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  1. Our Committee and ASMs decided to 'share' the existing site for the time being. At some point we may move to separate sites, but we're trying to move a lot of the roster and rank info to Scoutbook and use the website for general communication only. On Feb 1, the site will reflect both Troops and calendar items that are not shared between the two will be specifically designated as A or B. We are going to create a TroopB web address but re-direct it to the original site. Each Troop will have its own generic log in (we don't do individual log ins, too much work for the webmaster to keep up
  2. We simply reversed our numbers - The initial Troop is 204. The new linked Troop is 402. I think our incoming 402 SM decided on that.
  3. We're trying to determine if it makes more sense to have 2 websites with 2 webmasters, or 1 site where we designate which activities belong to which Troop. Both have their benefits and challenges. What are your thoughts once a Female Troop comes on-line? New Website for them, or share with existing linked Troop?
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