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  1. If the BSA has a rule on this I assure you it would be published. When you get down to it we are supposed to wear scout uniforms. Perspective: If cammo was banned in scouting I doubt if national would allow 30,000 boys to wear the free cammo boonie hats given out by the military at Jambo.
  2. I intentionally took camp off this year. My youngest is away at college and I was planning on staffing at jambo. At the last minute some stuff came up, mostly financial. I stepped down from 3 district positions, still with the troop but did not go to camp or jambo. Went on vacation with my wife(no kids, first time since our honeymoon 30 years ago) Down to only 5 meetings a month(OA of course). Got a little crazy with the scouting and lost the fun. Planning on a trip to camp next year for its 100th. BTW I did go to camp with a broken ankle in a cast.
  3. Just to be clears the complete MB's were not posted to scoutnet. They were recorded on there own Database. From what I understand is the staff advisor should have recieved a copy of this or has some sort of access to it.
  4. As chair of a contingent from my council I am well aware of the expenses involved in the Jamboree. Though you council is only 6 hours from the site there are expenses involved and I doubt if they include fillets and golden tent stakes. $1500 is on the low end of what at least 50% of the boys attending jambo are paying. Some from the west coast are around $3500. With a reduced transportation cost I am sure your council was able to decide on a cost and work to that adding touring and whatever to make it a great adventure. I also wouldn't blame your council since the jamboree planning is norma
  5. My son worked at Philmont last summer as a ranger. Not sure if the rules were enforced to the pound but I think he told me 38 adults were not allowed to go on the trail due to weight issues. He ending up filling in a crew that was short and got to go on a full trek. You do a diservice to the scouts throwing the dice and not making weigh-in. Time to switch to lean cuisine.
  6. All you can do is do your best(sound familiar). Conditions exist like this due to top management, not the camp director. The executive board is ulitimately responsible for the running of the camp. If you are advancement chair you have done your job by making the recomendations. As far as the targets go sounds to me like someone bought a bunch of the wrong ones by accident. An issue like that I would take care of as an inkind donation with my FOS contribution. As a troop leader whenever a camp councelor is lacking ie not making the boy start fires for wilderness survival we make them
  7. As stated level of contact is predicated by the position. Also, some leadership has changed a few times so it may take a bit from some to catch up. Depending on your position you may be able to do a search on facebook,myscouting,or a general search and get contact information. Another source is your regional personnell though since they moved to Texas not sure how to make contact yet. As far as uniform that is spelled out in the staff guide. Basically you wear your home uniform with no changes though some groups come up with JSP's but you should not bother with the Jambo troop number assignm
  8. Thank you everyone for entertaining me on my Friday evening. Just so everyone know this very discussion goes on continuously throughout the country and the more adults get involved the more complicated it gets. I did read through the whole thing though and there are a few points. Councils have the option to use reference letters but I believe the larger councils push this off on the district to handle the actually letters. As a distric we push it off to the troop. I will hold a BOR if I don't have all the letters, but usually the troop chair does there job so it was only an issue once
  9. They should have saved all the straw stesons they sold at a discount, better hat for VA the a ball cap
  10. I feel your pain but there is a lot to planning camp. I am on the council camping committee. We spend August reviewing evaluations. Septeber and October, reviewing budget and camp fees. Also working on camp promotion and staff hiring. We are continuously work on camp repairs. Then there are the mandates from National and from the state we have our camp in. We start promotion to nearby councils november 1st. Meantime our aquatics director, Climbing sports, and Shooting sports have mandated committees> I know Aquatics is working on adding activities to the waterfront. She has to write the p
  11. I kind of lean toward the Official Jamboree hat except the the person who designed the hats for Jambo never wore one in Virginia. I used my staff hat 2 days before I changed to the Mesh BSA visor cap. To darn hot to wear? Herb d
  12. Finally a logical answer! I like the design of this hat, totally functional. I mentioned the word cammo on the the Jambo Leader News group and they never got to the point of viable hat options. There is also a neat one on the Philmont tooth of time site called a Carbiner Bucket hat. Not as functional as this one but a neat concept.
  13. Reading the council guide it calls for an Uniform Hat or a Jamboree Hat. In the past we purchased boonies or visor caps and attached a JSP to the hat. What are other contingents doing for this event. Any of you buy the offical Jamboree hat for the entire contingent? The current green BSA hat is pretty hot when I wear it in the sun.
  14. Our Council has received one contingent patch for each scout. We are holding them until the first troop meeting.
  15. I beleive I specified that at the bottom of my post. Just to be clear though using letters is optional by council the procedure for using letters is not: (from the back of the Eagle Project work book) When the completed application is received at the council service center, its contents will be verified and the references contacted. The Scout shall have listed six references (five if no employer, and parent if no organized religious association). The council advancement committee or its designee contacts the references on the Eagle Scout Rank Application by letter, form, or te
  16. "Transition" is listed on page 443 of the New Handbook
  17. If the scout is not a member of an organized religious institution, his mom or dad must write a letter to the attention of the "Eagle Board of Review" stating that the family has no church affiliation at this time and outlining the reasons why. The letter should state whether or not the scout has a belief in God, and how he fulfills his Duty to God in his daily life. Also, councils may choose to use letters of reference in leu of calling references however they may not delay a board of review if the letters have not been recieved (this is on the back of the project workbook)
  18. yes, Owasippe is alive and well. There is still some outstanding legal stuff about zoning (no longer for sale)but we are cooling forward to a 2011 100th aniversary celebration for the camp. I am on the camping committee and heard nothing but good things about the 2009 season. Lots of defered maintenance has been done but there is lots more to do. There is accutally a total of 5 operating camps: Camp Blackhawk Dining Hall, Camp Wolverine Hot Pack food served in site, Camp Carlen used for Webelos camp, wood badge and NYLT, Hiawatha Beach for Lone troop camping, and Reneker for family campi
  19. What happened to thinking green? I am my council's contingent chair and I have no intention of requiring the new uniforms. I will encourage them to purchase one new style shirt for the purpose of utilizing the synthetic fabric for the march. I also plan on aquiring enough green loops so everyone has the same color since that would look silly. Also the are coming out with centennial shorts which look just like the converables with no leg extensions. Herb D
  20. Since kneed socks are no longer sold that may be a tall order Herb D Chicago
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