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  1. Well.... I just received word that our CC has transferred his membership to another Pack, just days after sitting with us brainstorming ideas and sounding gung-ho and helpful. We need 5 boys to recharter, we have 3. So I guess that's it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello, It's been a long time since I have posted here. I am a committee member and Wolf leader for what was a decent size pack in South Louisiana (not New Orleans, but in that Council). Then Katrina hit. Our part of town was not as seriously affected as the side near the lake, but all of our families took damage of some kind, many serious, some have not returned to town at all but most simply are not interested in Cub Scouts right now. After the storm, as soon as school started back we began meeting as a Pack. None of the dens had enough boys to meet separately, so we were meetin
  3. If I recall correctly, the requirement is for a fire station OR a police station. So solve the problem - go to the police station instead. I agree with the others. I see your point about parent being Akela, but the Go See It is supposed to be with the den, the book says it is supposed to be with the den, so that would be my guide. Gently tell the parents sorry, the req is to do it with the den. Maybe you could talk with the fire station people and see if they could do sometrhing different than they did on the school trip. Plan a surprise. I don't think my boys would EVER get tired o
  4. I agree with cubbobwhite - we have separated them for the past several years. It works great!
  5. Great idea!! Here is my notes for October copied just as written. Times are just a guideline, not written in stone. A note about announcements - we ask the den leaders to cover this in the den so we don't spend so much time in the pack meeting on this. All announcements are on a sheet in minute detail, handed out at pack meetings, in den meetings and posted on our web site. We go over them briefly in pack meetings (concentrating on the one coming up next) and have a Q&A after the pack meeting closes. Only the new people are likely to stay for this and it only takes about 10 minutes. ****
  6. LOL, YES!! Of course. We do use it. It never seems to work untill someone YELLS "Signs up!" We have said we are not going to yell that anymore but inevitably someone does. Maybe we could sit the whole hour with our sign up until it gets quiet. Is this really what it is going to take?? sigh.
  7. Quick update - I quit as CC, which I guess motivated the other parents. We now have a CM, a new CC (I am gonna be his "personal assistant", LOL, and he will do the stuff that was giving me the biggest headaches, which is what he is good at so it is perfect!!) and several new committee members. Hope it stays that way! So we have had 2 pack meetings and are concentrating on the fun activities and minimizing the "business" and anouncements (we have had meetings that were more of a business meeting where we just SAT the whole night). Input from scouts is that they are having a BLAST, and peo
  8. I am a Tiger leader. I recruited an adult to make the phone calls. Most of mine do not have e-mail, and I do not do well with phone calls! I asked her to call back till she gets someone if at all possible, rather than leaving a message, and so far it seems to be working well. This is my third son to go thru Tigers and the same thing has happened. I have a den of 11 because I don't want to split them up knowing many will drop out. (this is with DE approval) Sure enough we have averaged around 8 per meeting. OUt of 5 I think you are par for the course. Just do not quit because of this!! 1
  9. I had one of those at our first meeting too...he was dropped off and I did not notice till halfway through the meeting. Another parent had noticed and had stepped in with him so to me it looked as if he had a partner there. I did notice and spoke to the dad when he got there. I know these particular parents (at least the mom who dropped him off) had been informed of the partner requirement. The dad got very snippy (well, he may not have known) no matter how apologetic I was... wonder if we will see him back. I did tell one parent this week thatshe could not send her boy with another boy a
  10. I would keep him with his den. Here, there is a grade called T-1 (transitional first grade) for those who did K but not quite ready for 1 yet. They can join Tigers then. the next year they are in first grade, but often not quite 7. We just keep them with their den, even though their denmates are a year ahead. Your boy should be close enough to the age requirement. IMO, if he met the grade req.last year, why change him now? I just don't see the point. Plus, it might hurt him, and it will hurt nothing to keep him where he is.
  11. And I let our DE know I will be stepping down - or rather, BACK as of October 5 (day after our next Pack meeting) I decided to serve as Committee chairman until a new CM was found, assuming a few weeks at most, in APRIL. Now it is abundantly clear that no one is interested and they are quite happy with me at the helm (all the while griping about me and my decisions - which they will not participate in - behind my back - let's just say I have definitely learned who my real friends are) I have spent the past two weeks dealing with SNFS and our first pack meeting, trying to get info fro
  12. We have not had ours yet - scheduled for Sept. 7th. Hoping for lots of new guys! I know already our Tiger program will be huge - we have had lots of inquiries. Still no Cubmaster yet, but the DE is meeting with a prospect tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!
  13. Hey, fotoscout -- FYI the 2 identical/1 fraternal is the most common combo of spontaneous (non-fertility) triplets!! Trailpounder -- how do I know this??? b/c I have a set of my own, BBG, but they are only 3 (next month) Coincidentally I will be a Tiger Partner myself this year. I have 3 older boys, 13, 11 and 6. Or in Scout lingo: Star, Webelos 2, and Tiger! To answer the OP, if you end up with parents who don't want to stay, well then the boy doesn't get to stay. Sad but true, in Tigers the adult is not an option. When #2 was a Tiger, and I was put on bed rest with the t
  14. I was going to post that exact same response - wait a little, then send food. Make sure it is something you think kids would like. Maybe have pizza sent over (call them and tell them you are going to do this) Fruit basket etc would be great too. I just think they will get more out of it if it comes AFTER the initial flurry of visitors is over. They are likely to have so much then they have to throw some away!
  15. Thanks all. Answers: The CM retired in May. He was still CM when we rechartered, and is still on the books as CM. The DC and DE know we lack a CM and I discussed it with the DC recently. The CO won't be any help. They only provide a meeting place, and as far as I know take no interest in the Pack other than that. I don't even know if we have a COR. It is a school and closed for the summer so I can't even talk to them. This is the reason I asked in another post if the two Webelos dens could meet together. We have decided to wait and see how school night goes to decide f
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