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  1. SE Hires and fires Evecutive board directs the SE and determines compesation based on national guidelines. COR's vote for the executive board Run by volunteers.(COR's are volunteers) Council Advancement Chair ther person to talk to. National will not respond. Been their done that. If your council is not run that way get your COR's active and take back your council.
  2. Waste of time. National grants a charter to the council and council works independently within their bylaws and national's bilaws. All employees including the registrar work for the council. Registrar issue would be handled by the council advancement chair who is a volunteer, or the council commisioner who is also a volunteer. Lastly the council president who is a volunteer. Even if they don't like it the council is run by volunteers.
  3. You can "not sign" and not attend the board of review. You can also submit a carefully worded letter to the board of review (only based on facts that can be verified and not your opinion). Then hold your head high and keep your job. You have also learned a lesson here hopefully.
  4. Apparently they do frown on cannons and large bore artillary.
  5. I'm sorry here but I am unclear on what you don't understand on the application. It seems clear to me. Are you using an old or modified application? All documents should be downloaded from scouting.org. This coupled with the 12 steps to Eagle cover all your issues, you just need to read it.
  6. BTW No such thing is a "Class A" Boy Scout shirt.
  7. I looked up the review on the 1210 and the only negative thing I read was it is easier to set up with 2 people. Personally I don't like the level of the tarp above the windows. that leave your water protection up to the sippered inside window flap. But I was not able to find reviews about water problems. That being said look at the alps Meramac FGZF at scoutsdirect.com for a lot less money. That way you can buy more scuba gear.
  8. hadulzo

    Knee socks

    I am surprised no one has commented about the return of Knee socks. Now all we need is a nice pair of shorts.
  9. Many camps with provisional camping don't allow 1st year campers. There is a reason for this. Your son is inexperienced and needs the leadership and fellowship of his troop. I strongly engcourage him to skip the family vacation and go to summer camp. Get used the that, the older the get the less they want to go on a family vacation anyway.
  10. this change over a year ago when the new handbook came out. We made a similar mistake years ago from not reading the requirements. I think is was second clase, used to say "draw a map" and though the requirement changed years before we were still making the boys draw a map. I think we should get over the dumbing down thing and as long as your program forces them to cook over an open fire or starve they will cook over an open fire. the other lesson is to read the new material when it comes out
  11. I bought my son official BSA bugles on Ebay First one was brass and very experienced second one was chrome. He did play the trumpet also but always used the bugle for camp since the valves get dirty at camp and then they need to clean it.
  12. Kelty. We used Kelty Red Clouds on many extended trips. My son worked on staff and downsized to the Coyote pack. Served him well. got a good deal from campmor.
  13. When was the big surge in sheath knife injuries that caused this paranoid streem of BS. I would venture to say over the years there have been many times more injuries with hatchets (hand axes) I almost never carry a knife since when I am with scouts saying who's got a knife is like a blond in a bar saying who's got a light. When we go to Philmont a crew has at most 1 or 2 and none of them are very big. The rule is don't be careless and cut yourself. For the record in 30 years as a leader i have seen 4 hatchet injuries, none from carrying or using a sheath knife
  14. by your alps tents thru scoutdirect.com Register your unit and pay 1/2 Good deal we bought 56 for jambo had one jambed zipper. The only one that leaked was the one they left the door open on.
  15. This is the 100th Anniversary of Owasippe Scout Reservation. The centennial website is www.owasippe100.org If you want to take your troop to America's oldest operating scout camp go to www.chicagobsa.org/owasippe See you there! Herb Dulzo CAC
  16. This is due to the 2010 debacle where they published a new edition and pulled it out of the scout shops. Didn't make sense to reprint the old edition, but it is still the current standard. Don't expect the new edition to be on line.
  17. For the record my son worked at philmont on 09 and they did take money out of his check for room and board.
  18. By the book (there is one but i don't recall the title) this position is "supposed" to have a committee.... Boy scout rep, cub scout rep, OA rep, When I had the position I never had much luck with recruiting the committee. Per the job description you also promote high adventure stuff like philmont. Did my best but there are lots of meetings. By default you are on the council camping committee (if you go by the book) all the district committee. I also took the position of OA advisor for camp promotions. After about 4 years of that craziness I am now just the OA advisor for camp promotions. F
  19. Since you are posting from St. Paul I assume you are talking about Many Points. MP and our camp Owasippe have a common thread by the name of Wint Hartman. Once he developed Many Points to a Troop type camp with family camp he camp to work for chicago area council and help develop Owasippe scout reservation to the troop model with a family camp.
  20. I think you should just look at regulating cell phone use. As council jamboree chair I was the good guy who saw more of a benefit than a hassel. The only downside was when one of the buses broke down the boys were on the phone with there parents and then the parents were calling the tour operator. Other than that there were no issues, no stolen phones in any of our troops. Personally I look at it this way. Most like an emergency will happen where the adult can't call for help. I know if I ever have a cardiac event I want to have someone able to call 911. We tried to use the GPS fe
  21. Sorry, nothing new about this. A gazeebo a Eagle built last year in our district was smashed by s anow plow during the winter. The Eagle and the troop rebuilt it. the snow plow compan paid for the materials.
  22. When I was a scout i did not pass the swim test until I was 14, then just barely. It then took many trys to pass lifesaving. I am still afraid of the water and only swim when they need an adult to go canoeing. I made Eagle by 16. Watch the film "Boy Scouts of Harlem" It touches on the topic nicely. Every boy has challenges. Some its their parents, some its swimming, some personal organization, some dedication to sports, some ADD. Just something they need to try and overcome. Parents need to back off and let their kids deal with it. Failure is a good thing sometimes
  23. I was working with district training for many years. I got tired of not having enough help, or no trainees showing up. Bottom line now is the council is handling the training events. I quit 2 other district position and just work with my home troop. No more nervous breakdowns. Always as yourself why am I doing this and am I missing family things to do it. Scouting will always be there but you only have one chance with your family.
  24. Much closer to you and 100 years old. Owasippe Scout reservation in Twin Lakes Michigan www.chicagobsa.org They don't list provisional camp but if you a willing to work I am sure they can work it out. They do have provisional backpacking trips on the North country trail too.
  25. I know this is semantics but there is no troop position called advancement chair. The position is "Advancement Coordinatior" This is the term used in all the training and should be used so there is continuity to training. It has been this way for quite a while.
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