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  1. I've still been checking the thread occasionally but only really replying to pms and stuff because I really didn't want to start an argument here. I just really needed some advice and thought I could get it on an anonymous forum. To be honest I haven't made a ton of progress on my eagle scout rank. I've completely tied up my leadership project, sending thank you letters to all the people that helped (which was a lot, since i did a supply drive for the local animal shelter and had a lot of companies donate). I still need my letters but I've got someone in mind for pretty much each category I ne
  2. What do you mean nice try? I'm assuming you think I'm a troll or that I don't deserve it?
  3. Well I've been in scouts since I was 10 and have really enjoyed the program and have made many lifetime friends and memories that I will never forget. I'm 17 now (18 in may) and have completed my project (did a supply drive for my local animal shelter), have all required merit badges and really just need to finish the paper work. One problem I have is that you need a letter of recommendation from a religious representative and I am not involved in any church and to be honest I am agnostic. I am very nervous for my board of review when they will ask me questions about my religious beliefs and d
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