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  1. He goes into Boy Scouts. The joining requirements are to be 11 OR have finished 5th grade OR have earned the Arrow of Light (he must be at least 10 in these last two cases). So depending on when his birthday is, he will qualify under being 11 or having earned AOL and being at least 10 years old. The problem comes with the 5 year old Tiger and 6 year old Wolf. They could be too young to crossover after 2nd year Webelos, even with AOL.
  2. Semper is 100% correct. You will also likely find that once one boy has earned a badge of rank, the rest get in gear quickly. I would also be willing to bet that many of the others are a lot closer than they think. At the Wolf and Bear levels, a lot of requirements are things that the kids are doing at home or in school anyway. Akela (Parents) just need to look at the book and figure out what is there.
  3. "if the boy has no initiative to advance, then he doesn't." As it should be. It's up to the boys. We have a few kids like this. Most decided to get their rears in gear when their little brothers joined the troop.
  4. Actually, we had a boy recently complete three boards in one night. He's 14 and a good Scout. He had done everything, he just hadn't completed the final step for each rank. We ran three boards, voting after each one, so as to not run afoul of the requirement that the ranks must be earned consecutively. He was pretty nervous during the Tenderfoot board, but relaxed when I asked him that should he be awarded Tenderfoot, what his plans were for completing Second Class.
  5. The only requirement where I could see it reasonable for a parent to sign off is the 2nd class one on the drug and alcohol program as it says discuss with your family(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  6. (This message has been edited by molscouter)
  7. Merlyn, a Catholic priest may not knowingly give communion to a non-Catholic. To do so would be a violation of Church rules and to require him to do so would be the Government establishing a religion. That does not mean he can't provide counseling, guidance, red-tape cutting or any other service that a chaplain provides. Now if the atheist in question had been baptised a Catholic and received the proper instruction in the sacrament of the Eucharist (like 2nd graders do) and he was returning to the flock, so to speak, different question. But of course, if that was the case, he would not be
  8. Cutting posts off again; will try from home later (maybe)(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  9. (This message has been edited by molscouter)
  10. That brings up an interesting question. Do the 6 months have to be consecutive? A strict readng of the requirement would say no, but it could be implied that they should be.(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  11. Northern Minnesota or Maine would be a different matter.
  12. Has to be a local rule. Those dates would make no sense for a pack in Florida or Hawaii. Northern Minnes
  13. Without a few details, it's hard to say. Are these activity badges or other AOL requirements? What requirements are involved? Is there a reason to be suspicious? In previous years, was this one of those boys who came to an April den meeting with all of the achievements and enough electives for 10 arrow points all signed off, even though nothing had been signed off all year? That being said, depending on the badge, I often accepted the parents word/signature. For the Handyman badge, I didn't particularly want to see the boy change a tire or a light bulb; I accepted the parent's word o
  14. (This message has been edited by molscouter)
  15. Without taking sides, Backpacker, natural gas is comprised primarily of methane mixed with some higher hydrocarbons (butane, propane, etc.).
  16. deleted(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  17. Actually, even the Webelos I's can use the old book (it isn't mandatory until Aug 2005). You probably won't find copies though. Be sure to look for areas where both can work. For example, the Citizen badge is now a requirement for the Webelos rank. So if the Webelos II's haven't earned that one yet, both groups can work together.(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  18. To expand on FOG's remarks, depending on what area of the country you are in, you might want to concentrate on the outdoor requirements and electives; here in the Nor(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  19. My guess is the 4scoutmom is a current Bear leader whose Bears will be Webelos before the month is o
  20. Ditto on watching the video. (This message has been edited by molscouter)
  21. It's cutting off my responses again.(This message has been edited by molscouter)
  22. message deleted(This message has been edited by molscouter)
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