an ap
  8. If you decline, then you have NO right to complain about the new Eagle that can't tie a square knot or recite the 12 points of the Scout Law, or even state the Oath in his own words. Because NOT ONE cared enough to ensure that they could. Just like complaining about the elections if you don't vote.
  9. Why don't YOU attend Roundtables? It is not a representation item it is a sharing/mentoring/learning time for ALL positions. Maybe you should help your Roundtable to figure out what they need to get you and ALL your Scouter friends attending.
  10. AK, You are NOT telling us how many Scouts are attending this event. 6 - 8 or 30 - 50. The argument for "Patrol Activity" may be mute. If the "Troop" is going, the adults should be there. They are NOT required to follow each group, but if it is a long zip-line (like a canopy tour) you might want to have a couple of adults at the beginning and end for Safety sake. Those adults should have a working communications system (cell phone, walkie-talkies,...) to let the other group know of any problems (medical or otherwise). My $0.02 for what it is worth.
  11. If it wasn't that I live here, I'd definitely agree with you KDD.
  12. Packsaddle, Woodbadge 21st Century is in essence a "Leadership" course designed for business structures. The "Scouting" is crammed in between lessons on group dynamics and such. It used to be the "Pinnacle" of Scouting training but now you can be a first year Tiger Cub Leader and come out of the course with a GREAT desire and hardly any knowledge of the scouting program. I had looked forward to attending for decades. Once I attended the "New" WB, I was slightly disappointed, I had some good tickets but I would have done them anyhow. I thought maybe my 20+ years as adult scouting had caus
  13. Good thing we are non-political. (LOL) Unfortunately we have parents that think their boys should be 11 yr old eagles but that they should not have responsibility of 1st Class Scout due to them being only 12 and a 1st Class Scout.... My $0.02
  14. I have seen the "Scouting" in various countries. Most allow female patrols & male patrols. They camp separated and have proper adult supervision. I have noticed that they do NOT seem near as awkward around females as the BSA does. (For example the Korean Girls loved to visit the BSA boys because they would run away or be shy around them.) I personally think the BSA should become the US Scouting Association. There is more to be learned from working together than there is by ignoring one another and treating one as a lesser deserving sex. Can it work? Yes. Will it work? Probably no
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