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  1. oh i,m telling you said ASS! I,M Offended (well, when I got started I was going to edit the word ASS, not that its that bad actually, but just as a hint that scorpionace should shape up, then I saw the member closed account thing and figure this may be a fitting final posting so I will leave it OGE (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  2. smart mouths get smart answers ok i cant stand to hear you cry i will go away boohooo go ahead lil sheep follow the leader don like it when it dosnt go your way i bet you taddled in school too i wont see you later (OGE here, all I did was reduce the size of the word Boohoo, the original was so long it went off the page (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  3. You know, some people never get the hint to cease and desist. OGE here (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  4. yep i think i will start a (new world scout troop) and all fund raising monies will be 110% invested in youth activities. But one thing for certain it won't be a part of the (good ole boys clubs) I already got 3 parents and 8 kids intrested just gotta draw up the laws and by-laws and get the 501 c 3 fish and or camp every 3rd week end
  5. trolls ? don,t they hide in the shadows of bridges and eat lil sheep SHHHHHHHHHHH Don,t wake the troll
  6. have a piece of pie little sheep with some crust and nuts it will make you feel better BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  7. WOW!!! Sheep with hoof in mouth baaaaaa baaaaaaaa poor sheep
  8. cheesy corn bread chili pie Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good on a cold camp out. ya make it in a dutch oven. warm ya up fill ya up but watch out for the gas don't light a match in your tent
  9. Maybe the government needs to take over it like auto industry. i wonder if the BSA CEOs have private jets???? Really they should get audited from the top to the very roots
  10. I agree with Greg Nelson his eyes are open about the lil scam they have going
  11. Whats that BAAAAAAAAAAAAA! BAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The sheep are angry! Poor sheep
  12. what the matter? truth hurts huh a non profit org ceo shouldn't get a million a year i,m not saying all of scouting is bad just some bad eggs think about it sell popcorn,candy bars make lots of profit from the kids labor and the the parents still have to spend hundreds $$$ for camping? and what do the kids get oh wow a patch made in china just like the uniforms cheap labor over inflated cost then you have friends of scouting wanting donations and they will give you a cheap coffee cup or something. the money sure don't go towards the kids Then there is the clear cutting of timber
  13. I caught them with there hands in the cookie jar and saint louis is turning a blind eye to them
  14. B.S.A B ack S tabing A ssociation $$$ spend spend spend $$$ C E Os with big fat wallets Don,t spend much on the kids So much corruption wont last for another 100 years SCOUT LEADERS WITH SWELLED HEADS BIG EGOS STEELING FROM OUR YOUTH that is what southern Illinois has become
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