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  1. Not quite the same in my neck of the woods peridiochas. different experiences I have had.
  2. It sounds like this question is in regards to the local option. Pros have told me that the sponsoring institution owns the unit and the SI can decide on who can be the leaders among other things. Believe it or not, there are units out there that will only take on members who belong to a particular religious denomination. There are also units who will only take on members from the particular school the unit is chartered to and will only allow teachers from the schools to be leaders. There are even ethnic units which have the requirement that a member (including leaders) must speak their la
  3. Here’s another question - how will councils deal with the "practical problems" if the local option gets the thumbs up? I believe one problem that councils may run into is that they may have to adjust their summer camp program to accommodate all the diversity. There should be an all-inclusive week of camp where everybody is welcome regardless of sexual orientation. Another week could be set aside for those against having to camp with troops that may have a gay leader or gay Scout. Another week could be exclusively for Roman Catholic troops only. The same can be done with those in-sc
  4. I can see where the BSA smells money. By dropping its anti-gay policy, the BSA would be able to once again start phony units in schools. In-school scouting would really take off again - instant membership; registration being done in September (costs a lot less to register a youth at the end of the year); and the unit doesn't even have to meet as long as the youth get registered. United Way would be again happy and donate dollars based on membership, both traditional and special programs. Money, money, money! I surmise that the suits down in Irving have already run the numbers and realize
  5. It has been announced in my council that there will be a reorganization of districts happening in January. I decided to google boy scouts district reorganization and found that the same thing is happenening in councils all over the country. My council will be going from 8 districts (we used to have 9) to 3. And we have been told that there will be no downsizing of the professional staff. In fact, we have been told that additional professionals will be hired so each new district has multiple DE's. The council went on to say that they would be choosing (handpicking) the new district chairs
  6. Tokala, your councils 990 for the past three years stated that the council served 30,928 youth. Your current totals add up to 4,459 traditional youth. Do you realize that your council has lost more than 26,000 youth during the past year alone? That is an enormous, incredible loss (words allude me) in youth membership. I hope your council's executive board has downsized its professional staff to match the loss of youth. FOS must be pretty expensive considering the amount of professionals that were needed to serve all that youth. I am curious on what the youth totals (including LFL) w
  7. Tokala, your numbers add up to only 4,459 youth (traditional?) It appears that your council lost more than 22,000 youth since the 2011 annual report considering the council stated on the report that it achieved its Gold Journey to Excellence award by serving over 27,000 youth. I guess I am a bit floored over the tremendous loss of youth.
  8. Tokala, your council must have one heck of a LFL program considering the total youth the council served over the past few years. I find it interesting that the number of youth served was the same on several recent 990's.
  9. Tokala, I can tell you that your council's 2011 annual reports doesn't match up with your council's 990 tax return when comparing membership numbers and expenses and revenue. Tell me what you think is a ballpark figure of Boy Scouts in your council; Cub Scouts in your council. Do you have any idea?
  10. The right to bear arms is in our constitution. I suggest as a start, this country should consider strongly regulate the ammunition and ammunition supplies for reloading etc. Of course nothing is ever foolproof and there is no way to get guns out of the hands of the mentally ill or criminals but this would be a start. Perhaps it is time for the National Guard to take on the duties for regulating ammunition as the NG is our country's organized national militia which is well regulated.
  11. Eagle, don't know if you read my email I sent you but my council is realigning districts again. What a mess.(This message has been edited by abel magwitch)
  12. ...Unfortunately, what is in play with BadenP has little to do with most issues in reality... On the contrary, BadenP speaks reality. He is proclaiming that the emporer has no clothes and there are many who refuse to see. Many of his comments reflect my council as well as others. I find it fascinating that some of the troubles I see in my council are the same in other councils around the country. I have often stated that for those in Scouting who are lucky to be living in parts of the country where Scouting thrives; where membership is still strong; where the traditional units are s
  13. Since the DE's salaries along with the rest of the bunch - DD's FD's are lumped together on the IRS 990 as "program", just what is "program" and how is it truly defined? Is the program what the volunteers do? They organize the camporees, the Klondike derbies; the volunteers put on training as well as volunteering their churches etc. for free to have the training... If a DE is going to be considered "program" for tax purposes for this non-profit organization (where it is my understanding that there are supposed to be a limited number of people on the payroll to be considered non-profit), t
  14. DeanRX, I am curious about the membership issues you mentioned. According to the most recent annual report posted on your council website, the council is bragging about increases in membership as well as record attendance at camp. By the way, your council spent $1,829,637 of its program expenses on professional salaries and your SE is making $257,497 a year. For all your council spends on professional salaries, are the units being served? Are the youth being served? Will the youth be allowed to camp on the front lawn of the new service center? Your situation is very similar if not the sa
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