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  1. Thanks for the advice, we are leaving to form a new Pack. I just was keen to find a way for the Scouts to have atleast some of the money for their activities rather than spend time yet again fundraising after a bad year when we have all been waiting to get out. We are thinking of Donating the funds to a Food Bank that we have partnered with, in the name of the Pack. The idea of them usurping such a large amount and not sharing any with us is what's galling. I know they have a right to do it. We would rather take the poison pill of a donation to a food bank , rather than them having a ban
  2. Slightly long message. However grateful for your advice. I am the elected CC of my Cub Pack and have been den leader for both my kids dens, and an avid Scouter for the last 7 years . Four years ago, our same number/ sister Troop split due to issues with newly bridged Cubmaster and den leaders being disallowed from camping trips with Troop for a year after bridging to this troop, among several other un-inclusive practices. (Dunno why they would want to exclude trained and enthusiastic Leaders...but they did, to retain 'control'.) The Parents who split off had originally recruited al
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